Conversations of Race in the Workplace 

This morning I had a conversation with a colleague at work regarding my ancestry test I submitted. He's White and as you know, I'm Black and of Native American descent. I have no issue talking about race because I have friends from various racial backgrounds and we talk about race quite often. That's the beauty … Continue reading Conversations of Race in the Workplace 

Good Morning! 

Good Morning everyone! Just a little Thursday inspiration to start off your day. Whatever it is that you are going through, hang in there and don't give up. Things may be tough now, but you are a lot more tougher. Whatever it is that is stressing you, it will eventually pass and you will come … Continue reading Good Morning! 

I Just Might… 

So, I just received my MyHeritage kit in the mail yesterday and now I'm nervous. Let me first clarify something I had mentioned in a previous blog post. I had stated that I was "awaiting my results" but that statement was not correct. What I should have said was that I was awaiting for my … Continue reading I Just Might… 

Wednesday Motivation 

Good morning on this cool and chilly Wednesday! I was asked what gets me going in the morning seeing how I am not much of a morning person. For me, it is all about positive thoughts. What you feed into your mind will reflect you and affect you. So with that being said, here is … Continue reading Wednesday Motivation 


As I await the results of my ancestry test, I find myself wondering about my Sub-Saharan African percentage. I won't lie to you, I want it to be alot, but DNA in itself can be very tricky. To ease my mind, I started goggling ancestry DNA results and stumbled across two videos that I will … Continue reading Ancestry 

The Beauty of Honesty 

I was recently asked if my honesty has affected me negatively in my life. My answer to that question is Yes. I was also asked if I think my honesty has held me back in life. My answer to that question is also Yes. Last but not least, I was asked if I regret my … Continue reading The Beauty of Honesty 

Queen Teddy 

How's it going good people! I hope that all is well. I wanted to introduce you to a lady that is making waves on Instagram due to her vibrant personality and dance moves. Her name is Queen Teddy and she is a ray of sunshine! If you have ever come across her page or seen … Continue reading Queen Teddy