Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson, an ex-cop from Syracuse, received a slap on his wrist for raping Maleatra Montanez in her own home. She had called the police to report her daughter missing, but instead of helping her, Chester rapes her.

By his and her own admission, he told this anxious mother who was desperately looking for her child that “her lips look like it could really hold a p*nis and that she had a nice butt.” How disgusting, hurtful and disrespectful!

Black cops who committed the same disgusting crime against White women got sentenced to harsh time, but Chester only got three years probation.

What saddens me about this swept underneath the rug case is this: When a Black woman is raped by a White man, she is not seen as credible or believable.

A part of me can’t help but to think about the (once) long standing law that a Black woman couldn’t be raped by a White man because she wasn’t considered to be “human.”

I can tell you personally that you do have some White cops and government officials who sexually harass Black women. They have the confidence to do so because of two things: One, their badge or title and Two, the undeniable fact that most people will not believe that a White man of their position harassed or raped a Black woman. Lord have mercy.

Chester Thompson is a despicable vile rapist who should’ve received more than probation for what he did to Maleatra Montanez. Rapists, regardless of their race, belong in jail. Period.

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Sex Crimes!

I HATE reading, hearing or seeing stories about sexual assaults, molestations and rapes. Especially when it happens to babies and children. It makes me sick to my stomach that an adult male or female can do something so despicable and vile to an innocent baby or child…

If it’s one thing that makes my blood boil more, it’s the family members who defend these sexual predators. I remember reading a story a few years ago about a PEDOPHILE who stated that the baby he raped was flirting with him. His mother actually defended him and agreed that the baby was acting ‘flirtatious’ towards him. Lies. All lies. Let that had of been my baby, one of my nieces or nephews. That’s all I will say…

One woman tried to start a GoFundMe page to help pay for her son’s funeral after he was killed trying to rob someone. This son of hers was also being looked at for possible sex crimes. I will NOT use my money to bail a criminal out of jail nor will I contribute any of MY money for their legal costs. They can sit there til Kingdom come for all I care. Rapists, molesters, murderers, theives and the like won’t receive a dime from me. Not even a lint ball. They gets NOTHING from me.

Sex crimes against babies and children are one of the worst crimes a person can commit. Family or no family, you will get no support from me. You do the crime, you do the time. If you choose to support such spawns of subhuman filth, don’t ask me for money because you won’t get it. BookingAnita doesn’t support people who commit crimes. To me, that’s rewarding bad behavior.

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The Dark Web

I had a good friend of mine alert me to something that I personally found to be alarming, disturbing and unsettling. She wanted to share this information with me because she knew I would sound the alarm on my blog. I have heard that there are some disturbing things on the dark web, but not like this…

Did you know that there are forums on the dark web where some non-Black men (most were wealthy businessmen) express their dark desires to sexually torture skinny Black women? The worst by far was a forum discussing how they wanted to rape, sodomize and choke skinny Black women until blood flowed from every orifice. Lord have mercy.

Never in my life have I seen such strong sexual violence openly expressed toward a group of women. No wonder it is on the dark web. I wish there was a way to eliminate such deplorable forums because it can very well be a gateway for some of them to act on their twisted “fantasies.” I am sure there are many other disturbing forums (i.e. pedophilia) out there which is worrisome if you ask me…

Look at the following degrading images of how Black women are portrayed on some these sick forums. Just sad…

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Pam Grier

Warning: This is a lengthy post.

Pam Grier is an African American actress who is widely known for her Blaxploitation films. Born to parents who were of African American, Hispanic, Chinese and Native American ancestry, Pam had a somewhat stable childhood. At the age of six, she was gang raped by two teenage boys when she was left alone at one of her aunt’s house. That unfortunate experience would later alter the person she would become.

Pam stated that for years, her family blamed themselves for her rape and at times she even blamed herself. Why? Because she was raped again years later. Pam became angry and promiscuous as she tried her best to cope and heal from her rapes. Pam would eventually channel some of that anger into her films; films that were highly explicit and violent towards men in particular.

Pam was known for her nude scenes which made her extremely popular during the height of Blaxploitation films. It was a given that no matter what movie she appeared in, she’d end up showing her body. I personally think a lot of that had to do with her being raped multiple times. Now, Pam is the opposite of the person she once was and the characters she often portrayed on the big screen. She’s a homebody who loves to read, write and cook. She’s an author too!

