Where Is The Care?

I can’t stand it when I see an elderly person uncared for. I’ve seen some elderly people who look like they’ve been thrown away and it’s heartbreaking. The worst for me is when I encounter an elderly person who smells like urine or feces or the ones who are clearly walking around in soiled and overloaded adult diapers. Lord have mercy, it breaks my heart every time.

One can’t help but to wonder: Where is their family? Do they not have people who care for them? I would never allow my beloved mother to walk around in such a way. I care too much about her and love her way too much to have her looking like she’s thrown away. My mother still gets around pretty good and is still active at her age, but if it got to the point where she couldn’t care for herself, my siblings and I would make sure she is well taken care of.

All of us are going to grow old one day, and those who neglect their older loved ones would do well to remember that. Let us hope that when WE grow old, our loved ones will still love and care for us.

Until next time…

Ladies, We Are Guilty…

Contrary to popular belief, I think that men have the most sweetest and selfless souls. Now I know all men aren’t like this, but a lot are. Those that are are truly special. I have a lot of dear male friends and we always have some of the most meaningful conversations. One recently being on how most women know how to play on men heart strings.

Guilty, guilty as charged and ladies, we are all guilty of this. When it comes to getting our way, we will sometimes do just about anything. And don’t let us be “dolled up.” For some it’s throwing tantrums, for others it’s crying and for the rest like myself, we make certain faces. My friends know that with me, I have three levels of faces I will resort to whenever I’m told ‘No’, which is rare. Once I get to my third face, it’s game over. Gone ahead and give it to me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

My first face is what my friends call my “Stank” face. This is my first reaction when I’m told ‘No’ on something I want. 😀

My second face is my “But Why?” face. Here, I’m pleading my case as to why I should have what I asked for. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

My third face is my “You Know You Want To Tell Me Yes” face. 😜 Gets them every time.

To all the wonderful men out there, ‘Thank You’ for being such wonderful guys and huggie bears to us ladies. We know when it comes to dealing with us, it’s not always easy. Especially when we are tap dancing on your last nerve at times.

Until next time…


Hugs in my personal opinion can offer a measure of healing. They are therapeutic too. How many of us have ever felt down and the minute we got a hug from someone we love, we instantly felt better? I’m sure you yourself can recall several instances.

I come from a family where hugs are always given and I love that about my family. Our hugs aren’t those flimsy little light hugs. Pff! Those types of hugs you can keep to yourself. Our hugs are those hugs where when you hug a person, they can feel the love just by your embrace. I’m always surprised when people (who meet my family for the first time) express a level of shock at how my family hugs and kisses one another on the forehead. To me, to us, that is normal.

Hugs are one of life’s best free gifts and they are best given when you use both of your arms and hands. The next time someone you love or care about is feeling down or depressed, give them a hug and watch for the expression that rolls across their face. It’s heartwarming and beautiful.

Until next time, have a GREAT Monday everyone!

But Why?

So my family, friends and I had a big discussion about an article that was posted last month. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I either agreed or disagreed with the article for me to even discuss it on my blog. Let me just go ahead and tell you that I disagreed with it. This article, which I will share the link at the end, discussed gift-giving and how women should reciprocate most gifts with sex. Why? C’mon now. Bookinganita is about to keep it real. We’re all grown here so I’m not sugar coating nothing!


I’ve received many nice gifts in the past and even now and I disagree that I should reciprocate sex to show my gratitude for the gifts I was given. The body is precious and it should be seen as something highly valuable and treated as such. No woman or man should open their body so quickly or easily. Why do you think millions of women and men around the world have regrets about sleeping with a particular individual or individuals? It’s because they realized (too late) that particular individual or individuals didn’t deserve their precious body or time. They gave it up too quickly. How sad.


I’m very cautious when it comes to accepting gifts from men and I don’t accept every gift that’s given to me. Some gifts that are offered clearly gives off the impression of what is expected. For instance, I’ve had exotic vacation packages given to me as “gifts” that I politely refused. You know and I know good and well those exotic trips were not planned for us to just sight see, shop, eat, laugh and talk. I’m not naive. Not by far. You know what was expected most likely on the first night of the trip and so do I. Bookinganita doesn’t get down like that. No sir. He wasn’t my husband.


