Tourette Syndrome Awareness

I am working on a number of writing projects. Out of all those writing projects, this one is the closest to my heart. With that being said, this is worthy of a Reblog. Stay tuned…



It is Tourette Syndrome  Awareness month and I cannot think of a better way to use my blog than to educate those who know little about this disorder. Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds. These repetitive movements or unwanted sounds are known as tics and they are completely involuntary. Tourette Syndrome (unfortunately) is often mocked, made fun of and misunderstood by many individuals. Why? Maybe it is because of their ignorance. Maybe it is because they honestly do not know any better. Maybe it is because they simply do not care how their negative actions and reactions affect those who struggle day to day with Tourette Syndrome.  Whatever the case may be, I am here and will always be here to help educate those who know little to nothing about Tourette Syndrome. If you have been following my blog, you may already know why…

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Words Whisper


CITY BLUES  by A.L Gibson is a fictional story based on encounters of true life events which revolves around ‘Sedelia’ the beautiful character who defines her period where things were so difficult for her family they had to went through.

Poka City Blues is one of the most heart touching story with strong emotions and the engagement of heart to heart interactions which clearly defines the characters involved in the story. The story is powerful, strong and at the same time have the power to melt the heart of the reader. The story intrigued me to the last and neverthless I didnt wanted it to end.

A huge appreciation also goes to the author who has put in so many words of different stimulation and vibrants that it makes the story more compelling and the reader to invest all its time till the end. There are so many elements…

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Kindle Book Awards

A few days ago I received some very exciting news.  I was notified that my debut novel Poka City Blues is a semi-finalist in the literary fiction category in the annual Kindle Book Review Awards. I poured a lot of emotions into this book because this is a story that is near and dear to … Continue reading Kindle Book Awards

Spurned: More than Just a Story

I was asked recently why I chose to write about bullying in my short story entitled Spurned. My answer is very simple. It is because I experienced childhood bullying myself. Bullying can cause unspeakable damage to a child as they are growing up and trying to find their own place in this world. When you … Continue reading Spurned: More than Just a Story