Good Evening Good People! I hope that everyone is doing well on this Sunday. The weather has been so crazy lately and I hope that each of you are safe.

I came across a song yesterday that gave me a much needed boost so you know I had to share it with you. I needed something to motivate me to write and this was the song to do it.

This song took this blogger and writer back and I mean wayyyyyyyyy back. Back to a time when me, my sisters and brother were cleaning our house one Saturday morning while our Mama played her funk records blasting in the background.

When this particular song came on, we didn’t just clean, we boogied like we never boogied before. Our Mama’s hips were swinging while she was sweeping up the floor. Me and my two older sisters hips were bouncing as we vacuumed and dusted around the house. As for our baby brother, he was too busy busting a move.

Funny how music can change a person’s mood.

The song that had me in my feelings was Shine by The Bar Kays. I remember watching Larry Dodson get down when he delivered his vocals on a Soul Train rerun. And I can’t forget the handsome Lloyd Smith. He’s the guitarist with the long luxurious hair playing behind Larry. He sticks out like a thumb so he’s hard to miss.

Click here to see for yourself and while you are at it, don’t forget to Shine folks! Did you see what I did there? Of course you did and you smiled.

Until next time…


Mavis Staples that is. Since I’m taking a brief break from writing, I wanted to blog about a documentary I recently saw on Mavis Staples. For those of you who may not know, Mavis was the lead singer of the famous singing group, The Staples Singers, which consisted of Roebuck “Pops” Staples and his daughters.

Mavis had a voice that was unmatched and it was her strong and gritty voice that made The Staples Singers so popular. I could remember watching them on Soul Train with Don Cornelius and how can I forget waking up on Saturday mornings listening to them as my parents played them on their 8-track record player? We had one that looked similar to this one…

Touch a Hand, Make a Friend, Let’s Do It Again and Respect Yourself were often played in our house which is how I became familiar with The Staples Singers. From the start, like so many other people, I was drawn to Mavis’s voice as she delivered her lyrics. If you want to see what I’m talking about, click here and wait for the 3:25 mark. Mavis’s voice without a doubt demands attention and she gets it from millions of listeners all around the world.

I was shocked to learn that singer, songwriter, author and painter Bob Dylan proposed to Mavis, but she turned him down which hurt him deeply. He has admitted that his past relationships didn’t work out because he always wanted to be with Mavis.

Mavis herself has admitted that she wonders how their life would have been had she married him. Despite their past history together, they are still good friends which you can read more about it here on The Rolling Stone website.

Until next time, click here to hear my favorite song by The Staples Singers.

Novel Debut

Poka City Blues is set to make its debut in just a few days. It has been a long time coming, but I am extremely excited to be able to offer this e-book online. There is a strong possibility that Poka City Blues will cause a stir, but I am absolutely fine with that notion. Poka City Blues is a fictional story that is inspired by true life events, with that being said, I had no intentions of watering down my work. Poka City Blues was born from the blood, sweat and tears of my family so the emotional triumphs of this story runs very deep.

Debut Novel Poka City Blues
Debut Novel Poka City Blues Coming Soon!

Why do I write?

I have been asked the question above quite a few times since I began writing my first novel and it may be a question you yourself might be interested in knowing. Every author has their own reason or reasons as to why they write. I write because I enjoy telling dramatic stories, but more than that I write because I like to challenge perspectives and views. Never one to tip toe around certain subjects, I enjoy writing stories that will spark a discussion or open up a cordial debate. What is the point of writing a book if no one is going to sit around and talk about it?