My Heart Smiled

I've been meaning to share this beautiful post I came across on Instagram last week of African children singing. When I heard them sing, I felt my heart smile. The harmony was beautiful as they sung from their soul and heart. I wish the clip was longer because I could listen to them sing all … Continue reading My Heart Smiled

My African Parts

Soooooooo, I have my ancestry results back from MyHeritage and I must say that I am surprised. I am a little leary of my results because MyHeritage stated that my testing took a little longer due to some possible "errors." Nevertheless, I am going to believe my African ancestry estimate for the simple fact that … Continue reading My African Parts

Binta’s Theme 

One of my friends sent me a YouTube link to listen to a soundtrack entitled Binta's Theme. She thought I would like it because it contains African drums, violins and the singing of young African children. I was a little hesitant to hear it at first because I didn't know what to expect, but in … Continue reading Binta’s Theme 

Queen Teddy 

How's it going good people! I hope that all is well. I wanted to introduce you to a lady that is making waves on Instagram due to her vibrant personality and dance moves. Her name is Queen Teddy and she is a ray of sunshine! If you have ever come across her page or seen … Continue reading Queen Teddy