Neffie’s Grip

Getting a well-respected Book Blogger to review your book can be a tedious process. Why? Because they are bombarded with book review requests daily. Some Book Bloggers get review requests from both published and self-published authors which is why many are understandably super busy. If you happen to get just one well-respected Book Blogger to … Continue reading Neffie’s Grip

Black Salon Problems

Good Morning, Good Morning! I hope to find each of you doing well. I was tasked to blog about my own personal experiences regarding the popular hash tag memes #BlackSalonProblems. This is basically where Black women gripe about their unpleasant experiences in some Black salons. Lord have mercy. Black salon problems. I only have a … Continue reading Black Salon Problems

Every Author Loves This

Comments from readers that is. Whether it is through email, a review or even a comment on one of our social media sites, reader comments are always welcomed. I had another one today that I thought I would share with you. A reader commented how she heard about The Chronicles of Neffie and she is … Continue reading Every Author Loves This


Ugh, this pollen has me feeling some type of way. It's wreaking havoc on my asthma and allergies. What can a woman do to get some relief from this pollen? My eye balls itch, my skin itches, my head itches and I'm tired of sneezing and wheezing. I can hardly sleep! Where's the rain at … Continue reading Pollen

Kanye West

Twitter erupted last week after rapper Kanye West's controversial comments on slavery. Needless to say, after being "schooled" he began to change his tune a little in regards to such a hurtful and ignorant statement. It hurt many in the Black community because as a Black person himself, Kanye should've known better. If his ancestors … Continue reading Kanye West

Over a Drink

I'm about to blog about some shameful foolishness. Are you ready? Of course you are because you know I'm going to post a link to the article. Let's do this! A Staten Island woman between the age of 18-25 threw a wild tantrum in a fast food restaurant. Why? Because her Popeye's meal didn't come … Continue reading Over a Drink

If Only

June is just around the corner and as I begin to prepare for my appearance in a well-respected literary magazine, I can't help but to wish my father was still here to see it. My mother is sooooooo proud and I have no doubt my father would be too. To see their youngest daughter appear … Continue reading If Only