My Unorthodox Approach As A Writer

Last year I embarked on something special, something out of the ordinary, something a bit odd. It was a journey that sent me from here, there and everywhere, but I welcomed it all with open arms. I had no idea where this journey would take me nor did I expect to like it so much. To be quite honest, it all took me by surprise and believe it or not, I loved every second of it. What journey am I referring to? The marvelous journey of writing. You see, I have always enjoyed telling stories, but I never envisioned myself ever writing one. Telling a story is one thing, sitting down and writing one was another. I could sit up and tell a good story all day long, but writing one? Heck No! At least, that is what I thought. For years I saw writing as something that was completely B.O.R.I.N.G. and just plain dull because it seemed so mundane to sit around and pen a story when I could just open my mouth and tell one. I made up every excuse in the world as to why I did not have the time to write: I am too busy. I am too tired. I will start on it tomorrow. I will start on it next week. I promise to sit down and write one next year. As the years came and went, I began to wonder if or when I would ever sit my tail down and write a story.


Last year around May I FINALLY decided to get rid of all the excuses and just write. I had made up my mind that I was going to pen my first novel whether I liked it or not. I had been putting my writing off for long enough and now it was time for me to put up or shut up. I did not allow any excuses this time and I was determined to see this through. Once I put that pen to that paper, I could not believe how easy it was for me to write a compelling story. I could not believe how much I enjoyed writing at that moment and I could not help but to feel a little guilty for waiting so long. Writing is like a breath of fresh air for me and it has become my go-to place when I want a nice and peaceful escape from everything I have going on around me. Now, all I think about is writing and let me tell you, if I could write full-time I would. When I started writing, my sole and only intention was to entertain and inspire readers. As I sit here today writing this blog post, that is still my sole and only intention. I have met some amazing people on this journey including fellow writers, authors and inspired readers. With this year and the next coming years, I look forward to meeting a whole lot more! With the power of social media, that is not very hard to do. It is simply just one click away. I recently joined Instagram in addition to Facebook and so far I am having a blast!

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What Defines A Successful Author?

What is your definition of a successful author? Is it one who has millions and millions of followers on social media? Is it one who has millions upon millions of dollars in their bank account? Is it one who is frequently in the media spotlight? Granted, some or all of those things combined can equate to a successful author, but I tend to see beyond that. In my personal opinion, authors who have accomplished some or all of those things should be commended because they have worked hard to get to where they are at. There are even some popular authors out there now who are doing exceptionally well despite some agencies not believing in them or their work.


To me, a successful author is one who can touch hearts, open minds and generate a discussion whether it be in big or small numbers. I know that there are some authors who may feel like they are not successful because they are not in the media spotlight, have a huge bank account or have not made it onto a best-sellers list. As a debut author, I can truthfully say that I did not write my first novel to become rich or famous. I wrote my first novel because I have always enjoyed writing stories, and I wanted to see if I had it in me to write a compelling story that will touch the minds and hearts of my readers. It has been a little over a week since my debut novel was published, and I have garnered a few positive reviews.

Now Available on Amazon!
Now Available on Amazon!

Whether you are a published author backed by a literary agent or a self-published author like myself, if you sold a book or books, and it inspired a reader or readers in some way then you are a successful author. You may not have ranked highly on the sellers list or made it into the media spotlight, but at least you can take comfort in knowing that someone was inspired by the art of your storytelling and that your hard work and effort did not go to waste.