Moved to Tears 

It is amazing how some writers will go above and beyond to show their support for other writers. I know this is something that I do regularly because in general, I like to cheer people on. Especially if it is for the greater good. 

Today, I was personally touched when I saw the love and support from other fellow writers on Instagram. Just to see other people cheer me on touched my heart and it came pretty close to moving me to tears. I have always said that writing gives me the opportunity to express my feelings, my thoughts and my earnest desire to inspire others. Writing is not something that I take lightly nor is it something I take for granted. 

To all you readers, writers, bloggers and poets, please know that I am very thankful and grateful for your support. I love opening my emails and reading responses from you. Not only that, I enjoy reading the wonderful comments you sometimes leave on my blog posts. You may not realize it, but that truly means a lot to me as a writer. It is my hope that I can continue to be an inspiration to you and many more. May all your dreams and aspirations come true. 

Until next time… 


​It’s official folks! Poka City Blues is now properly copyrighted for sale in paperback! Can you believe it?! I never thought I would see this day seeing how I ran into so many hiccups and roadblocks along the way. Since I unwrapped this book this evening, I cannot stop smiling and looking at it. I am getting this warm fuzzy feeling inside and I do not want that feeling to ever end! 

After being hit with an illness last week, this is a pretty sweet way to start off my week. I am on cloud nine and I feel great! Soon, I will be offering readers a chance to purchase their own copy from yours truly until Poka City Blues makes it way to a store near you. Each copy I sell will contain a personal handwritten message from me along with a unique momemto. You know me, I have to do things differently or else it would not be worth doing. Stay tuned for a chance to win your own copy of Poka City Blues and how you can soon purchase your own copy here, on my blog. 

Time to do a little celebrating Bollywood style. This is worth celebrating because this has been a long time coming! 

Until next time… 

Writer Barriers 

It has been said that writing is one of the greatest gifts. If we really think about it, it is. Think of your favorite magazine, journal, television show or movie. Someone had to sit down and write it. It takes an amazing imagination and a passion for writing to develop articles, books, television shows and movies that captivate the minds and hearts of people. Are you not glad that someone took the time to pen your favorite book, magazine, television show or movie? I know I am. 

Sometimes writers are advised to pick and choose what they write about carefully. I experienced that myself when I embarked on my writing journey to land a literary agent. In so many words I was advised to “pretty up” Poka City Blues, but that was something I refused to do. Some of the most memorable books and movies of all time were once bucked against because the subject matter or material was deemed “too sensitive” for major audiences. For example, Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. 

In the end, every writer has a choice to write about what he or she deems as important or worthy to be written. That is the beautiful thing about writers. We all have our own niche and writing style. Regardless of what you choose to pen or write, just know that there  are readers out there who will appreciate and be inspired by what you have written. Write what suits you, but most importantly, write what moves you. When you write from the heart, you can rest assured that your material is coming from the right place. 

Until next time… 

Strong, Brave and Gritty 

Yes, those words describe my next literary work perfectly. I’m about to embark on writing my second novel and I can’t wait to start on it. Once again I’m drawing inspiration from within my own family to craft another unconventional and inspiring story. 

It took several months for my next novel idea to take shape, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. I don’t like to force an idea for writing, I’d much rather it come to me on its own. If you ask me, it’s much better that way. Once I decide on my next novel’s title, I’m going to post it here. My titles, like with anything I write, has to be different. Any other way just wouldn’t be right or acceptable to me. 

I’m also brainstorming different book covers as well. It’s very important to me that my book covers reflect what my stories are about. To me, that just makes sense. I anticipate my second novel’s release mid January or February of 2018. Are you ready? I know I am. This is going to be fun!! Stay tuned for updates, giveaways and teasers. 

Until next time… 


You see that date? That is the date of my FIRST author meet and greet!! After a copyright fiasco and a formatting issue, I am finally able to start scheduling author meet and greets. This has been a long time coming. I have heard many times that the hardest thing for an independent writer is getting your paperback book copyrighted, properly formatted and developing a loyal fan base. Now that I have the first two just about finished, I can focus more on the third one. 

