My heart aches and rages whenever I read a story about child abuse or neglect. There is no need for such horrible and hateful behavior, but it exists in this world that we live in.

Two days ago, there was a disturbing story about a deplorable woman in Des Moines, Iowa who beat two teenage girls so badly that one of them jumped from a second story balcony. Did you catch that? One girl was willing to risk death just to escape another brutal beating. That disturbed my spirit in so many ways because that tells me that poor girl was desperate to get away from such evil and violence. Violence that had been going on for years.

Lord have mercy.

When the police came to investigate this poor excuse for a human and woman, they found the other teen covered in bruises and deep marks on her neck from being choked. Of course, the girl that jumped out of the balcony was covered in bruises too and it wasn’t all from her jump. Their little bodies looked like a battlefield due to years of vicious beatings.

No child or anyone for that matter should experience such evil and cruelty by the hands of another human being. It’s disturbing to think about the number of children who are abused, neglected and or mistreated each and every day. At times, it’s too much for my own heart to handle and I can’t think about it too much or else it’ll depress me.

As always, I’m going to post the mug shot of this disgusting human being who used her hands to inflict pain instead of love on those she was entrusted to care for. No one, especially children, deserves to be treated in such a way.

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Sandra Parks

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you already know the unfortunate tragedy attached to Sandra Parks name. Sandra Parks, for those of you who may not know, was a beautiful 13 year old girl from Milwaukee who was shot and killed this week by two reckless abominable men. This child had everything to live for, but their reckless and despicable actions took whatever chance she had in life away from her.

Sandra Parks (ironically) wrote a winning essay two years ago about the gun violence in her area and how it was affecting the youth. Did you catch that? This smart and intelligent little girl wrote a winning essay about gun violence only to lose her life by gun violence. Sandra loved to read and write and was probably on her way to becoming a great writer. Now, we will never know…

I’m so glad the two sorry excuses for men were caught, although it won’t bring Sandra back. If it wasn’t for their careless actions, Sandra wouldn’t be laying up in the morgue right now. Look at these foolish looking scoundrels. They should be ashamed of themselves!

To read more on this tragic story, click here.

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Mass Shooting in Jacksonville, Florida

Every time you turn on the TV there is a shooting. Yesterday, there was a mass shooting that took place in Jacksonville, Florida where three people lost their life, including the suspect. How can one be so heartless to just open fire on a group of innocent people just because you are upset. I watched the video of it and it was graphic. I feel so bad for the innocent victims families. I can’t imagine what they are going through right now.

We lived in Jacksonville, Florida for a couple of years because my father was stationed there when he was in the Navy. One of our favorite things as kids was to watch the ships come in. When the ships docked, we would get so excited because we knew our Dad was going to be walking out soon. Scenes like what took place on Sunday didn’t exist during that time.

We all get upset and angry from time to time, but that’s no reason to shoot up a place and kill innocent people. We all have family and friends that love us and care for us regardless if we have disagreements with those outside of our personal circle. If we get upset with each other, there is no need for us to harm one another. That other person has family and friends that love and care about them too and their life is just as precious as your own.

Prayers and condolences to the innocent victims families.

Lesandro Guzman Feliz

If you have been watching the news lately, you have probably heard the terrible tragedy surrounding Lesandro Guzman Feliz. Known as ‘Junior’ to his family and friends, this beautiful fifteen year old lost his life because five disgusting, low-life excuses for men attacked him. Why? Because they mistook him for another individual who made a sex tape of one of the suspects sister. Did you catch that? They were going to kill someone any way over a sex tape!


What angers me the most about this tragedy is how no one helped this poor fifteen year old who was first attacked in a Bronx Bodega, dragged outside where he was attacked some more, stabbed and hacked with a machete! The video is circulating around the internet and I refuse to watch it because the video stills of Lesandro’s face riddled with fear shook me to my core. It broke my heart in more ways than one just thinking about how confused Lesandro must have been as all this was taking place. This beautiful child only went to the Bodega to give one of his friends five dollars so he could get him something to eat. That right there does something to me. It does more than just break my heart…


I was glued to the reports as one suspect after another was caught and I wouldn’t be satisfied until all five were caught. Today that finally happened. One of these pathetic, scum filled excuses for a human being was turned in by his own mother. Good! Because I would have done the same thing. If that had of been me or one of my other siblings who did something so vile, my parents would have turned us in with the quickness before beating the mess out of us. My parents don’t play! Take a look at these heartless suspects.


I pray, as I’m sure millions of others are, that some sort of peace will fill the hearts of Lesandro’s family now that all five suspects have been caught. Especially his heart-broken mother. I know it won’t bring him back, but at least she can see the outrage that was shared along with her and how the public went above and beyond to help the police capture her son’s killers so they can be brought to justice. As far as I’m concerned, throw the book at them. They are nothing but pieces of sub-human filth to do something so hateful, vicious and disgusting! Garbage, pure garbage is what they are. Lesandro didn’t deserve what happened to him nor does anyone else.


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Oh My Goodness… 

I am probably the only writer / blogger you know that uses the word foolishness so frequently when describing outrageous acts or behaviors. What I am about to post is nothing less than PLUM foolishness. Here I go… 

I was watching part of a 48 Hours Mystery marathon this weekend when I caught the tail end of one of the episodes. A woman involved in the case was openly justifying her actions for sleeping around on her job because it boosted her career and gave her financial stability. Nevermind the fact that it destroyed her family. Nevermind the fact that her husband is in jail for several counts of  attempted murder. She was too busy foaming at the mouth about the perks, money and gifts she received throughout the years from these different men at her job. Can someone say Delusions of Grandeur??? 

I have worked at jobs and have been at jobs where this type of behavior took place and let me tell you, no matter how hard they try to keep this type of foolishness a secret, it always comes out. Here are my top 5 reasons why no female or male should ever engage in such foolishness… 

1. It damages your reputation. 
2. It can destroy your life and your family. 
3. People will lose respect for you and will no longer take you seriously. 
4. It can lead to violence or worse when the other person or persons finds out. 
5. You can contract STDs and / or other diseases. 

Let me say this: I do not care what kind of gifts, money or perks someone may offer you, it does not justify such shameful behavior. At the end of the day, none of those things can buy back any of the things listed above. Only a weak-minded, naive and / or insecure person would participate and gloat about such foolishness. You have to have enough love and respect for yourself and for your family to not stoop that low. In all seriousness, you owe it to yourself and to those who care about you.

Until next time peeps…keep writing and blogging! Write what you feel and write what moves you because you never know who you may educate and / or inspire.