Warning: This post contains strong opinions and views regarding the killing of unarmed Black men by some White cops. I know all White cops aren’t bad, but this post is geared towards those that are. Stop reading now if you can’t handle the truth. You have been warned.

They say history likes to repeat itself and for Black people, that has definitely been the case. Take for instance the killing of unarmed or innocent Black men by White cops. Back then, not too long ago, it was nothing for a racist or prejudiced White cop to frame and or murder innocent Black people, especially Black men. If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, there have been a number of cops, White and a few Hispanic, who are being sentenced to prison for framing Black men.

Some of these Black men spent decades in jail for crimes they didn’t commit, but that meant nothing to these filthy cops. They freely admitted that framing Black people is easy because society easily sees Black people as criminals and a threat. By their own admission, they used that to frame and in some cases, kill innocent or unarmed Black men.

Most cops will take almost every measure not to shoot, kill or harm a White male mass shooter who just murdered several people. When it comes to a Black male who they “suspect” has a gun or even a gun on him, they will immediately shoot to kill or harm the Black male. Anyone with some sense who isn’t in denial or mentally deluded can see exactly where I’m coming from.

Again, so when it comes to a White mass shooter who just murdered several people, cops aren’t quick to kill him, but if it’s a “threatening” Black male with a possible gun or gun, taking steps to avoid shooting him or killing him is completely out of the question. Whew, the police brutality of hypocrisy! Now that’s some mess right there.

There has been a number of cops exposed and more are continuing to be exposed for shooting unarmed Black men. How did some of these disgusting rogue cops get away with it? They lied and said these Black men brandished a gun or had a gun which proved to be false after a lengthy investigation. And people wonder why so many Black people don’t trust all cops. Cops and their history with Black people hasn’t been the best so that should be a given.

If you aren’t Black, you can’t relate because you don’t know what it’s like to have to deal with daily racism, prejudice, discrimination and for most Black men, harassment by some racist or prejudiced cops. In the words of many good hearted non-Black people, it takes an incredible amount of strength, courage and endurance to be Black and that’s a fact. The overwhelming majority of White people wouldn’t last a day being Black and many have freely admitted that because they know it’s the truth.

Black people aren’t hard because we want to be, it’s because we have to be. With that being said, I stand by this post 110%.

Until next time…

Way Too Common

I had to make a brief blog post on the mass shootings within the United States before calling it a night. These are my thoughts and my own opinions so feel free to disagree…

When you take a look at the growing number of mass shootings within the United States, you have to wonder why such behavior is becoming way too common. Individuals with hate in their hearts and evil within their souls are emboldened to commit such terroristic acts without a hint or even a warning. When you think about that, it’s pretty scary and what’s even more scary is that it’s going to happen again. And again…

The fact is this: The United States is full of homegrown terrorists. Yes, terrorists born in the U. S. of A and these aren’t the terrorists from the Middle East or foreign countries that the news likes to thrust in our faces. Take a look at the mug shots lately of the mass shooters. Do they look “foreign” to you?

The United States is so worried about letting “possible” terrorists in when it’s full of its very own terrorists. If you ask me, sometimes you have to pay attention to your own before you go pointing your fingers at somebody else. In the mean time, I suggest people look up the real definition of a terrorist. I’m sure those who are quick to think “foreign” would be surprised.

Until next time, please be safe and have a wonderful night everyone.

Kevin Kirkland

You see that despicable, useless, filthy name? If you are a news buff like myself, you know what type of garbage is behind that name. Kevin Kirkland, for those of you who may not know, was a Special Needs teacher in the state of California who was convicted of sexually assaulting Special Needs students. What is more disturbing is that students had been complaining about him and his deviant conduct for years. Look at him. Look at his filthy, disgusting sour-looking self!

It has taken ten long unnecessary years for charges to be brought against this sexual sadist, predator, pedophile and rapist and I find that to be outrageous. Imagine the fear and intimidation his students must’ve felt whenever they had to step foot into his classroom. I’m angry and I blame the principal and school district for ignoring the pleas of these brave Special Needs students who took steps to report him. That school district he taught in is as worthless as a penny with a hole in it. Useless lint balls…

My heart goes out to the victims and I hope the parents will go after the principle and school district next for not taking the complaints of their children seriously and for failing to protect them. He should have never been allowed to harm so many students for so long. Just imagine the damage this gutter urchin has done…

Until next time…

Coping with Grief

This December will mark one year since my father’s passing. I honestly never thought I would be able to go on since he passed, but with the help of God and prayer, I have been able to. Every last one of us have our own way of coping with grief, and the way we cope with our grief should be respected.

