Coping with Grief

This December will mark one year since my father’s passing. I honestly never thought I would be able to go on since he passed, but with the help of God and prayer, I have been able to. Every last one of us have our own way of coping with grief, and the way we cope with our grief should be respected.

This past weekend, I cut off over half of my hair as a way to deal with my father being gone for almost a year. Some of those closest to me were shocked, others were even sad because of how long my hair was. Me? I felt two things. One, I felt a sense of relief in knowing that I was able to go on after my father fell asleep in death. Two, I felt free because I was able to let go most of my grief. My hair, like my emotions, was weighing me down and just like everything else, I had to do something about it.

My hair will grow back. It always does. It will grow back faster and longer like it always does. It’s genetic, it’s in my genes so there is no escaping it; just like my grief. My grief is still there and it’ll always be there, but it’s not as painful or as debilitating as it was before. No one can prepare you or tell you how to grieve. Only you can.

If any of you recently lost someone, you have my sincerest condolences.

Until next time…

Losing Someone Changes You

When you lose someone close to you, it changes you in more ways than one. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you haven’t changed a little, the truth is you have. I’ve noticed changes within myself and there are some parts of me that still struggles with the fact that my Dad is no longer here.

Some days I want to be left alone and unbothered. Most days I feel fine. I’ve always been the one people look to for encouragement, advice and comfort, but then there are times when I need it myself. Those closest to me lovingly call me ‘Superwoman’ because I’m very strong physically, mentally and emotionally, but there are some days where I’m not. Yes, there are some days BookingAnita is weak, but you would never know it.

Losing someone you love hurts and it can be a struggle sometimes, but you have to keep on living, thriving and surviving. After all, your dearly departed ones would want you to. I know my Dad would. I would give anything to hug him one more time. Just one more time…

Until next time…

Heart Touching 

Since the passing of my father, I have received an out-pouring of love shown by my family, friends, previous employers and to my surprise, some of my subscribers and followers. Your prayers, kind words of encouragement, your beautiful cards and flowers have touched my heart in more ways than one. I know that my family is also appreciative.

Losing someone you love dearly is so hard, but for me, my belief in the Resurrection and the belief that my father is “sleeping” brings me comfort. Gone are the aches, the pains and the daily struggle of him trying to live from one day to the next. My father lies sleeping and he’s in no more pain! I have my memories and of course, his one of a kind voice in my head to keep me going. As long as I have my memory, no one can take that away from me!

As I continue to push myself harder to make The Chronicles of Neffie a household name, I will never forget what my father told me. He said, “With this one, you got something special. Some good will come of it if you keep pushing yourself. You’ll see.” As I typed that, I could feel the tears in my eyes well up because I am now seeing what my father had already said would happen months before he passed.

To all of you who called, sent a card, flowers or a text to express your condolences, I would like to tell you thank you. You have no idea how your thoughts of concern touched my heart. I long for the day when I can tell my father, my twin and one of my closest friends all about it and how he was right about my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie.

Until next time, stay safe everyone and be sure to always tell those you love how much you really love and appreciate them.