What Defines A Successful Author?

What is your definition of a successful author? Is it one who has millions and millions of followers on social media? Is it one who has millions upon millions of dollars in their bank account? Is it one who is frequently in the media spotlight? Granted, some or all of those things combined can equate … Continue reading What Defines A Successful Author?

Sedelia Of Poka City Blues

Sedelia, the sassy main character in Poka City Blues, is a quick-witted woman who is very straightforward in her delivery. Sedelia does not believe in tiptoeing around touchy issues since "sugarcoating" things have never been her style, and she does not mind pushing the envelope when discussing topics such as racism and discrimination. Some readers … Continue reading Sedelia Of Poka City Blues

What I Have Learned As An Independent Author

I have learned a lot as an independent author and let me tell you, the experience has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. I started off writing my first novel Poka City Blues as a challenge to myself to see if I had what it took to not only pen a good story … Continue reading What I Have Learned As An Independent Author

Poka City: A Tale Of The Deep South

The South, specifically the Deep South has a long standing history of racism, discrimination, and hate. It comes as no surprise that the states with the most violent history of those three horrible acts include Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Now that is not to say that racism is only found in the four states … Continue reading Poka City: A Tale Of The Deep South

Poka City Blues: A Sneak Peek

Once readers begin delving into Poka City Blues, they are going to be confronted with touchy issues such as rape, murder, racism and poverty. As readers delve deeper and deeper into this gritty novel, some readers may be tempted to stop reading because of the graphic details. Since this is a fictional story inspired by … Continue reading Poka City Blues: A Sneak Peek

Poka City Blues Makes Its Debut!

Poka City Blues is now available on Amazon and I am extremely excited seeing how this has been a long time coming. It is my hope that Poka City Blues will resonate with the minds and hearts of readers and inspire those who have experienced severe trials or hardships. Poka City Blues is about finding … Continue reading Poka City Blues Makes Its Debut!

Questions For Readers

With only a few days left, Poka City Blues is set to make its debut, and I cannot express to you how happy and excited I am about my first novel. I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this novel, and although it is a work of fiction, Poka City Blues … Continue reading Questions For Readers