Books And a Bit of Research

As I'm preparing to write my next novel, I decided to do some research on a few more of my relatives. I never have to look far for inspiration or storylines because my relatives, my ancestors had very interesting lives. When I put in my book descriptions, inspired by true life events, I mean just … Continue reading Books And a Bit of Research

My Buddy (LMBO)

Does anyone remember the popular doll My Buddy? It was created by Hasbro and was very popular in the late 80's and early 90's. The reason why I'm blogging about this doll is because my brother had one. My mom thought he would like it because so many boys were dying to have one. My … Continue reading My Buddy (LMBO)

Words of Wisdom for 2018

As the year 2018 draws to an end, I'm marking off all the things I refuse to carry into 2019. I have goals that I'm aiming to reach and I can't do that unless I get rid of a few more things. The years we have to live are limited people and I don't want … Continue reading Words of Wisdom for 2018

The Godfather of Soul

If you are into rhythm & blues, funk and soul music, you already know who The Godfather of Soul is. For those who aren't a fan of such incredible music, that moniker belongs to the one and only late James Brown. I decided to blog briefly about him because I was surprised that many people … Continue reading The Godfather of Soul

Troubled Waters

We live in a world where people are quick to retaliate whenever someone offends them or wrongs them. When you are on the receiving end of such behavior, should you retaliate? My answer to that is No. Should you fret or worry over the offender? My answer to that is also No. I feel that … Continue reading Troubled Waters

James Beckwourth

James Beckwourth, also known as Jim, was an African American mountain man, fur trader, explorer and author. If you were to ask me to describe him, I would say he was a jack of all trades. James Beckwourth, a mixed-race slave, was born around 1798 in Virginia. When he was in his late 20's, he … Continue reading James Beckwourth

Writing Styles and Goals

Every writer has their own style of writing. Some prefer to hand write their rough drafts, others prefer to type it. As for me, I like to do a little of both. For the most part, I type my rough drafts, but if a good scene or chapter idea hits me, I'll pull out my … Continue reading Writing Styles and Goals