Jada & Maya: An Inspirational Special Needs Story

Good Evening! I hope that each of you is doing well. You know I like to blog about inspirational stories and I have another one for you today. It’s about two beautiful fraternal twin girls named Jada and Maya. Keep reading because I have an adorable 2 minute clip of them to show you.

Jada suffered a stroke when she was an infant and as she was recovering from her stroke, the doctors found out that she had a rare non-verbal condition. In short, Jada can’t talk, but you can surmise how she is feeling based off of her facial expressions and the noises she makes. In addition to suffering a stroke as an infant and being non-verbal, Jada also has Ataxic Cerebral Palsy.

What makes this story so inspirational to me is the fact that Maya, Jada’s twin, looks after her and helps to care for her. She gives so much of love to her sister and even though Jada can’t talk, she gives that same love back. No words are needed.

When you watch the clip, notice how they look at each other towards the end. Ignore the nasty comments about them being half Black. Most of them have been removed. Jada and Maya are beautiful and so is their incredibly strong mother. Prepare to have your heart touched when you click here to see Jada and Maya in action.

Until next time…