Alice Barker 

Alice Barker was a 103 year old African American Harlem Renaissance dancer who captured the heart of millions in 2015. What made her an instant internet sensation was her reaction to seeing old videos of herself dancing in "soundies" back in the day. She had never seen videos of herself dancing before and when she … Continue reading Alice Barker 

Thursday Got Jokes 

KMSL! Last week this writer overslept, this morning I woke up thinking I overslept. Pff! My tail ain't over sleep, I just thought I did LMBO! 😂😂😂 Now I got this surge of adrenaline cause I was hyped up thinking I overslept.  That's okay though, how' bout I'm about to roll back on over and … Continue reading Thursday Got Jokes 

Your Nightly Inspiration 

Are you ready for your six words or less of inspiration? You know I got you covered...  Obstacles have a way of making you stronger. Whenever you are faced with obstacles, don't buckle or cave in. Face it head on. Use those obstacles as your motivation to succeed even more. Willpower is an amazing thing. … Continue reading Your Nightly Inspiration 

Be Happy 

Here are your six words or less of inspiration for tonight...  In the end, we are largely responsible for our own levels of happiness. Wasting your life away worrying about the negative things other people have to say about you is a waste of your precious time. If you center your life around what other … Continue reading Be Happy 

Good For YOU! 

Aye! Guess what?! Monday's ova! Ah shucky ducky now! That's what I'm talking 'bout!  I'm coming to you tonight with my six words or less of inspiration for the week. As always, I hope this will inspire you and encourage you to be the best person you can possibly be. No need to compare yourself … Continue reading Good For YOU!