Spurned: A Short Story

I have been working on something special since my debut novel Poka City Blues was published six months ago and now I am willing and ready to share it with the world. Are you ready? Here it goes: I have been painstakingly working on a short story inspired by my life and I am happy to say that I am almost finished! Seriously though, I thought I was never going to finish with everything I had going on, but needless to say, I stuck with it and now I am almost through.  For the readers who appreciated the sass and brazen honesty I delivered in Poka City Blues, you are really going to like this short story. I hold nothing back because I believe in telling it like it is afterall, that is the only way I know how. Just like Poka City Blues, you will laugh and in some parts of the story you may cry, but despite all of that, it is a short story that I am sure you will enjoy reading. For the readers who haven’t read Poka City Blues, log on to Amazon or Barnes and Noble Nook and check it out. See what other readers have been calling “an original take on fiction”; don’t just take my word for it. Until then, happy reading and for you writers out there, happy writing.

Confessions From A Starving Writer

It has been a while since my last blog post, but let me say this, it was not on purpose. I know that I don’t post on a daily basis, but the fact is, I work full-time and on some days overtime (hammercy)! Not as a writer (although that is my H.O.P.E. one day) but as a healthcare professional.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job because I enjoy helping people, but I have to be honest and say that writing gives my world a whole new meaning. Every since I published my debut novel Poka City Blues, all I can think about is writing my next story. Believe it or not, I have quite a few of them running around in this ole noggin’ of mine, my biggest issue however is finding the time to put them all down on paper. I’m currently finishing up a short story that I have been working on and I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on it. I’m so close to being done that I can not only see it, but I can also taste it!


One thing I have learned through my journey of writing is not to rush or overdo things. Let’s face it, sometimes we can’t do everything that we want to do at the time (or times) that we want to do it, and that my friend is okay. I used to beat myself up about it, but now I don’t. If I get to it, then I’ll get to it, if I don’t then I don’t. There is a saying that “good things come to those that wait” and in my particular case, that is true. My stories are much richer when I take my time and allow my stories to come to me, rather than me forcing them to come.  My Mama used to say that rushing is for fools–Now I have been called quite a few things, but a fool was never one of them. We as writers have our hands full when it comes to penning intriguing stories. There is the brainstorming and let us not forget –> the editing, but what is the point of writing if you aren’t have fun doing it?

What Is In A Review?

What is in a review? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some will say a review can make or break you. Others will say it really does not matter. I say that it is a little bit of both. Nevertheless, reviews in the end do hold a lot of weight. I never gave that much thought into what goes into a review or how important a review is until I self-published my debut novel Poka City Blues. I have to admit that at first, I was a little weary about how other readers would identify with my book because there were dozens upon dozens of articles about how important it is for a writer / author to have nothing but great reviews. Getting a bad review was like one of the worst things in the world according to a few of those articles and sure enough, I soon started to dread about getting my first “bad” or negative review. That is, until I came to my senses.

Good Review? Bad Review?
Good Review? Bad Review?

I had to convince myself that getting a bad review is not the end of the world. After all, we as a people are different when it comes to our likes and dislikes. What one person may like, the next person may despise, but hey, that is okay. Some of the greatest movies of all time had less than stellar reviews and some of the best books ever written were met with harsh criticism. Besides, a review can be perceived in many different ways depending on how you look at it. There is not one movie ever scripted or one book ever written that has nothing but good reviews. Somewhere amongst those reviews there is one person (or several persons) who did not like it or particularly cared for it. Now, I worry less about getting bad reviews and focus more on writing. Poka City Blues has only been in the book market for four months and I know that soon enough I will get my first “bad” review. When that day comes, I will accept it with grace and move on. In the end, a review is like an opinion; everybody has one. I see no problem in respecting that.

My Plan To Become A Successful Writer? To Be Fearless!


It goes without saying that if you want something really bad you have to go out there and get it. Easier said than done, right? Well, I suppose in some cases. As a writer, I love pushing boundaries when it comes to the books I write because I feel that no story or subject should be off limits. I believe that when a writer tells a story, it should be raw, emotional and vivid. Why? Because there has to be some sort of emotional connection between the reader and the story to really draw them in. I want the reader to feel what the characters in my book are feeling and I want them to be able to visualize and see what each and every character is going through. They may laugh, they may cry, they may get upset, heck, they may even cringe, but that to me is what good storytelling should be. You want a story to be on the mind of a reader long after they read it and you do not want them to stop talking about it, at least that is what I want. My “method” of storytelling may be unconventional to say the least, but I would not want it any other way. Readers who have read my debut novel Poka City Blues have responded quite well to it and I cannot wait to publish my next story or novel. I recently published Poka City Blues on Barnes and Noble Nook and I am looking forward to seeing what Nook readers have to say about my book.

Available on Amazon!
Available on Amazon!
Now Available On Barnes And Noble Nook!
Now Available On Barnes And Noble Nook!