This past weekend, I cut off over half of my hair as a way to deal with my father being gone for almost a year. Some of those closest to me were shocked, others were even sad because of how long my hair was. Me? I felt two things. One, I felt a sense of relief in knowing that I was able to go on after my father fell asleep in death. Two, I felt free because I was able to let go most of my grief. My hair, like my emotions, was weighing me down and just like everything else, I had to do something about it.

My hair will grow back. It always does. It will grow back faster and longer like it always does. It’s genetic, it’s in my genes so there is no escaping it; just like my grief. My grief is still there and it’ll always be there, but it’s not as painful or as debilitating as it was before. No one can prepare you or tell you how to grieve. Only you can.

If any of you recently lost someone, you have my sincerest condolences.

Until next time…

Mass Shooting in Jacksonville, Florida

Every time you turn on the TV there is a shooting. Yesterday, there was a mass shooting that took place in Jacksonville, Florida where three people lost their life, including the suspect. How can one be so heartless to just open fire on a group of innocent people just because you are upset. I watched the video of it and it was graphic. I feel so bad for the innocent victims families. I can’t imagine what they are going through right now.

We lived in Jacksonville, Florida for a couple of years because my father was stationed there when he was in the Navy. One of our favorite things as kids was to watch the ships come in. When the ships docked, we would get so excited because we knew our Dad was going to be walking out soon. Scenes like what took place on Sunday didn’t exist during that time.

We all get upset and angry from time to time, but that’s no reason to shoot up a place and kill innocent people. We all have family and friends that love us and care for us regardless if we have disagreements with those outside of our personal circle. If we get upset with each other, there is no need for us to harm one another. That other person has family and friends that love and care about them too and their life is just as precious as your own.

Prayers and condolences to the innocent victims families.

A Redding Jewel

I enjoy listening to good music which is something I take after my Mom. She has the best taste in music! You name it: soul, disco, rhythm and blues and the like; I got a song that will stick with you for years to come or for life. When I’m writing, I like to play music in the background because it hypes me up even more.

Tonight, I’m going to share another musical jewel and it happens to be by the late Otis Redding. He’s largely known for his posthumous hit The Dock of the Bay, but my favorite song by him happens to be the live version on the Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa song. He sounds so much better to me when he sung live because he had such an amazing, soulful and strong voice. Not only that, he knew how to work up a crowd! So did his band.

Click here to listen for yourself. The ending is my favorite part of all. I can only imagine how electrifying it must have been to be in that crowd.

Until next time…

Don’t Be Afraid To Wait (Sometimes)

I was due to appear in a few literary magazines and articles not too long ago, but I decided to delay my feature. Why? Because the timing didn’t feel right to me. It was a feeling deep down inside that I couldn’t shake and I felt strongly that I needed to wait. Thankfully, the people I’ve been in contact with and working with have been both patient and understanding.

Looking back, I’m glad I waited. You see, if I had of went ahead and did those features, I wouldn’t have hardly anything big to talk about (at that time) in regards to my accomplishments as an indie author. It’s a different story now (no pun intended). I have quite a few things I can acknowledge in my upcoming features, but I’ll only list two. The first one being that The Chronicles of Neffie is being considered as a book to read during Black History month at a few schools. The second one being my recent indieBRAG Medallion award for The Chronicles of Neffie in the category of historical fiction.

I can say from personal experience that there are times in your life where it’s okay for you to wait; even if you’re a little afraid to. I was and that’s the truth! If it’s meant to happen for you, it’ll happen and that opportunity will still be there for you when you’re ready. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut instincts and if the situation calls for it, seek out some helpful advice from someone you know and trust. I know I did.

Waiting turned out to be one of the best writing decisions I’ve ever made. Get used to seeing the name A.L. Gibson in the future. I’m going to leave it at that.

Until next time, keep being the best person you can possibly be as you continue to go after your dreams. Giving up is NOT an option.