Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose

A few weeks ago, I rented The Blackkklansman and I was overjoyed when a particular song came on. It was a song I heard a few times growing up, but I never could figure out who sung it. 🤔 All that changed once I learned that it was Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose who sung … Continue reading Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose

Now Tell The Truth…

I'm going to shift the focus of my blog tonight because I'm trying to see something. As we like to say back home, I'm tryna see sumthin'. Tonight's post is a bit humorous and honest so let's get started. If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that from time to time … Continue reading Now Tell The Truth…

Race Relations

We live in a world where race relations aren't the best. Some find it hard to be friends with individuals who are of a different nationality or race because they believe they don't have much common. But is that really the case? Could it be that they themselves are harboring some form of prejudice that … Continue reading Race Relations


This is getting ridiculous. If you've been paying attention to the news lately, you are probably familiar with Blackfishing. For those of you who aren't, Blackfishing is when a non-Black person "pretends" to be Black or half Black. Why? Because it makes them look more appealing or "exotic" when they darken their skin with tanning … Continue reading Blackfishing

What Did You Expect?

When I blog about the unfair treatment and mistreatment of Black people, I do it because it exposes just how obsessed racist and prejudiced people are with Black people. Most Black people don't go out of their way to be hateful towards non-Black people because most of us are too busy trying to thrive and … Continue reading What Did You Expect?

Open Season

In case you haven't already noticed, it's open season on Black people when it comes to getting shot down by White cops. I know all White cops aren't like this, but it's becoming way too common AGAIN of INNOCENT Black people being KILLED by White cops. That's a problem. You don't see a bunch of … Continue reading Open Season