Amal Hussain-Repost

I came across something so hurtful and so disturbing the other day that I had to share it on all my blogs. For some reason or another, I had to post this twice due to an error with WordPress. As a human being with a heart, regardless of your economic status, racial status or social status, what are your thoughts on the following image? Viewer discretion is advised.

Click here.

Did what you see break your heart? Did you feel some type of anger or pain? Where is the love for all of humanity? I can tell you it’s far, few and in-between. That image is truly heart-breaking and yet this happens each and every day to millions of children all around the world.

So many of us have no cause to complain. The things many of us complain about is so trivial compared to serious matters such as this. The next time you think about complaining, think of how fortunate you are compared to the millions of people suffering because of violence, war and poverty.

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Social Media and Self Image

The media, specifically social media has distorted the minds of many individuals regarding beauty and self image. It has single-handedly caused millions of women and men to find unsubstantiated flaws within themselves and others. Due to the media’s idealistic views regarding beauty and body image, millions of women and men all across the world struggle with identity issues each and every day. Even worse, millions of adolescent girls and boys struggle with self esteem issues due to the countless unrealistic ads that are thrust in their face on a daily basis. The majority of these ads (whether they are on television or in print form) include individuals who are heavily photo shopped or laced in makeup. If you ask me, that is a far cry from being real or authentic. Still, many fail to see that basic truth and they would rather base their thoughts and views on what the media deems as beautiful or acceptable.

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.

As a society, we put too much stock into what the media considers as beautiful and which body types it hails as acceptable. Why do you think so many people including celebrities are rushing to get themselves filled with silicone, plastic or to have their face and bodies tucked and/or stretched? It is because they too are victims of the media and its mentality of what is beautiful and acceptable. The MEDIA KINGS know that society as a whole is very insecure and they know that society as a whole can easily be manipulated by the things they see.  One thing is for sure, the plastic surgeons are not complaining.


Instead of trying to look like this person or act like the next person, why not accept yourself for who you are? Do not allow yourself to be warped by social media and its false standards of beauty and acceptance. You will never be happy if you do. Whether you are short or tall, big or small, find beauty within yourself and accept the person that YOU are. Beauty is not defined by one’s race, bone structure or body type. Beauty is defined by individuality and confidence and when you have that, no one not even the power of social media can come close to touching you.


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