The N-Word 

You know what word I am referring to. It is an ugly, derogatory word that has nothing positive associated with it. What bothers me the most about this word is how it has been embraced by so many within the Black community. Some feel that dropping the last two letters and adding an -A- at the end makes it acceptable to use within the Black community. Rubbish! Bologna!! Outrageous!!! Ridiculous!!!! 

That right there is some warped and twisted thinking if you ask me and it does not make an ounce of sense. I am blown away by the sheer number of Black people who refer to one another as the N-Word minus the last two letters replaced with the letter – A-. For years Black people have been trying to distance themselves from this repulsive word and it bothers me deeply that so many Black people do not mind using it. How sad. 

If the Black people who lived back then saw how some Black people refer to themselves and each other as the N-Word, it would probably break their hearts. There are many  within the Black community who share a similar disdain for the use of that word by (some)  Black people and I cannot understand why a Black person would feel so comfortable using such a word. 

You would never catch me using that word in any form or fashion. Why??? Because I do not like to look ignorant and foolish. Ignorance is NOT bliss. 

Until next time… 

An Ode to Natural Hair

I had a sweet eight year old girl tell me how much she hated her own hair. She said her hair was ugly and that she wished she had someone else’s hair. That conversation is still on my mind which is why I have decided to blog about it today.  The dislike of one’s own hair is echoed a lot in the Black community and it broke my heart to know that this little girl could not see the beauty in her own hair. To be completely honest, when I was her age, I felt the exact same way. There was a time when I thought my hair was a nuisance and a bother because I have so much of it. Even now it takes me hours just to wash, detangle and style my hair. Wash day for me is something serious, but enough about me. Getting back to that eight year old girl, I wanted to dedicate a post specifically aimed at little Black girls since so many find fault, error or shame with their hair.


No Shame!

 This is not a post bashing anyone who chooses to relax or alter their hair in any shape, form or fashion. What you do is your business. This post is meant for all the little Black girls who feel disgruntled about the hair they were born with. First and foremost, your hair is an extension of you. Second, the hair you were born with is just as unique as you. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, kinky, curly, or if you are like me, you have a combination of all, your hair is one of a kind. Third, your hair, just like you is priceless and it is a thing of beauty. No other hair on earth is as versatile as Black hair and that is a proven fact. So you see, what you have growing on your head is something to be proud of because Black hair in itself is a phenomenon! You may not be able to see it now, but your hair is a crown of glory and it is a thing to behold.  Take care of it, cherish it and as you get older, you will see just how wonderful your hair is.

Ode to Natural Hair WP