Don’t Make Me Snap! 

Look what you did! You made me “snap” on snap chat! Lmbo! 

Ha! How’s that for a blog post?!? I threw you off didn’t I? Gone on and admit it! You thought I was about to “act a fool.” Never that. On a serious note, I’m so tired of mosquitoes biting me on my face. Ugh, me and my oldest sister always get bitten on our faces whenever we’re out looking for honeysuckles in the woods LOL. It ain’t right I tell you. Toddles my rambunctious Noodles. I kid, I kid. Have a Fan-tabulous night everyone and be safe! 

Until next time… 

Don’t Worry About It

I read an article not too long ago about a woman who worries herself sick about people liking her. She wants to be everybody’s friend and stresses out when someone doesn’t like her. There were a few times where she was unable to sleep or eat because she found out that some of her co-workers didn’t like her. As I continued to read this article, a part of me really felt sorry for her because you could tell how much it bothered her.

Here’s the cold hard truth: Everybody’s not going to like you. That is an undeniable fact and there is nothing she nor we can do about it. Worrying yourself sick over another person or a group of people who don’t like you is damaging and a waste of your time. It can affect your overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. While you are up losing sleep worrying about someone not liking you, they are in their bed sound asleep and not even thinking about you. 

I can’t relate to what this lady was feeling because I don’t worry and stress over things like that. However, I do sympathize with her because that’s a personality trait that she has and is struggling with. I do hope that one day she can move past all that and just love and appreciate the person she is regardless if someone doesn’t like her. 

At the end of the day, all we can do is try to live our life honest and right while treating others well. If someone doesn’t like you and you haven’t done anything to them to make them dislike you, that’s on them. Don’t lose any sleep over that and most definitely don’t allow that to rob you of your happiness and well-being. There are more important things in life other than worrying about if someone likes you or not. Besides, I’m quite sure you’re awesome just the way you are! But of course, you didn’t need me to tell you that now did you?

Until next time…


A few weeks ago, I saw a documentary on Black women and natural hair. As I watched this particular documentary unfold, there was one part of me that felt proud, but then there was the other part of me that felt a little disturbed. I was happy to see more Black women embracing their own natural hair, but I was bothered by the sheer number of Black women who referred to Black natural hair as ugly and “nappy.” 

Here is the deal, regardless of your hair type or texture, if you do not take care of it your hair will get “nappy” or shall I say tangled. Often times the word “nappy” is referred to Black or African textured hair when in fact, “nappy” hair can occur in all races and ethnic groups. I could not help but to shake my head as I saw some Black women refer to their own natural hair or Black women with natural hair as ugly. It was bad enough that they called it “nappy.” SMH… 

There was one group of Black women who proudly stated they would “rock a weave” before they would rock their own natural hair. Oh. My. Goodness. I do not believe they realized just how absurb they sounded when they made such a statement. So you mean to tell me that you would spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to wear synthetic hair or someone else’s hair before you would wear your own?! Please go sit down and face the wall. Right now! Do not come out until I tell you to. Maybe next time you will learn not to say such a self-hating thing. 

I for one have natural hair as I discussed previously on my blog, and I love every multi texture that is scattered across my head. If you choose to wear your hair relaxed or natural, the choice is yours. I am quite sure you are beautiful either way. Just love your hair, take care of it and nurture it because your hair is a beautiful extension of you. Black or African textured is not ugly or “nappy.” It is different, but it is far from being ugly or “nappy.” 

Until next time…