Questions For Readers

With only a few days left, Poka City Blues is set to make its debut, and I cannot express to you how happy and excited I am about my first novel. I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this novel, and although it is a work of fiction, Poka City Blues is very near and dear to my heart. As I have mentioned several times before, Poka City Blues is inspired by true life events, so this book is not just a complete fabrication of my imagination; there is some truth to this story.
Before Poka City Blues is set to release I would like to pose the following questions:
1) What would you do if you were faced with the threat of poverty each and every day?
2) How would you handle being raped by a close family member you once loved and trusted?
3) How would you handle being abused and mistreated by a trusted friend of the family?
4) What would you do if you had to make a choice between being there for your children or saving the husband that you love?
These are just a few of the things Sedelia, the main character of my book faces while growing up and living in Poka City, but despite all those odds she prevails in the face of such trials. Poka City Blues is about triumphing over tragedies and overcoming such troublesome odds.

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

Character Inspiration for Poka City Blues

Once readers begin to read Poka City Blues, they are going to be hit with a β€œtell it like it is” main character who holds nothing back when it comes to recounting her life in Poka City. Her name (which I will not release just yet) sounds sweet, but her upbringing was far from it. The book’s main character gives readers the raw truth since that is the only way she knows how to tell the truth. Never one to water anything down, she calls things how she sees it and she is sassy as all get out.

The biggest inspiration for the main character in Poka City Blues came from my sweet, but no holds barred mother. She is quick to say what is on her mind and she makes no apologies for being the person that she is. I have to admit though that there are small bits that I took from myself as well when it came to creating the main character of my book. She will make you laugh, she may even make you cry, but if there is one thing she will definitely do, she will keep you entertained. Stay tuned, because Poka City Blues is coming very soon!


Poka City Blues: What To Expect

Poka City Blues touches on quite a few subject matters including, but not limited to:

  • Poverty
  • Racism
  • Abuse
  • Rape

Poka City Blues is a family saga centered around the book’s main female character (who I will not name in my post just yet). It is a dark tale from the Deep South detailing some of the things she herself and her family have encountered and experienced while living in Poka City. There are things mentioned in Poka City Blues that will make some readers cringe, but there are also quite a few interesting bits that will also have readers laughing until it hurts. Then of course, there are quite a few other bits that will also make readers cry. Poka City Blues will tap on almost every emotion, but it is a story that will leave a lasting impression on readers minds long after they have read it.

Debut Novel Poka City Blues Coming Soon!

In just a few days, Poka City Blues will make it’s mark so stay tuned! You will not be disappointed.

~A.L. Gibson

What do I hope to accomplish with my debut novel Poka City Blues?

I must admit, as a debut novelist, I have a lot of hope and expectation for my novel Poka City Blues. This novel is very near and dear to me because of the strong connection I have with it. Even though it is a work of fiction, there are quite a few things in Poka City Blues that are very true. Some experiences I have taken from my own life, others I have taken from those closest to me. Poka City Blues is about making it through unimaginable adversities and being able to still smile in the end. We have all at some point in our lives experienced trials that at the time may have seem hard to get through, but with strength and determination we are able to look back and see just hard far we made it despite some of the adversities we have been through. What I hope for the most is not to gain fame, but a sense of satisfaction in knowing that my novel was able to help inspire those who have also experienced poverty, rape and or abuse.

Debut Novel Poka City Blues Coming Soon!
Poka City Blues Coming Soon!

What prompted me to write Poka City Blues?

I decided to write Poka City Blues for several reasons

1) I wanted to write a story that was unlike any other story that has ever been written or read. There are some things written in Poka City Blues that are so upfront and direct, it may cause some readers to be taken aback. It was not my intention to write a cookie cutter story. These are things that have taken place in my life and that of my family so I want my readers to not only imagine but to also feel some of the same things we as a family once felt.

2) Since this is a fictional story inspired by true life events, I wanted to inspire those who have also experienced rape, extreme poverty or abuse. Out of those three, I cannot say which one is the worst but what I can say is that each one of those unfortunate circumstances takes a part of you emotionally, mentally and physically.

3) It was a challenge. I have always enjoyed writing, but I never thought I had the talent to write a whole story. Here it is, almost seven months later and in just a few days I will be introducing the world to Poka City Blues.

4) I wanted to write something that would leave readers thinking about what they read long after they read it. If you are still discussing Poka City Blues days after you have read it, then I have done my job.

Upcoming Project-Tourette’s Syndrome

One of the best things about being a writer is that you are able to choose what you want to write about or talk about. As I am putting the final touches on my debut novel Poka City Blues, I am gearing up for my next exciting project. My next project is something that is very near and dear to my heart because it involves a disorder that one of my sisters has lived with and struggled with her whole life. What disorder am I referring to? Tourette’s Syndrome. Tourette’s Syndrome is a neurological disorder that is often misunderstood and made fun of. People who live with Tourette’s Syndrome have feelings and emotions just like the next person and I believe that if more awareness is made about this neurological disorder, the more understanding society will be as a whole when it comes to individuals living with Tourette’s Syndrome.


Novel Debut

Poka City Blues is set to make its debut in just a few days. It has been a long time coming, but I am extremely excited to be able to offer this e-book online. There is a strong possibility that Poka City Blues will cause a stir, but I am absolutely fine with that notion. Poka City Blues is a fictional story that is inspired by true life events, with that being said, I had no intentions of watering down my work. Poka City Blues was born from the blood, sweat and tears of my family so the emotional triumphs of this story runs very deep.

Debut Novel Poka City Blues
Debut Novel Poka City Blues Coming Soon!