My Writes

I have always said that my one dream job is to be a full-time writer. Although I am not a full-time writer at this time, I take my responsibility as a writer seriously. Writing, for the most part, provides me the opportunity to write stories that will not only entertain, but also impact lives. When … Continue reading My Writes

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins (Kinda) Work

So, today marks the 30th day for my Sugar Bear Hair vitamin review.  As a favor to my cousin and a few of her friends, I agreed to take this vitamin for a month to see if it does promote hair growth and if it works for Black women. As I stated in my original … Continue reading Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins (Kinda) Work

Underneath the Pecan Tree: A Different Kind of Love Story

A few days ago I finished polishing up my upcoming short story entitled Underneath the Pecan Tree. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to pen a love story that is not only different, but is unlike anything that has ever been written. I love writing stories that stray away from … Continue reading Underneath the Pecan Tree: A Different Kind of Love Story

Book Giveaway

Hooray! Hooray! It is time for a book giveaway! Are you excited? You should be. As a writer and blogger, I appreciate every read and sale that I receive from a reader. Without readers, writing for me would be a complete waste of my time. To show my appreciation, I am giving TEN readers a … Continue reading Book Giveaway

Novel Ideas

I have been toying with a few ideas for my next novel. I am torn because there are several different things that I really want to write about. Never one to shy away from sensitive or touchy subject matter, I have been contemplating whether or not I should go at my next novel full throttle … Continue reading Novel Ideas

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamin Two Week Update

Alright, alright…listen up. This blog post will be brief and to the point so I can get back to what really motivates me, writing. I am not very keen on doing product reviews. I wanted to give a quick update about my experience taking the Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins. If you remember from my original … Continue reading Sugar Bear Hair Vitamin Two Week Update

Important Blog Updates

Hello there and Happy Tuesday to you! I apologize for my late post, but I have been extremely busy. Working full-time and writing has its drawbacks at times, nevertheless it is a worthwhile passion of mine that I do not mind stressing a little over.  First things first, I wanted to give you an update … Continue reading Important Blog Updates