Overweight? Nah, Not Even Close

*I’ll be sharing pictures of Black women who are considered overweight based on their BMI index. It’s important for me to note that these women are active and healthy despite being considered overweight.*

I’ll be the first to admit that there is a problem with obesity globally. Some of it is due to health problems and the side effects of certain medicines which in my opinion, is not the person’s fault. Tonight, I’m arguing against the BMI index used to calculate “healthy” weight for all women and men. The BMI index, when it comes to Black women and men, is very skewed because it doesn’t take into consideration the bone density and fat deposits of Black women and men.

For those of you who may not know, the BMI index was created using the height and weight measurements of White men and women. Ask yourself, how is that not skewed? Studies have shown that genetically, Black people have heavier and denser bones compared to any other race. In addition to that, we have higher fat deposits in our thighs, hips and buttocks area which is also genetic. When you take that into consideration, that already tips the scales 5-10 lbs or more in regards to the “standardBMI index.

Take a look at the following women below? They are all active, but are still considered overweight due to their BMI index. Having dense bones already makes you weigh more, but when you have thick thighs, hips and buttocks, that makes you weigh even more.

Makes you wonder about the “truestatistics regarding the number of Black people considered overweight. 🤔

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Oh It’s On!

Some of my relatives came to me recently and told me that they are in a friendly competition with one another. They asked if I wanted in on this “competition”. 🤔 Seeing how we are all very competitive, I had to first find out what this family competition was all about…

One of my lovely relatives came up with the awesome idea to see who can get the fittest quickest. Well ah, I had to call dibs on this because I can stand to lose some weight. I’m a solid 164 lbs at 5 feet 4 1/2 inches and I’m not ashamed to say it. I don’t look it, but I can definitely feel it…

All of them got the jump on me because they bought all their healthy food and started working out two weeks ago! I’m still going to take home the victory because I have a secret weapon. You see, when I start working out and change my eating habits, my weight falls off quick. It always has. My family ain’t slick! That’s why they waited to tell me about this family competition two weeks late! 😂😭😂

It’s all good though. We’re all doing it for the greater good even though I will get the fittest quickest. I betcha they are shaking their heads at my blog post now because they know I’m about to talk smack…

Yeah, get on it baby ’cause starting this Saturday, cousin Nita is pulling out alllllllll the stops. I promise you kinfolk, you AIN’T ready! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 You already lost and don’t even know it yet. 😏😂😜

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Doctors Expose Racism in Healthcare

There has been a number of doctors recently who have come forward to expose the rampant racism and ill treatment of Black people in healthcare. These doctors have openly admitted how Black people aren’t taken seriously when they are complaining about pain. Not only that, when it comes to life saving treatments, they are less likely to offer such treatments to Black people. I have a few links to share with you in the end so you can see for yourself so keep reading…

Many doctors feel that Black people “exaggerate” their symptoms, but if a White person were to complain of the same symptoms, doctors are three times likely to run tests and etc for them than they would for a Black person. With this new “revelation”, many are now concerned with the large amount of deaths among Black people that could have been prevented. We are talking millions by the way.

What bothers me the most about this recent “revelation” is that Black people have been saying this for years, but when a Non-Black doctor says it, millions of people want to suddenly believe it. The huge disparity of racism towards Black people in healthcare is disheartening, uncalled for and troubling. Black people shouldn’t have to push so hard for doctors to believe them or treat them.

Ask yourself, Would I want to be a Black person seeking medical care or treatment? I’ll go ahead and answer that for you. ‘No’ because many times it’s like pulling teeth.

For more info, click on the links below.

Racial Biases in the Healthcare System

Black Women and Childbirth

U.S. News Report

Harvard Health on Racism and Discrimination in Healthcare

PCOS Awareness Month

September is PCOS awareness month and I wanted to take the time to educate those who may not be familiar with PCOS.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a disorder that affects millions of women across the world; including myself. PCOS causes an imbalance of the reproductive hormones which in turn can lead to health problems like diabetes, infertility, acne, weight gain, heart disease, high cholesterol and etc.

Even though there are millions of women around the world living with PCOS, our symptoms are not all the same. What one woman may experience may not affect the next woman. My PCOS symptoms are mild to severe, but there are times when it can wreak havoc on my system.

Warning: The following symptoms I experience may be a little graphic for some.

1. Heavy menstrual cycle – I bleed like there is no tomorrow; a common symptom among most women with PCOS. I do take certain medications to help with my heavy menstrual flow, but it does little to ease up my flow.

2. Painful cramps – My cramps can be excruciating at times because it feels like someone has grabbed a hold of my ovaries and are twisting the crap out of them. Every now and then the pain will make me lose my breath. A lot of it is due to my body also passing huge clots during my menstrual cycle. Thank goodness I have a high tolerance for pain or else I’d be messed up.

3. Fatigue – It’s a struggle to stay energized each and every day, but I’ve become really good at pushing myself to do more and to stay energized. My diet helps a good deal and my determination / motivation also plays a big part.

4. Acne – As someone who takes pride in my skin, I do weekly masks, take collagen pills and multivitamins with biotin. My skin for the most part is really clear, even and toned with the exception of a few scars here and there. If you have PCOS and you struggle with acne, check with your doctor about charcoal masks. It does wonders for my skin.

If you or someone you know has PCOS, this syndrome / disorder requires a good bit of patience and understanding. Please know that there are treatments available so don’t become discouraged if you’ve been recently diagnosed. You can still live a happy and fulfilling life. I and millions of other women can testify to that. 😉

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Discouragement. We have all experienced this dreadful emotion at some point in our lives. It is a feeling that I, like so many others, can do without. I think we all can agree that discouragement sucks! I mean seriously, how many people do you know has come out and said, “I like to be discouraged?” Zero. Nada. None. That I can assure you. 

Here recently, I was hit with a health problem that came really close to discouraging me, as a matter of fact, it almost completely discouraged me. Fear and anxiety consumed me initially and there were a few times where I wanted to cry. Oddly though, for some reason, I could not bring myself to cry. Chalk it up to my determined spirit. This is a woman who rarely cried when she was getting her tail whooped with leather belts and switches as a child! Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn!!

I guess that is what has been helping me to stay positive and motivated because the number one thing that keeps me lifted is my faith and my trust in God. I always strive to see the brighter side of things and to remain optimistic no matter the circumstances. Giving up easily does not come naturally to me. It never has and it never will. My mind and heart will not allow me to become so easily defeated because I have already overcame so much.

Whenever you get hit with something that causes you to become discouraged, it is my hope that you too will not allow discouragement to get the best of you. If you have to cry to get over it, go ahead and cry. If you feel like screaming and shouting, go ahead and do that too. There is no shame in any of it, especially if it makes you feel better. 

At the end of the day, we are human and we are subject to a range of emotions, including those dreadful negative ones. The key however is to never allow those negative emotions to get the best of you or to rob you of your happiness. So keep your head up and your chin up because you are a lot stronger than what you think. 

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