Ugh, this pollen has me feeling some type of way. It’s wreaking havoc on my asthma and allergies. What can a woman do to get some relief from this pollen? My eye balls itch, my skin itches, my head itches and I’m tired of sneezing and wheezing. I can hardly sleep! Where’s the rain at y’all?

Until next time, I’ll be wishing for some rain so it can wash some of this pollen away. Geezus!

Sneezing and a Wheezing 

Having asthma sucks. You wanna know what sucks even more? Having asthma and bad allergies. Since the start of Spring, I’ve been battling itchy skin, watery eyes, pink eyes and frequent sneezing. Some days I dread walking outside because I know my allergies and asthma are going to be triggered. 

First comes the itchy skin, next comes a barrage of sneezing only to be followed by intense eye itching. I know that scratching my skin and eyes will only make things worse, but I have to do it. No, I must do it. Otherwise, I would probably lose my mind. 

Seeing how I’m about to hit the road again in another month to meet more readers, I know that I’ve got to get myself straight ASAP! This writer has a job to do and I won’t let these allergies nor my asthma stop me. When you see me coming and my eyes are slightly red, don’t worry. It’s just my allergies. Some people think I’ve been crying, but that’s not the case. It’s just me trying not to dig my eyes out. 

If I could, I would pop my eyes out and “scratch the stew out ’em” before popping them back in my head LOL! Ah, too bad I can’t do it. It’s just not meant to be. How unfortunate! LMBO! 

Until next time…