Words and Good Food 

It's true you know? How they say sharing a good meal with those you love makes eating and life much more enjoyable. As I sit here reflecting on the laughs my family, friends and I shared over a good meal, it makes writing for me much more easier to come by. For some reason, and … Continue reading Words and Good Food 

It’s Friday! 

Aye! Hey! It's Friday!  Wake up! Shake a tail feather. Do sumthin'!  I'm as happy as a jitter bug and I bet you are too. Now I ain't no morning person, but I always feel pretty good when Friday comes. Happy Friday folks and may your day be full of laughs and buckets of sunshine.  … Continue reading It’s Friday! 

The Sad Story of George Junius Stinney, Jr. 

Do you recognize that name? Probably not, seeing how most people have never heard of him. Do you know who was the youngest person ever executed in the United States? If you are now thinking that it is George Junius Stinney, Jr. then you are correct. Little George, as he was sometimes called, was an … Continue reading The Sad Story of George Junius Stinney, Jr. 

It Ain’t Watcha Say… 

Hey! Hey! Hey! What's going on witcha? I hope all is going well. We're getting closer to Friday so that's a bonus and a plus! Gone on and put a smile on your face because that I tell ya is a good thang!  You know, today I got to thinking about how far I've come … Continue reading It Ain’t Watcha Say… 

Writing Memories 

I witnessed something when I went home this weekend that truly showed me how strong and resilient my father is. I'll be completely honest with you, my eyes welled up with tears at the very sight of it. Yes, I'll admit that my heart flooded with tears and I'll tell you exactly why.  This past … Continue reading Writing Memories 

Oh My Goodness… 

I am probably the only writer / blogger you know that uses the word foolishness so frequently when describing outrageous acts or behaviors. What I am about to post is nothing less than PLUM foolishness. Here I go...  I was watching part of a 48 Hours Mystery marathon this weekend when I caught the tail … Continue reading Oh My Goodness… 

The Sweetest Thing 

A little less than 48 hours ago I officially became a Great Auntie. Words cannot express the love and joy that I have in my heart for my first Great nephew Bryson. Just the sight of him made this tough as nails writer almost cry. Family is everything to me and my family means everything … Continue reading The Sweetest Thing