Kindle Book Awards

A few days ago I received some very exciting news.  I was notified that my debut novel Poka City Blues is a semi-finalist in the literary fiction category in the annual Kindle Book Review Awards. I poured a lot of emotions into this book because this is a story that is near and dear to my heart. There are a lot of true elements to this story and I wanted to make sure that when I tell this story I tell it right. I have always been passionate about writing and what I write about, so to be a semi-finalist in any book contest is gratifying to say the least. Why? Because it gives you confirmation that the story you wrote had enough merit to it to be considered for an award. Now, I have never won anything in my life, but to be considered for an award is an amazing feeling. Whether I win or lose, I can still and will walk away with my head held high because I wrote a story that was deemed good enough to be considered for an award.

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It is tough being a writer, but if you truly believe in what you do, what you write about and your talent as a writer, you will not allow anything to hold you back from pursing your dreams. I know I have a ways to go to prove myself as a writer, but as with anything in my life, I am up for the challenge. To all you writers out there, I hope all of your dreams and aspirations come true. Keep writing and do not ever stop!

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Underneath the Pecan Tree: Update

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted about my upcoming short story entitled Underneath the Pecan Tree. Since then I have been struggling to finish this story and let me tell you, it has been a challenge. I have had to deal with a sudden illness, demands from my job and a host of other things. To be completely honest, I thought I was never going to get back to my writing. Now that all of that is behind me for the moment, I am happy to report that things are starting to look up. I am getting closer and closer to completing this story and I could not be any happier. I am so excited about this short story and I cannot wait to share it with you. Underneath the Pecan Tree is one of those feel good type of stories that you would want to read while sitting under a nice shade tree and sipping on a tall glass of sweet iced tea. Underneath the Pecan Tree will take you on a journey down here in the South and to a place that is full of quaint sayings and Southern Hospitality. So go ahead, get your shade tree ready because this is a short story you will want to read. Coming August 2016.

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Writer’s Remorse

Have you ever done something you wish you never did? Said something you wish you never said? I know I have. We all have. We are human and we are imperfect. We are bound to make mistakes. That I tell you is inevitable. There are some things in life we just simply regret, and then there are certain things in life we bear no regrets. Two things I have never regretted are writing and my style of writing. I believe in telling it like it is so I do not sugar coat or tap around sensitive subject matter. I am a straight forward type of girl so beating around the bush is not my style. If I want to write about race, racism, prejudice or hate, then by golly I am going to write about it. Why would I not? It exists does it not? Do you see my point? Every story I write is either inspired by things that have happen in my life or those closest to me, specifically my intermediate family.

Life does not always end happily ever after. People do not always get what they deserve. The bad guy does not always get caught. Justice is sometimes never served. I have a long family history that is deeply rooted in pain, heartache and severe struggles. If you really want to know the truth, I write to help cope with the anger and pain. As a matter of fact, I wrote about some of our struggles in my debut novel Poka City Blues. Does that mean my books are strictly dark and depressing? Absolutely not. We may have a long history of struggling, but we have a longer history of overcoming and surviving. We are not victims of our trials, we are SURVIVORS.

So you see, I have no writer’s remorse when it comes to my writing because I know that someone somewhere has been through or going through some of the very same things I write about. The way I see it, I am giving hope to those who may feel like there is no hope and I am giving inspiration to those who desperately need it. So why should I feel remorseful about that?

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Spurned: A Short Story Debuts December 7th

In less than 24 hours Spurned, an emotional story about bullying, peer pressure and low self-esteem will be available to readers on Kindle and Nook. As I anticipate its release, I can’t help but to wonder how other people would feel about this gut-wrenching story. Would they be able to relate? And most importantly, would they feel motivated and inspired to not only speak out against bullying but to also help put a stop to bullying? Bullying is not just physical taunts; it can be emotional and mental as well. As an adult that was once bullied as a child, I can tell you that this story is very personal to me because I know firsthand how the effects of bullying can affect a person. It can impinge on one’s self-esteem, their sense of worth and unfortunately, as in some cases, it can damage a person so much so that it can lead to suicide. If you or someone you know has ever been bullied, I invite you to read and share this story with others. I want people to know that you can overcome bullying if you maintain an indomitable spirit and a heart of steel and gold. It is my hope that Spurned will ignite waves of inspiration and a sea of hope.

Available December 7th!

Upcoming Project-Tourette’s Syndrome

One of the best things about being a writer is that you are able to choose what you want to write about or talk about. As I am putting the final touches on my debut novel Poka City Blues, I am gearing up for my next exciting project. My next project is something that is very near and dear to my heart because it involves a disorder that one of my sisters has lived with and struggled with her whole life. What disorder am I referring to? Tourette’s Syndrome. Tourette’s Syndrome is a neurological disorder that is often misunderstood and made fun of. People who live with Tourette’s Syndrome have feelings and emotions just like the next person and I believe that if more awareness is made about this neurological disorder, the more understanding society will be as a whole when it comes to individuals living with Tourette’s Syndrome.