You Tried It

Some people are allowing their prejudice and racism to make them bold. If they aren’t shouting out the N-word, calling the cops for no reason or following you around, they are doing other out of line things. I got a few experiences myself to share with you tonight. If we don’t discuss these issues, how do we expect for things to get better? It’s happening much too often, but I’m smart enough to know not all White people are like this. There are a lot of good hearted White people out there.

The following experiences happened to me and I’m proud to say the “old” me was not awakened or disturbed. The Devil is busy y’all, real busy. Experiences in 3, 2, 1…

1. I had an older White woman tell me that I had to say ‘Yes ma’am’ to her and that I had no right to look her in the eye. – I continued to look her in the eyes and as far as ‘Yes ma’am’, she got a ‘Yes’. You tried it. 😏

2. I had a White man tell me my skin looks like s***. – I told him he was mad because he ages like milk. He got red as an apple. Not my fault my chocolate colored melanin makes me look younger. Many people still think I’m in my 20’s. You tried it. 😏

3. I had a White couple purposefully cut in front of me while uttering the N-word under their breath. – I moved my buggy and got right back in front of them. They was mad mad 😂😂. They tried it. 😏

4. I had a group of White college females yell out that my butt was “ghetto”. – I told them they were mad that their butts were shaped like flap jacks and that they should be worried about their man eyeballing me. Some of their boyfriends were hitting on me earlier. They looked like they wanted to cry when I told them. They tried it. 😏 The dolled up Anita pales in comparison to what most people see outside of my social circles. I keep tryna tell y’all. 😂

Sometimes in life, you got to crush people with the truth and a smile. I’ve learned that’s the best way to put a racist / prejudiced individual in their place. Their facial expressions are priceless. I enjoy seeing it very much. It’s quite beautiful. 🤗😂👌🏾

Until next time…

Oh, The Irony!

I recently saw a documentary for Black History month and there was a snippet shown on a man by the name of Craig Cobb. I had never heard of that man until then and what I saw made me laugh my butt off. Don’t worry, I’m going to post the video at the end so keep reading.

Craig Cobb is a well-known White Supremacist from Canada who had undergone an ancestry test to prove how pure he is. He hates Black people, no he despises Black people (his words) and he was confident he didn’t have any African ancestry. Um, let’s just say for a White person, his percentage of African ancestry is pretty high!

I can’t determine which is funnier, his facial expression realizing that he has a good bit of African ancestry, or the Black lady cackling next to him. Priceless! More and more White people are finding out that they have African ancestry. You have to keep in mind that millions of Black people passed for White and married Whites so….

Click here.

Until next time…

One of the Funniest

One of the Funniest!

I was watching a TV One documentary on Martin Lawrence, one of the funniest men in show business. Martin got his start as a comedian doing stand up comedy for Def Jam  before making it big on television and in movies. Who can forget him playing Sheneneh or how him and Pam would always go at it on his self-titled show Martin.

It was revealed that one of my favorite episodes, the one where he interrogated his friends with a fake stuffed dog, was the hardest to film. Why? Because everyone had a hard time keeping a straight face. The audience didn’t make it any better because their laughter was out of control. You can clearly see here how hard it was for Martin and Tommy not to laugh. KMSL!

Who can forget the episode when Martin goes on a “health kick” and finally breaks down when Gina makes him his favorite food? Click here to reminisce LOL.

One things for sure, Martin Lawrence is one of a kind. Clearly there is no one like him. There’s not enough time for me to post every hilarious clip of him out there, but here is one more from when he played Big Mama

Until next time… 


I met a few of my friends for dinner at Wintzells to laugh and chit chat a bit. In the midst of our “cutting up”, one of my friends decides to order oysters. These weren’t just any oysters, but colossal oysters. At least, that’s how it looked to me. They were huge! As we were all laughing and talking, he decides to push three my way like I want some. Yuck! Oh no! I’m unable to eat that. The whole time he thought my looks of disgust were funny…

He had his topped with parmesean and some other stuff and was sopping it up like it was the best thing in the world! Everyone was looking and waiting for me to try them, but I wasn’t gonna do it. I’m unable to. I love seafood, but not oysters. They make my stomach churn and my bottom lip quiver. KMSL! I ain’t lying…oysters make me sick.

Um, I’ll take the shrimp, crab and lobster for $200 Alex! Thank you! 😂

Until next time…Lmbo!!!

Good Riddance 

Whoo! Those faux locs are gone! Outta here! Gone bye bye! Buh Bye! 

Let me tell you, I don’t miss ’em one bit! My scalp was about to suffocate! I thought I was going to pass out once I felt that cool air hit my scalp again KMSL! My hair has been showing out and growing like weeds again. Especially the front crown of my hair. That’s where its really wavy and no matter how much I trim it back or brush it back, it just keeps coming back. 

It’s nice seeing you again my lovely bouquet of tresses. The kinky, the wavy, the curly and the straight. Each one of you represents a part of my ancestry. Although there are times where I wished I had just ONE texture instead of four. It would make my life so much easier. Just being honest… 

Until next time…wear your hair how you wanna wear it. Just make sure you wear it proudly! 

Be Smart About It 

Mannnnnnn, we made it to Friday! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! 

First and foremost, I want to apologize for my late response to some of your messages. I’m going to make an effort to respond as soon as possible. I promise, I haven’t forgotten about you. Tonight, I’m going to respond to one message by posting my response on my blog as requested. Every now and then I’ll have a subscriber ask me to post my response on my blog. So with that being said, let’s get to it. Remember, anything I post on here is my own personal opinion. 

I was asked why I created the 60/40 rule and why I choose to live by it. Let me begin by saying that I didn’t create the 60/40 rule. There are different types of 60/40 rules that exists with a host of different meanings. The 60/40 rule I referred to on my blog has to do with my family’s take on it. Our 60/40 rule for my new subscribers and followers means that we give our line of work 60% of what we can really do. Granted, my 60% may be greater than your 60% or it may be less. The point is not to allow yourself to be burned out or overworked especially if you aren’t being compensated for it. 

If you are giving your line of work your full 100% or 110% and you are not being properly compensated for it, then you are giving away all your precious talent and energy for NUTHIN’. Millions of people are being overworked and under paid. That’s why I never give a 100% or 110% on any job right off the bat. I go in giving 60% and when I know I’m getting fairly compensated for the job I do, then my effort will be equal to that. Just being honest. 

Work smart and be smart about it. Don’t give ALL your talents towards something IF it’s not worth it or if you’re not properly compensated for it. I look at life this way, my reward will equal the amount of effort I will put into it. Now again, this is how I live and operate. That doesn’t mean you have to be the same way. This is what works for me and my family and I must say, we are a much happier bunch of people. Fussing about doing so much work for little to NUTHIN’ is NOT a regular conversation in my household. No Bueno! I know just how much effort to give and when to stop. 

Until next time you wonderful people! 

Thursday Got Jokes 

KMSL! Last week this writer overslept, this morning I woke up thinking I overslept. Pff! My tail ain’t over sleep, I just thought I did LMBO! 😂😂😂 Now I got this surge of adrenaline cause I was hyped up thinking I overslept. 

That’s okay though, how’ bout I’m about to roll back on over and catch these next 30 minutes of sleep. LOL! Good one Thursday, you got me. Just a lil tad…

Until next time…