Know the Difference

Know the difference between a friend and an associate. There's a BIG difference between the two. If you're wise enough to spot the difference, you'll save yourself from any anguish in the long run. I know and work / worked with people who've been slandered by the very same people they call their "friends". I'm … Continue reading Know the Difference

Sad and Unfortunate

I sometimes find myself shaking my head when I hear about deplorable behaviors from people I've worked with. Things that can cause serious damage to a person's reputation... These types of individuals are always betrayed by their own; the very same people they choose to be "messy" with. They should really be careful who they … Continue reading Sad and Unfortunate

You Tried It

Some people are allowing their prejudice and racism to make them bold. If they aren't shouting out the N-word, calling the cops for no reason or following you around, they are doing other out of line things. I got a few experiences myself to share with you tonight. If we don't discuss these issues, how … Continue reading You Tried It

My Heart Smiled

I've been meaning to share this beautiful post I came across on Instagram last week of African children singing. When I heard them sing, I felt my heart smile. The harmony was beautiful as they sung from their soul and heart. I wish the clip was longer because I could listen to them sing all … Continue reading My Heart Smiled

Why Should It Matter?

A few days ago Geoffrey Owens, known for playing Elvin on The Cosby Show, was spotted working at Trader Joe's. Yes, you read right, he works at Trader Joe's. My question is: Why should that even matter? The man is trying to make a living for his family so what's wrong with that? SMH at … Continue reading Why Should It Matter?

Why Tagging Is Important

Within the massive world of social media, credit isn't always given to the original poster when their work is being shared. I've seen my fair share of posts over the years that weren't given credit and it annoyed me. When I contacted the individuals who were all too happy to post my work without tagging … Continue reading Why Tagging Is Important