Summer 2019 It Is!

Since The Chronicles of Neffie was published this past February of 2018, I’ve received many direct messages from Kindle and iBook readers inquiring when the second novel series will be available. I had initially planned on releasing it the late Fall of 2019, but I have now changed it to the Summer of 2019.

Why? Because I’ve received a number of messages from readers expressing that’s too long of a wait. The sales have been really good since it’s release and that’s the least I can do to show my appreciation.

Some readers didn’t like The Chronicles of Neffie and I can respect that, but an overwhelming majority loved it! The only thing I wish, as I’ve expressed before, is that most of you who send me direct messages, would also leave a review too. I love it when I see a large amount of downloads, but what I would love even more is also a large amount of reviews too.

I got my work cut out for me and I’m going to have to get started on the second novel series soon. Because of your support, word of mouth and a few other things, you’ve allowed this indie writer to be able to be a part of some exciting opportunities for the year 2019.

Since so many of you want to see what happens to Neffie next, you’ll be able to find out August 2019. I owe it to you for being such awesome loyal readers and supporters.

Wait until I share the title of the second novel series and the book cover. You are going to like it! 👌🏾

Until next time…

At Ease

In two weeks, copies of my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie will be sent to a few libraries. I am so glad my ratings on Goodreads are still looking good and that Midwest Book Review gave it a good review! The libraries are excited to have Neffie and I am excited for them to have her too!

Wow, my book is going to be in a few libraries in two weeks. Unreal, but even with that being said, I want it to be in even more! I think I can pull it off if I keep trying. My heart is telling me I can. To all my fellow writers, where is your writing journey leading you? My journey has been a little bumpy and at times a bit turbulent, but it’s starting to smooth out now. Finally…

Until next time…

Book Contest!

Good Evening Readers, Bibliophiles and Book Reviewers! I sincerely hope that you had a fantastic weekend. As promised, I am going to give five people a chance to win a signed copy of my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie. It will be publicized next month in Midwest Book Review’s February publication (among a few other honorable mentions that are in the works) and I wanted to share some of my excitement by giving away five free copies!

How to Enter:

Send me an email at with Neffie as the subject and tell me what you like the most about historical fiction novels. Seeing how The Chronicles of Neffie is a historical fiction novel based on my Great, Great Grandmother’s life as a slave, this first novel series is not for the thinned-skinned or faint of heart. Please only email me if you are able to handle a story about slavery, are serious about reading this novel and you are willing post your honest review.

I will accept entries up until Thursday at 8pm CST. I will email the winners Saturday morning and will ship out their signed copies on Monday. Alright, let’s do this!

All the best to everyone!

A.L. Gibson

Neffie Is Doing It!!! 

Heya! Heya! How is everyone doing today? I hope that everyone is doing well. I am ecstatic this evening because I got back one of the three big pending literary reviews for my first upcoming novel series The Chronicles of Neffie. How well did I do? See for yourself. If you are a writer, you know a review from Readers’ Favorite is a big deal. Just ask Jim Carrey! He knows! 

When that email notification came through earlier today, my heart began to race. I was a little worried that a novel I wrote and edited in a short period of time (a little over three months) may not do so well. Still, I told myself to remain hopeful and positive. I cannot believe I finally scored my FIRST five star literary review! It felt so good to call and tell my parents, friends and other family members about this. Not only that, to share the revealing of my book cover! Guess what? The reviewers are loving the book cover too! Please believe this five star review seal will be going on the front cover. 

I have two more big reviews pending. How cool would it be for lil ole me to get all 5-star reviews?! I will just have to wait and see on that. I said it before and I will say it again, YOU are your greatest asset. Never, ever doubt yourself! 

Until next time.. 

I Didn’t Win But… 

​Losing is not a very good feeling. For some, it can be downright depressing. I for one do not like to lose, but there are sometimes in life when I do. A few months ago, my debut novel Poka City Blues was entered into the Writer’s Digest Ebook Awards. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Writer’s Digest, winning an award or receiving any type of accolades from them is a BIG deal. Writer’s Digest is almost like the Wall Street Journal of the literary world and it is a place that can seem daunting to an unknown author like myself. It is a good thing I am not intimidated easily.  

When my book was entered back in November, I knew I had a small chance of winning. A small part of me had hoped that I would win, but that was not the case here. Poka City Blues has come close to winning quite a few awards, but it has yet to snag one. When I received the email from Writer’s Digest informing me that I did not win, I will admit that I was a little bummed out at first. For a moment I started to question if I had what it takes to be a writer. However all that changed once I read their review. 

Just like any other book contest, everything is scaled. The higher the score the better. I had assumed that my scores must have been pretty low for me not to win. Oh how wrong was I! Seeing how I had to edit and format my book on my own (because I could not afford to pay a professional to do it), reading their review removed any doubt I had regarding my writing abilities.

Never in my life have I been so happy after losing! After reading a review such as that above, and that is just a small part of it, I have no doubt that Poka City Blues has a lot of merit. In the next coming weeks, I have an exciting announcement to make, but you will have to stay tuned to find out. Are you ready to order your own paperback copy? In a few more weeks you can. I recently encountered yet another setback, but I always find a way to get around them. Setbacks only motivate me to push harder. I was raised to smile in the face of obstacles. 

Until next time…