More Questions!

Good Evening wonderful people! I hope to find you doing well on this Wednesday evening. We are getting closer and closer to Friday. Isn't that awesome?! Of course it is! I was tasked a few questions to respond to on my blog from a post I made last year entitled My Biggest Struggle. For those … Continue reading More Questions!

Just Remember…

Everything you do has consequences. Some are temporary and some stay with you for a lifetime. There was a time in my life when I didn't even consider nor think about the consequences of my actions. How foolish! It's a good thing I changed because who knows just where I would've ended up. I know … Continue reading Just Remember…

You Get What You Give

Good Evening! I hope that each of you are doing well. I was asked during an author Q&A if I've experienced any shame with sharing some of my past writing failures and setbacks as an independent writer. Is that not an awesome question? I think it is. Here is my answer: No. You see, I … Continue reading You Get What You Give

Jo-ani Johnson

Good Evening, Happy Evening! I'm trying to play "catch up" so please bear with me... Jo-ani Johnson is an African American woman who is blowing people away with her natural beauty. She is 67 years old now and she is strikingly beautiful and elegant. One of the things millions of women appreciate about her is … Continue reading Jo-ani Johnson

It Starts With You

A peace of mind is beautiful and priceless. Things that are of no concern to me will not worry me or even consume me. Why? Because I'm in control of my own thoughts and actions. I choose to fill my life and surroundings with good things and good honest hearted people. I enjoy being happy, … Continue reading It Starts With You

Good Morning Sunshines!

Smiles are one of the best free gifts anyone can give. They are uplifting, upbuilding and encouraging. A welcoming smile can light up a room and change a mood. Your smile is beautiful, your smile is wonderful, your smile is amazing and so are you. Who will you touch with power of your smile? Until … Continue reading Good Morning Sunshines!