A Better You

Good Morning Good People. I hope to find each of you doing well on this Saturday morning. I came across this beautiful quote by a well-known author and I wanted to share it with you.

Now that’s something to strive for. I’m sure you agree. Always strive to be a better you. πŸ˜‰

Until next time…

Troubled Waters

We live in a world where people are quick to retaliate whenever someone offends them or wrongs them. When you are on the receiving end of such behavior, should you retaliate? My answer to that is No. Should you fret or worry over the offender? My answer to that is also No.

I feel that it’s important for me to share this on all my blogs because I don’t want any of my subscribers or followers to stoop to such a low level. I often give experiences of my past when I allowed my violent temper to get the best of me and I’m ashamed by how I used to act. I haven’t behaved in such an embarrassing way for over ten years and that makes me feel awesome!

I’ve had people lie on me and some tried to get me fired for something I didn’t do. At one point in time, I almost left this particular job where this was going on. Why did I stay? Because of the advice of my parents.

My parents told me not to “run” so to speak, but to keep on living my life right. In time, they assured me that some of those very same people who tried to hurt me or hold me back will soon be gone themselves. Not only that, I’ll be blessed in other ways. The catch? I had to stay to see it come to pass.

Well, I’m here to tell you my parents were absolutely right. Some of those very same people were forced to move on, others have been “catching it” in other ways (including some of their minions) and as for me, I’m blossoming with my writing and other potential opportunities in the works.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you are wronged, don’t retaliate, don’t worry and don’t you fret. Time has its own way of handling such things. You just have to do your part by continuing to do the right thing. πŸ˜‰

Until next time…

Check Your Attitude

It’s been said and proven that a positive attitude can lead to a longer and healthier life. On the other hand, a negative attitude can lead to a shorter and more complicated life. If we were to honestly examine ourselves, I’m sure each of us could pinpoint aspects of our personalities that we don’t like. We’re human, we’re imperfect, which means we are a constant work in progress.

Take me for example. One personality trait I thought I would never conquer, second to my violent temper, was squashing arguments. Years ago, I would argue at the drop of hat because I felt that was something I needed to do. Needless to say, it affected my overall happiness and my health. How sad. πŸ˜”

Just to give you an idea of how I used to be when it came to arguing, I’m going to share a few slightly funny memes. Back then, if you had something “smart” to say and you mumbled it under your breath, I was coming back with the quickness to see what you had to say. I was on that “speak up, don’t mumble” type of foolishness. SMH. I’m so glad I no longer carry on like this…

Whatever it is you are working on to better yourself, keep at it and don’t give up. You’d be amazed how things turn around for you when you change for the good. If I hadn’t of changed, I have no doubt that the opportunities I stand to receive next year wouldn’t have come my way. Sometimes, change can bring unexpected blessings and immense happiness. πŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈπŸ™πŸΎ

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I find it so disappointing that some people feel the need to minimize, undermine or criticize someone else’s accomplishments, abilities or successes. Why can’t they just be happy for that person? So because it’s not happening for them, they can’t be happy for the other person? How sad.

When you can be happy for someone else’s “come up” in life or major accomplishment(s), you show a level of maturity and humility. Even if it’s a person you may not necessarily care for, you still want to wish them well. Don’t hinder or block your own blessings. Wish them well from a distance and live your best life.

I’ve had my share of people who hoped for my downfall and failure, but I never retaliated or hoped the same for them. They may have thought I did because that’s what they were doing to me, but Nita is too mature for that. Life is too short to be bitter, resentful and spiteful. Just think, the energy you waste on being negative could be put to good use by being positive.

When you spread peace, you can be at peace and that I tell you is a beautiful thing.

Until next time…

Green Book

I love movies that are inspirational and inspired by true events. That is what the movie Green Book is about. It’s centered around the unlikely friendship of Jamaican pianist Don Shirley and Italian bouncer Tony Lip. When I first saw the preview for Green Book, I knew I had to go see it with a group of my friends.

The trailer for Green Book made me smile as I watched a friendship between the two begin to form. I just wish Don Shirley and Tony Lip were still around to see it. They both passed away in 2013, but I have no doubt they would have been thrilled to know a movie set to win a slew of awards is about their friendship.

I Count On Me, penned and performed by Aloe Blacc for the movie’s soundtrack, is both beautiful and inspiring. It was developed from the mindset so many Black people have to have in order to deal with racism, prejudice and discrimination. Yet, with that being said, I think everyone could still benefit from such a beautiful song.

Click here to give it a listen. To see the trailer for Green Book, click here. Go ahead and get your tickets!

Until next time…

Coping with Grief

This December will mark one year since my father’s passing. I honestly never thought I would be able to go on since he passed, but with the help of God and prayer, I have been able to. Every last one of us have our own way of coping with grief, and the way we cope with our grief should be respected.

This past weekend, I cut off over half of my hair as a way to deal with my father being gone for almost a year. Some of those closest to me were shocked, others were even sad because of how long my hair was. Me? I felt two things. One, I felt a sense of relief in knowing that I was able to go on after my father fell asleep in death. Two, I felt free because I was able to let go most of my grief. My hair, like my emotions, was weighing me down and just like everything else, I had to do something about it.

My hair will grow back. It always does. It will grow back faster and longer like it always does. It’s genetic, it’s in my genes so there is no escaping it; just like my grief. My grief is still there and it’ll always be there, but it’s not as painful or as debilitating as it was before. No one can prepare you or tell you how to grieve. Only you can.

If any of you recently lost someone, you have my sincerest condolences.

Until next time…

Mad at the Truth

When people spend an unnecessary amount of energy to “get back at you” for telling the truth, that shows a level of immaturity. Here’s a thought: Instead of getting upset over the truth, learn from it and be a better person from it. Don’t try to deny it or lie. How else would you learn from your mistakes?

Not all truths are easy to hear; we should all be able to attest to that. I’ve had my own stubborn moments where I didn’t want to hear certain truths, but I accepted it because the proof and the truth was there. I didn’t retaliate, whine, make excuses or pitch a fit. I acknowledged it, accepted it and moved on.

If any of you find yourself in a similar situation, let father time handle it. Don’t you become angry, lash out, or say a mumbling word of negativity. Maintain your level of peace and continue to do you because time always has a way of making wrongs right.

Until next time…