Where Is The Care?

I can’t stand it when I see an elderly person uncared for. I’ve seen some elderly people who look like they’ve been thrown away and it’s heartbreaking. The worst for me is when I encounter an elderly person who smells like urine or feces or the ones who are clearly walking around in soiled and overloaded adult diapers. Lord have mercy, it breaks my heart every time.

One can’t help but to wonder: Where is their family? Do they not have people who care for them? I would never allow my beloved mother to walk around in such a way. I care too much about her and love her way too much to have her looking like she’s thrown away. My mother still gets around pretty good and is still active at her age, but if it got to the point where she couldn’t care for herself, my siblings and I would make sure she is well taken care of.

All of us are going to grow old one day, and those who neglect their older loved ones would do well to remember that. Let us hope that when WE grow old, our loved ones will still love and care for us.

Until next time…

I Can’t Take It

I can’t take seeing a child hungry, abandoned, mistreated or abused. It does something to me and at times, I find myself becoming depressed over it. I’ll go into my “save them all” mode in a heart beat and when I can’t, I find myself becoming distraught. I love children because I believe they are precious gifts that should be nurtured and cherished.

If I stumble across a news segment or article about a child being abused, neglected, raped or molested, I get very angry. No child should ever have to endure such treatment. A child dying because of vicious and unloving behavior is heartbreaking and unnerving. The mistreatment of children just isn’t right and it bothers me deeply.

The world is full of sick and twisted people. In my opinion, those who harm and mistreat children are the sickest and not only that, they are pure evil. They are lower than subhuman filth! Yes, I said it and I meant it.

Until next time…

Child Violence 

The number of child abuse and neglect cases are on the rise. Not only that, there has been an increasing number of child deaths over the years and the numbers are steadily climbing. Anytime I read a story about child abuse and or neglect, I get severely depressed and upset. There is no way anyone can justify abusing, neglecting or murdering a child. Children are defenseless and helpless little beings who deserve to be loved, cared for and cherished. 

Abusers of children are disgusting and heartless in my book. Not only that, they are betrayers of trust. You may be wondering, “How is that?” Well, let me tell you. Children are naturally born to trust those in their care because the natural instinct of all human beings is to love. When love is not given and it is replaced with acts of hate, over time the trust that precious child once had eventually dwindles away. 

Children, in my opinion, are one of the greatest gifts in life and they should be treated as such. Children add luster and meaning to this thing we call life and it pains me to know that there are millions of children who are treated like unwanted trash. I wish I could save them all, but I know that is impossible. All I can do is pray for them and help spread the word that child violence is not okay. Those who mistreat children and fail to change their ways will get their due justice because I am a true believer that you reap what you sow. 

Until next time…