I’ll be the first to admit that I won’t turn down a nice gift that is sincerely given from the heart. Some men enjoy giving gifts from the heart and honestly expect nothing in return. With that being said, there are other ways besides sex that a woman can show her appreciation for a gift that was given to her. I disagree that a woman should be expected to reciprocate sex when she is given multiple gifts or expensive gifts. Sex in itself is a gift and it shouldn’t be given to just anyone. Go tell them Bookinganita said to stop it and to get themselves together. Click here for the article.



Until next time…

Just Disgusting

I had a dear in-law of mine ask me if I would blog about an unpleasant experience she had to unfortunately deal with. Not only that, she asked if I would share my own personal experiences. For her, I most certainly will. Let me warn you, this is going to be a long blog post.

One of my dearest in-laws who is White was called a coal burner. Why? Because she is married to one of my cousins who is Black. How disgusting! It upsetted her so bad that she broke down in tears. That really made me angry. From what she and my other White in-laws have explained to me, if you’re an attractive White woman who dates or is married to a Black man, you are called this derogatory term by racist / prejudiced White men. SMH…

You see, the White women my cousins are married to are attractive slim blondes and brunettes; I’m led to believe that this upsets racist / prejudiced individuals with low self-esteem. This notion of mine was backed up by my White in-laws. Now that’s some foul and disgusting behavior.

I personally have received “looks” of disapproval because the White men who ask me out are tall, well-built and well-off. The “dolled up” Anita pales in comparison to the Anita most people see during the day. I remember overhearing one woman say I was asked out only because my weave made me look “mixed” SMH. Did you know it’s unreal for a Black woman to have hair all down her back that’s hers? (Insert Sarcasm) Don’t get me started on the expensive gifts I’ve received and still receive. It’s enough to send racist / prejudiced inviduals into a full blown anger induced conniption fit! How sad…

Why make hurtful comments towards an individual because they chose to fall in love with a person based on their character and not their color? Also, one cannot assume that because an individual chooses to date or marry someone of the opposite race that they don’t care for or have never dated within their own race. Love doesn’t have a color and if more people spreaded love instead of hate, the world would be a much better place.

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Just Do It

Pursue your passion that is. Whatever it is that you are working towards or longing for, I sincerely hope that you achieve it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bettering yourself now is it? Of course not. Who wouldn’t? Today while I was on break at work, I received some wonderful news. It took everything I had in me not to jump up and scream! Mind you, I had my headphones on blast while watching Crime Watch Daily on my phone. When I saw that message come across, I didn’t hear or see a thing after that. I couldn’t tell you what came on after Crime Watch Daily went off or what was going on around me because I was too focused on that. Despite all that, I was able to keep my composure and continued on throughout the day like I normally do. I did have to tell myself, ‘Nita, snap out of it!’ several times because it seemed so unreal…


BookingAnita encourages all of you to be the best person you can possibly be as you pursue your passion and your dreams. Don’t allow yourself to become so distracted that you allow needless interferences to get in your way. Have in mind what it is that you want to do and do it. You owe it to yourself and those that believe in you. BookingAnita is rooting for you! Make your name shine where it counts!

Follow Your Passion written on the road

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Family, Friends and Fun

I’m a big goof ball as my family and friends will tell you and I like to have fun. Being silly and making those closest to me laugh is something I thoroughly enjoy. Life is much more enjoyable when you’re able to spend time with those you love and care for. Oh, oh, oh and how can I forget about all the (((HUGS))) and laughter?!

I was having a blast not too long ago and decided to share a few goofy snaps. One because I was asked to and two, to show the importance of letting loose from time to time. Humor is good for the body. It’s good for your health too. Laughter is good medicine in case you haven’t heard. So go on, have a little fun. You’ll be glad you did. Especially when you’re having a blast with your family and friends. Now that’s beautiful!

Until next time…