Never Gave It a Thought

I was reading a post by a fellow blogger who discussed how she's very careful about the things she posts. Why? Because she doesn't want her employer or colleagues to see or read the things she posts. As I was reading her blog post, it hit me that I never gave any thought as to … Continue reading Never Gave It a Thought

The Dangers of Being Black

We live in a world where so many people are offended by the presence of Black people. If they aren't scoffing the N-word at us, they are threatening us with bodily harm, causing bodily harm, lying on us to the police or worse. The hundreds of videos uploaded daily don't lie. That's why so many … Continue reading The Dangers of Being Black

The Color of Friendship

I was sitting in the doctor's office waiting to be called when an elderly White lady and her daughter walked in. I could tell that this elderly woman had Alzheimers because of how she talked and behaved. When they took their seats, I noticed that the mother kept staring at me. Her daughter was trying … Continue reading The Color of Friendship

No Excuse! – Words of Wisdom

I came across a disturbing Instagram post where a man literally head stomped a man during a fight. This triggered me because I used to fight in such a disturbing manner. To see it made me even more ashamed of how I fought in the past. Yes, I became ashamed at myself all over again. … Continue reading No Excuse! – Words of Wisdom

Why Should It Matter?

A few days ago Geoffrey Owens, known for playing Elvin on The Cosby Show, was spotted working at Trader Joe's. Yes, you read right, he works at Trader Joe's. My question is: Why should that even matter? The man is trying to make a living for his family so what's wrong with that? SMH at … Continue reading Why Should It Matter?

Mass Shooting in Jacksonville, Florida

Every time you turn on the TV there is a shooting. Yesterday, there was a mass shooting that took place in Jacksonville, Florida where three people lost their life, including the suspect. How can one be so heartless to just open fire on a group of innocent people just because you are upset. I watched … Continue reading Mass Shooting in Jacksonville, Florida

Car Wash

I just recently watched a documentary on the African American cult comedy Car Wash and it was both interesting and hilarious. Released in 1976 (way before I was born) and directed by African American director Michael Schultz, Car Wash was full of interesting characters and heavy hitters like Richard Pryor and Antonio Fargas. I have … Continue reading Car Wash