My Heart and My Soul

Good Evening, Happy Evening to you all! I hope to find that each of you are doing well. To my fellow writers, I hope that you have been busy writing that amazing story of yours. To my fellow poets, I hope that you have been busy writing your amazing collection of poems. The world needs … Continue reading My Heart and My Soul

Binta’s Theme 

One of my friends sent me a YouTube link to listen to a soundtrack entitled Binta's Theme. She thought I would like it because it contains African drums, violins and the singing of young African children. I was a little hesitant to hear it at first because I didn't know what to expect, but in … Continue reading Binta’s Theme 

Positive Vibes Only 

Ugh, I really don't like Mondays. As a matter of fact, I can't stand Mondays. I'm already not a morning person and considering how Monday is not my favorite day of the week, I'm a little annoyed. Even with that being said, I'm grateful to be able to see another day. That in itself is … Continue reading Positive Vibes Only 

I Can Relate 

I read an interesting article regarding the rise of fraud and identity theft. This is something that unfortunately is affecting millions of people each and every day. I can relate. I've had multiple accounts opened in my name and bills that came out of the wood works sent to me that I knew nothing about. … Continue reading I Can Relate 


Hello everybody and good evening to you all! I wanted to break away from my writing briefly to post a BIG thank you to all my 2.9K subscribers and followers. I received a ping notification and I couldn't believe it. I seriously wish that I could hug each and every one of you because I … Continue reading 2.9K! 

Not Giving Up 

Yesterday was a nerve-wracking day for me. Why? Well, because I had to wait on pins and needles to hear if a new type of chemo and radiation treatment will work for my father. Never one to lose hope, I was in awe to see just how upbeat and positive my father was. Not only … Continue reading Not Giving Up