My blog is slowly but surely attracting more readers who appreciate my no holds barred writing style and my candid approach on sensitive subject matter. For a while, it was just me and only me. That is no joke. I could not get a subscriber or follower to save my life in the beginning. Thankfully, that is no longer the case for BookingAnita. Anytime I receive a notification that someone has followed or subscribed to my blog, I get a little emotional on the inside. It is one of the best feelings in the world to me and it is a feeling that will never, ever get old. 

Columbus, Georgia I am on my way in a few weeks! I will be posting the location soon. If you happen to be in that area, I would love for you to stop by. If you hear loud boisterous laughter echoing in the air, then you know you are at the right place. Come join the crowd. You will not be disappointed in what this shameless quirky writer has to offer. What is better than a quirky writer? A quirky writer with an intense sense of humor. I am a firm believer that laughter is good for the soul. 

I will be posting pictures on my blog of all my author meet and greets as well as the locations. What I am looking forward to the most is taking selfies and exchanging hugs with readers. Man, just the thought of it warms my soul. 

Until next time… 

Today Is A Good Day! 

​Ahhhhhhh Shucky Ducky now!!! I am smiling from ear to ear. Why? Because I am getting closer and closer to my writing dreams. I had to wait almost two years for things to finally start lining up and I could not be more happier. Independent writers have to work twice as hard to prove they have what it takes to be a good writer. It is easy to feel the need to spend a whole lot of money to get yourself out there because you want to show the world what you got. Trust me I know the feeling, but sometimes you have to just wait and be patient. As hard as that may sound, it is the truth. 

I can remember wanting to spend a whole lot of money on marketing and book promotions, but I had to restrain myself because I knew that could possibly hurt me in the end. I have read heart breaking stories from published and self published authors who spent thousands and thousands of dollars on promoting and marketing their book with little to no results. I personally find that hurtful because I want everyone to be able to accomplish their goals and their dreams. 

Truth be told, I have spent less than three hundred dollars on marketing and promotions because I wanted to see how well Poka City Blues would do in book contests and competitions. The responses and critiques have been very positive which is why I am working so hard to make this ebook readily available in paperback. 

At the present moment, I have yet to spend anywhere near a thousand dollars. Every move I make is well thought out and planned. It may seem like I am at a standstill, but I am not. It is all about playing your cards right, being patient and never losing hope that what you have is  something wonderful to offer. 

I have other stories that I plan to get out there, but I am taking things one at a time. You may be thinking that two years is a long time to be holding out hope when it comes to my writing, but you are going to soon see that it was worth it! For all you struggling writers out there, do not become discouraged. Keep that head up and never stop writing!! 

I usually do not post silly selfies, but since I am in such a good mood, I am going to post one tonight! 

Alright, that is enough. Time to get back serious. 

Until next time… 

Can You Relate? 

​Alright, what I am about to post may sound silly, but I am soooooo serious. Don’t you dare judge me! Lol…

You see, when I write, I have to write with a  Sharpie ultra fine tip marker. Not just any old pen will do. I have to write with a Sharpie ultra fine tip marker because it makes my writing go so much smoother. Not to mention that when I’m writing in a hurry, it makes my handwriting look great! I started writing with these markers back in high school and I loved how smooth my writing went when I wrote with it. I know it’s a marker, but to me, it’s an incredible pen! They may call it marker, you may even call it a marker, but in my mind it’s a pen. 

The other day I was intending to pick up a pack of these Sharpies when I noticed there was only one pack left at a store. Imagine the excitement I felt once I laid my eyes on them. Imagine my disappointment when someone else came along and picked them up before I could get to it! Talk about a BIG let down. All I could do was stand there and watch because they beat me to it fair and square. 

It was a good thing I was able to find another store that sold them or else I would have really been upset. There is a running joke about not messing with writers and their coffee. Forget the coffee. You better not mess with my pen (marker)!!! 


Until next time…