Georgia Douglas Johnson

Hmmm? Does that name sound familiar? If you are into poetry as much as you are into writing like I am, that name is quite familiar to you. For those of you who have never heard of Georgia Douglas Johnson, she was a well-known African American poet who was a giant during the Harlem Renaissance … Continue reading Georgia Douglas Johnson

Food Poisoning Sucks!

Do you wanna know what's worser than a bad cold? Food poisoning! I would rather battle a bad cold or go toe to toe with my debilitating fear of cicadas than food poisoning. Food poisoning is always the worse for me because it wreaks havoc on my body! I'm hit with those horrible chills that … Continue reading Food Poisoning Sucks!

Like Family

Whenever people see pictures of all my close friends, they are often shocked to see just how diverse my friends are. Many, I assume, expect me to have only Black friends. Comments such as: "How do you have so many Asian and Middle Eastern friends?" Or... "I didn't know you had those many White friends." … Continue reading Like Family

Just Remember…

Everything you do has consequences. Some are temporary and some stay with you for a lifetime. There was a time in my life when I didn't even consider nor think about the consequences of my actions. How foolish! It's a good thing I changed because who knows just where I would've ended up. I know … Continue reading Just Remember…

Anatole Broyard

Anatole Broyard was a well-respected writer, editor and literary critic who wrote for the New York Times. His written works were highly regarded and sought after during his time, but he had a secret. He was Black. Anatole was born to Louisiana Creole parents who were free people of color. His own parents and two … Continue reading Anatole Broyard


It's Saturday morning and I woke up to an interesting question. I was asked (based on my final ancestry results from my two other tests) if I would still refer to myself as a Black woman first and foremost. Before I answer that question, I'm going to rank my ancestry breakdown from the highest to … Continue reading Absolutely!