Respect the Bonnet!

I'm back, but only for a minute. I was tasked to blog about this a few weeks ago and forgot. Let's do this! 👊🏾 Respect the bonnet! The hair bonnet that is. Depending on where you're from, some folks call it a bonnet and others call it a head rag. In my family, we use … Continue reading Respect the Bonnet!

A Brief Hiatus

Good Evening Good People! I hope you had a wonderful day. Not only that, I hope you accomplished something great! This blogger is going on a brief hiatus, but I wanted to take a moment to say a few things. Don't worry, I'll be back. Plus, I have a hug coming at you in the … Continue reading A Brief Hiatus

S.O.S. Band

Good Evening Everyone! The weekend is almost over, but I hope you had a good weekend. As you can tell by my blog title, I recently saw a documentary on the S.O.S. Band. The S.O.S. Band, for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, was a famous R&B and electrofunk group in the 80's. … Continue reading S.O.S. Band

My First One Star Review

Good Evening! How is everyone doing? It's hump day which means we are getting closer to Friday. Woo Hoo! I recently discovered that I received my first one star review for The Chronicles of Neffie on Amazon. Was I upset? No, and I'm going to tell you why... Every reader has a right to express … Continue reading My First One Star Review

Hair Swap Challenge

Time for another random post! This one is kinda long...🤔 Sooooooo, some of my friends have been bugging me about participating in some of the hair swap challenges. For those of you who aren't familiar with this challenge, it's when you swap your hair care routine with someone else's hair care routine. With that being … Continue reading Hair Swap Challenge