Mavis Staples that is. Since I’m taking a brief break from writing, I wanted to blog about a documentary I recently saw on Mavis Staples. For those of you who may not know, Mavis was the lead singer of the famous singing group, The Staples Singers, which consisted of Roebuck “Pops” Staples and his daughters.

Mavis had a voice that was unmatched and it was her strong and gritty voice that made The Staples Singers so popular. I could remember watching them on Soul Train with Don Cornelius and how can I forget waking up on Saturday mornings listening to them as my parents played them on their 8-track record player? We had one that looked similar to this one…

Touch a Hand, Make a Friend, Let’s Do It Again and Respect Yourself were often played in our house which is how I became familiar with The Staples Singers. From the start, like so many other people, I was drawn to Mavis’s voice as she delivered her lyrics. If you want to see what I’m talking about, click here and wait for the 3:25 mark. Mavis’s voice without a doubt demands attention and she gets it from millions of listeners all around the world.

I was shocked to learn that singer, songwriter, author and painter Bob Dylan proposed to Mavis, but she turned him down which hurt him deeply. He has admitted that his past relationships didn’t work out because he always wanted to be with Mavis.

Mavis herself has admitted that she wonders how their life would have been had she married him. Despite their past history together, they are still good friends which you can read more about it here on The Rolling Stone website.

Until next time, click here to hear my favorite song by The Staples Singers.

My Biggest Struggle 

I was asked what my biggest personal struggle is and to post my response on my blog. I have no qualms about answering that question because we all have some type of struggle or two. With that being said, I want to use this opportunity to show that no matter what your struggle or struggles are, it’s not an excuse for bad, reckless or foolish behavior. I used to think and be that way years ago, but now I know much better. 

My biggest personal struggle is my temper. I don’t have a bad temper, I struggle with a violent temper. It was nothing for me to fight a male or a female because I know what I’m capable of doing in a fight. Let me tell you, I highly despise that part of me. I never went looking for a fight, but it always seemed to find me. Be it male or female, it usually boiled down to them wanting to fight me because of my small frame and quiet demeanor. I’m ashamed to say that I secretly got a “kick” out of it and I’ll tell you why below. 

I knew that these individuals were thinking I would be an easy beat because of my small frame. I also knew that once we would start fighting they would soon realize that they had made a terrible, terrible mistake. By that time, it’s too late because they had crossed a line that had serious repercussions. I wasn’t aiming to just beat them, I was aiming to really, really physically hurt them with just my two hands and I did. How sad and such shameful behavior on my part. There was NO need for all that. Such horrible, horrible behavior. 

You may be wondering, how am I able to deal with such a violent temper? Prayer first and foremost is my biggest help and second of all, staying away from people or situations that have the potential to set me off. You see, it takes an incredibly strong person to walk away from a fight. Even if that person started it, be the bigger person and walk away. Especially if you know you could seriously damage that person. We’ve all heard of individuals who are now in prison because they allowed their temper to get the best of them. If only they took the time to stop and think before they reacted.

 I honestly wish I could go back and do things differently, but I know I can’t. What I can do is make sure that I don’t act so shameful and foolish by stooping down to such a despicable level again. When you know better, you can do better. Hands that used to be scuffed up and stubby are now smooth and pretty. A body that used to be ruled by a violent temper is now in control (for the most part) and at peace. If I feel myself getting angry at a person, I immediately start to pray and / or remove myself from the situation or person. 

You can do anything you set your mind to and I choose to set my mind on positive things and helping people. Life is much more enjoyable when you are doing things that promotes peace, love and happiness. If you are going through the same thing or have some other struggle, I sincerely hope you too will find a better way to cope and deal with it. I’m rooting for you!

Until next time…be of good cheer and full of peace. 

It Is Just That Simple 

​Millions of people walk around every day overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed. I think we can all agree that those are not very good feelings. Life is not all that enjoyable if you are experiencing one or all of those negative emotions. Let us not forget how those not so pleasant emotions can negatively impact our well being. 

I personally do not allow unnecessary things to stress me out because I am not afraid to say NO. I have encountered so many people over the years who are overwhelmed and bogged down because they have allowed themselves to become a dumping ground for unnecessary stresses. Some have become victims to their own YESES. You know, those people who feel they have to say YES to everything… 

Sadly, some people think because they have a few dollars thrown at them or earn a certain dollar amount that those “stressses” make it OK. Nah, not really. There is no amount of money in the world that would make me say YES to an unnecessary stress. Not gonna happen. Sorry, not sorry. 

I have learned and seen through out my years that there is no shame in saying the word NO. Now, saying YES to all the things that make you happy, well that I tell you is a beautiful thing.   

Until next time…