Are You Ready For Neffie?

The day has finally come where readers can pre-order their own copy of The Chronicles of Neffie. As more and more outlets accept my first novel series for distribution, I will continue to post them here. The Chronicles of Neffie has received two top reviews thus far from Midwest Book Review and Readers' Favorite. Let's … Continue reading Are You Ready For Neffie?

(Almost) Every Black Woman’s Nostalgia 

Ask any Black woman who isn't "tender headed" or had a Mama that wasn't "heavy handed" , what they looked forward to the most as a child? An overwhelming amount of Black women would say "getting their hair did." Whether it was by their Mama, Grandmama, Auntie or Madea, it was something most of us looked … Continue reading (Almost) Every Black Woman’s Nostalgia 

George Crum 

Do you like potato chips? If so, you have George Crum to thank. Let me tell you a little about this man and this accidental invention. George Speck aka George Crum was an African and Native American chef, hunter and guide born in upstate New York on July 15, 1824. George Crum is credited with … Continue reading George Crum 

And Another One! 

To all my fellow writers, authors, poets and bloggers...please keep writing! Give it your best and do not give up! I am coming to you tonight to let you know that The Chronicles of Neffie has been picked up for two more additional reviews! This comes almost three weeks before it's release! My heart is … Continue reading And Another One! 

What is MyHeritage? 

In a few days, I will have my MyHeritage ancestry results. I am so excited about finding out what my African ancestry is made up of. I am confident that I will be at least 80% or more and I believe my ancestry results will show a large percentage of Nigerian and / or Ghanaian … Continue reading What is MyHeritage? 

The Angry Black Woman 

The Angry Black Woman. I'm sure many of us have heard this metaphor before. As a Black woman, I can relate to some of the recent articles published. The Angry Black Woman metaphor (for those of you who may not know) is commonly used to describe Black women as loud, angry, argumentative and defensive. How sad … Continue reading The Angry Black Woman 

Beauty in the Sky 

As I was walking to my car after leaving work, one of my coworkers pointed something out to me. She said, "Miss Anita look up! It's a rainbow! Isn't it pretty?!" A smile immediately came across my face as I told her it was beautiful. Seeing that rainbow reminded me of all the beautiful people, … Continue reading Beauty in the Sky