I Write What I Wanna Write. Do You?

You can’t say that. You can’t write that. Oh, really? Guess what? I did. I do not like constraints and I have never liked for anyone to tell me that I cannot do something or that I am not good enough to do something. If you really want to light my fire or get me going, say one or both of those things to me. I’ll be sure to add you to my “prove you wrong” list. I have never been short when it comes to words and when it comes to my writing, I leave no words to spare. When I write a story that is passionate, near and dear to my heart, I write with everything I have inside of me. I do not wonder whether or not my writing fits into an “acceptable box” because I live and think outside of the box. I will be the first to say and admit that I am an unconventional writer, but it is working out just fine for me. I am slowly but surely reaching readers who appreciate my brutal honesty and my fearless passion for writing. I am a firm believer that with patience comes greatness and I have no qualms when it comes to waiting for mine. So go on, write you feel and don’t let anything hold you back. Not everyone is going to like you as a person and not everyone is going to particular care for your “form” of writing, but why worry yourself over that. You can’t please everybody. With that being said, Write On!!!


My Unorthodox Approach As A Writer

Last year I embarked on something special, something out of the ordinary, something a bit odd. It was a journey that sent me from here, there and everywhere, but I welcomed it all with open arms. I had no idea where this journey would take me nor did I expect to like it so much. To be quite honest, it all took me by surprise and believe it or not, I loved every second of it. What journey am I referring to? The marvelous journey of writing. You see, I have always enjoyed telling stories, but I never envisioned myself ever writing one. Telling a story is one thing, sitting down and writing one was another. I could sit up and tell a good story all day long, but writing one? Heck No! At least, that is what I thought. For years I saw writing as something that was completely B.O.R.I.N.G. and just plain dull because it seemed so mundane to sit around and pen a story when I could just open my mouth and tell one. I made up every excuse in the world as to why I did not have the time to write: I am too busy. I am too tired. I will start on it tomorrow. I will start on it next week. I promise to sit down and write one next year. As the years came and went, I began to wonder if or when I would ever sit my tail down and write a story.


Last year around May I FINALLY decided to get rid of all the excuses and just write. I had made up my mind that I was going to pen my first novel whether I liked it or not. I had been putting my writing off for long enough and now it was time for me to put up or shut up. I did not allow any excuses this time and I was determined to see this through. Once I put that pen to that paper, I could not believe how easy it was for me to write a compelling story. I could not believe how much I enjoyed writing at that moment and I could not help but to feel a little guilty for waiting so long. Writing is like a breath of fresh air for me and it has become my go-to place when I want a nice and peaceful escape from everything I have going on around me. Now, all I think about is writing and let me tell you, if I could write full-time I would. When I started writing, my sole and only intention was to entertain and inspire readers. As I sit here today writing this blog post, that is still my sole and only intention. I have met some amazing people on this journey including fellow writers, authors and inspired readers. With this year and the next coming years, I look forward to meeting a whole lot more! With the power of social media, that is not very hard to do. It is simply just one click away. I recently joined Instagram in addition to Facebook and so far I am having a blast!

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One Writer’s Musings: You Said What?!

I will admit, I am not your typical writer or your average person for that matter. I have never been one that you could easily fit into a mold, shape or even attempt to try and categorize. I march to the beat of my own drum, dance to my own tunes, and I have been that way since day one, or at least for as long as I can remember. Trying to figure me out is no easy task so heed my advice when I say: don’t even bother. I am different from a lot of people, but I like that because that is what makes me and my writing style so unique. Now I am not saying all of this to scare or turn anyone off because the truth is, I am one of the funniest people you could ever meet. Laughing is “my thing” and if I had to estimate how many times I laugh a day, it is well over twenty times. One meeting with me and I will have you in tears from laughing or falling out laughing. After all, laughter is good for the soul plus it keeps you young. I love to tell a good joke, but hearing one is even better. Since you are still reading, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.


I have never been short on words when it comes to my writing (and I never will) because when I write I write fearlessly. I do not wonder or worry about how different my writing style is from other writers because I do not want to write like any other writer. Writers are like rainbows, we come in a multitude of colors. Adding to that, our range of writing is just as colorful. Once you open up and read one of my books, you will immediately see just how different my writing style is. I am straight-forward, quick-witted, sharp-tongued and at times graphic. I write things that you won’t normally find in most books, I quote sayings that most people have never even heard of, and I write about things that most readers might describe as cringe-worthy. I write from pain and personal experience amongst many other things, but my main purpose for writing the way that I do is to show that there is beauty in every style of writing. If you like cookie cutter stories, don’t pick up one of my books. If you have what my mother refers to as a “chicken heart” don’t pick up one of my books. If you have thick skin and don’t get offended easily then by all means pick up one of my books. You might cringe, feel ashamed or even get embarrassed from what you might read, but at least you will feel inspired after the book has been all read and done.