​It’s official folks! Poka City Blues is now properly copyrighted for sale in paperback! Can you believe it?! I never thought I would see this day seeing how I ran into so many hiccups and roadblocks along the way. Since I unwrapped this book this evening, I cannot stop smiling and looking at it. I am getting this warm fuzzy feeling inside and I do not want that feeling to ever end! 

After being hit with an illness last week, this is a pretty sweet way to start off my week. I am on cloud nine and I feel great! Soon, I will be offering readers a chance to purchase their own copy from yours truly until Poka City Blues makes it way to a store near you. Each copy I sell will contain a personal handwritten message from me along with a unique momemto. You know me, I have to do things differently or else it would not be worth doing. Stay tuned for a chance to win your own copy of Poka City Blues and how you can soon purchase your own copy here, on my blog. 

Time to do a little celebrating Bollywood style. This is worth celebrating because this has been a long time coming! 

Until next time… 

Book Giveaway

Hooray! Hooray! It is time for a book giveaway! Are you excited? You should be. As a writer and blogger, I appreciate every read and sale that I receive from a reader. Without readers, writing for me would be a complete waste of my time. To show my appreciation, I am giving TEN readers a chance to win a FREE copy of one of my books. Underneath the Pecan Tree will be available for pre-order September 16th, but I am going to giveaway FIVE Amazon Kindle copies to FIVE readers. My debut novel Poka City Blues (published a little over a year ago) will be available in paperback October 1st. I had no intentions of making this book available in paperback until I received a number of requests from readers asking for a paperback edition. Since this book has been requested by a number of readers, I am going to giveaway FIVE signed copies to FIVE readers.

So, there you have it. Here is my opportunity to give back to readers and show just how appreciative and grateful I am for each and every one of you. You are the reason why I continue to write and I cannot thank you enough.

How to Win

To win a FREE copy of one of my books, simply shoot me an email at and in the subject area type Giveaway. In an email, tell me which book you would like to win and why. Winners will be announced October 8th.


Until next time, I wish each and every one of you all the best and GREAT success!

Novel Ideas

I have been toying with a few ideas for my next novel. I am torn because there are several different things that I really want to write about. Never one to shy away from sensitive or touchy subject matter, I have been contemplating whether or not I should go at my next novel full throttle or hold back some. I will be the first to admit that I am no sugar coater and that my style of writing may be too candid for some, but I see things for how they really are and call things out for what they really are. I am a realist. Plain and simple. I do not have it in me to write any other way. As I continue to contemplate different themes for my next novel, you can bet that it will be open and honest just like the rest of my writing. I wrote my first novel in the summer of 2014 and I think it is about time for my second one. I cannot wait to see what my next upcoming novel will be and I most certainly cannot wait to share it with you.


Until next time…

Kindle Book Awards

A few days ago I received some very exciting news.  I was notified that my debut novel Poka City Blues is a semi-finalist in the literary fiction category in the annual Kindle Book Review Awards. I poured a lot of emotions into this book because this is a story that is near and dear to my heart. There are a lot of true elements to this story and I wanted to make sure that when I tell this story I tell it right. I have always been passionate about writing and what I write about, so to be a semi-finalist in any book contest is gratifying to say the least. Why? Because it gives you confirmation that the story you wrote had enough merit to it to be considered for an award. Now, I have never won anything in my life, but to be considered for an award is an amazing feeling. Whether I win or lose, I can still and will walk away with my head held high because I wrote a story that was deemed good enough to be considered for an award.

Kindle Badge.png

It is tough being a writer, but if you truly believe in what you do, what you write about and your talent as a writer, you will not allow anything to hold you back from pursing your dreams. I know I have a ways to go to prove myself as a writer, but as with anything in my life, I am up for the challenge. To all you writers out there, I hope all of your dreams and aspirations come true. Keep writing and do not ever stop!

Until next time…


Poka City Blues Makes Its Debut!

Poka City Blues is now available on Amazon and I am extremely excited seeing how this has been a long time coming. It is my hope that Poka City Blues will resonate with the minds and hearts of readers and inspire those who have experienced severe trials or hardships. Poka City Blues is about finding the strength and courage to make it through tough situations while never losing hope or sight of who you are.

Check it out here:

Now Available on Amazon!
Now Available on Amazon!

Character Inspiration for Poka City Blues

Once readers begin to read Poka City Blues, they are going to be hit with a “tell it like it is” main character who holds nothing back when it comes to recounting her life in Poka City. Her name (which I will not release just yet) sounds sweet, but her upbringing was far from it. The book’s main character gives readers the raw truth since that is the only way she knows how to tell the truth. Never one to water anything down, she calls things how she sees it and she is sassy as all get out.

The biggest inspiration for the main character in Poka City Blues came from my sweet, but no holds barred mother. She is quick to say what is on her mind and she makes no apologies for being the person that she is. I have to admit though that there are small bits that I took from myself as well when it came to creating the main character of my book. She will make you laugh, she may even make you cry, but if there is one thing she will definitely do, she will keep you entertained. Stay tuned, because Poka City Blues is coming very soon!


Novel Debut

Poka City Blues is set to make its debut in just a few days. It has been a long time coming, but I am extremely excited to be able to offer this e-book online. There is a strong possibility that Poka City Blues will cause a stir, but I am absolutely fine with that notion. Poka City Blues is a fictional story that is inspired by true life events, with that being said, I had no intentions of watering down my work. Poka City Blues was born from the blood, sweat and tears of my family so the emotional triumphs of this story runs very deep.

Debut Novel Poka City Blues
Debut Novel Poka City Blues Coming Soon!