Pam came close to marrying late actors / comedians Richard Pryor and Freddie Prinze at different points in her life, but due to their drug issues at the time she refused to marry them. It would’ve made her complicated life more complicated.

Pam has endured traumatic rapes, frequent sexual harassment and she almost fell into a dangerous life of drug and alcohol abuse. Despite all that, she’s thriving now and living her best life and you know what? Good for her. She’s finally found her peace.

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No Excuse for Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is becoming an epidemic. Domestic violence consists of physical, mental, emotional and even sexual abuse. For those of you who have been following my blog for quite some time, you know how strongly I feel about rape. Sad to say, rape is used often in relationships plagued with domestic violence and abuse and I find that quite unsettling.

Thank goodness for all the other wonderful men who love and treat women with dignity, tenderness and respect. Ladies, aren’t we grateful and thankful for men like that?

I received three clips to review (which I will also share with you) and I was asked to relay my thoughts. These clips are from movies that are based on true stories. That for me made these scenes even more heartbreaking to watch. My thoughts are this: There is NO excuse for domestic violence and abuse. My blood was boiling watching those clips and to think that millions of women go through such treatment each and every day is depressing and disturbing.

If you are in a relationship plagued with domestic violence and abuse, please love yourself enough to get out of it. If you have children, that is an even greater reason to leave.

Viewer discretion is strongly advised because even though these scenes are brief, they are very hard to watch. Viewer discretion is advised…

Click here

Click here

Click here

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Don’t Become Bitter 

Good Morning and Happy Thursday to you all! It’s been a while since this writer did an early morning post, but seeing how I received a disheartening letter from a reader, I was compelled to post early this morning. This wonderful, incredible, amazing reader is looking for some encouragement and so I’m going to give her that this morning.

It is easy to become bitter or resentful with some of the things that have taken place in our lives. It can change a person for the better or for the worse, but ultimately that largely depends on you. I’ve had every reason to become bitter and resentful and for a short while I did. I don’t think the majority of the people would have the stomach to hear or bear some of the things I personally have went through and overcome as well as some of my own family members. 

If you can think it, it happened to us. Scammed, abused, raped and that is just the beginning. I know that sexual violence and rape can send a person to the darkest depths of this earth and it can be a tough thing to recover from, but you have to find it within yourself to recover from it. Willpower is an amazing thing, it truly is.    

What helps me is having the mentality of not allowing anyone to get the best of me or to break me. Being bitter or resentful gives that person or persons a huge amount of power over you and I don’t want anyone to wield that much power over me. Yell, scream, and get mad if you want to (only for a little while) …just don’t let it get the best of you. Pray about it, talk about it and demand your right to be a happy human being. Remember, a positive mind and spirit can take you places you never thought you could go. I’ve come a long way and it wasn’t easy, but man, I am here. 

Things are getting so much better for me now (finally) and for those of you who are struggling right now, it will get better for you too. Don’t give up, don’t become bitter and above all else, don’t lose hope. I’m rooting for you all because I want everyone to do well. People have been telling me for years to write my story, and you know what, maybe someday I might. Until then, keep your head up and please, please don’t give up.

Shine on you amazing individual because you have so much of potential!

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Just Be There 

​For tonight’s post, I am going to switch gears and talk about something that is very serious because this is something that affects children, women and men. It is hard to read or watch any type of news without this being mentioned in some form or fashion. What am I referring to? Sexual assault and sexual abuse. 

Those two unfortunate events have plagued my family for many, many years. It can shatter a person and destroy lives in ways that you could not imagine unless you yourself have experienced it. I have lost a number of my dear loved ones to drugs because they tried to shoot the pain away by injecting drugs. Why did they do it? So they can forget all the hurt and pain, even if it is for just a few moments. I have even seen loved ones drink themselves away because drinking was the only thing that helped them to forget. 

Victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse need understanding, kindness and guidance. The worst thing you can do is to make them feel as if it is their fault, that they deserved it or that what they went through is no big deal. It is so easy to judge when the shoe is on the other foot. Victims of sexual assault and /or abuse struggle for years after the act. Everyday is a challenge and on some days, it can even be a struggle. 

The best thing you can do for a person that has been through something traumatic is to just be there for them. Let them know that they are not alone and that no matter what, you will be there for them. In your own way, help support them during the times they need it the most and be that shoulder for them to lean on. You may think that sounds insignificant, but you just may be helping to save a life. 

Empathy. Pass it on. 

Until next time…