Frank Embree

I decided to blog about Frank Embree for my first Black History Month post for the year 2019. The story of Frank Embree is gut-wrenching, but it is a story that must be told.

Warning ⚠: This post contains graphic details and images that some may find disturbing. Viewer and reader discretion is strongly advised.

Frank Embree was a 19 year old Black teen who was falsely accused of raping a 14 year old White girl in Fayette, Missouri in 1899. On his way to Mexico, Frank was captured by a White racist mob (numbered over a thousand) and stripped naked. They thought by stripping him naked, the humiliation would make Frank confess, but it didn’t.

Because Frank refused many times to admit to this false crime, he was whipped severely with a bull whip. The crowd had hoped that the whipping would make him confess, but it didn’t. Witnesses recounted that as the whip tore into his flesh, Frank never winced or cried once after receiving 103 lashes. This made the White racist mob even more angry. A few times he fell due to exhaustion, but Frank still did not confess.

After receiving almost 50 more lashes, Frank couldn’t take it any more and finally confessed to a crime he didn’t commit. Knowing that his death was imminent, Frank asked not to be burned alive. He also asked that the dime in his pocket be given to his father and his revolver to his mother.

As Frank was led to an oak tree, he was allowed to pray before he was hanged. His lifeless, bloody and badly whipped body hung for hours before he was eventually cut down. His father never received the dime in his pocket nor did his mother receive his revolver.

The newspapers would go on to lie about Frank’s age, his character, the account of the events that unfolded and often misspelled his name in an effort to make the actions of that White racist mob justified.

Imagine, for a moment, being whipped and eventually lynched for a crime you didn’t commit. Can you even begin to envision all the emotions and dreadful thoughts that ran through Frank’s mind and body during this ordeal? Yet, millions of Black people, mainly Black men, suffered the same cruel and unjust fate for many years.

Let me be clear on one thing: The stories I have shared and will continue to share isn’t just Black History, it is HISTORY. Period!

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Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson was an African American jazz singer and actress. Her voice won the hearts of millions of people and it was that same voice that won her numerous prestigious awards.

Nancy Wilson, as described by many, was much more than just a beautiful face. She was smart, talented, classy and versatile.

I would always get excited whenever one of her records would come on because I loved to hear her sing. Nancy was a sight to see when she would perform because her emotions would shine through her performance. You felt what she felt as she belted her heart out. Raw and pure emotion is what she gave you.

I can still remember how excited I was when she appeared on The Cosby Show in the late 80’s and sung acapella! Now that was truly a treat.

Sadly, on December 13, 2018, Nancy Wilson passed away from kidney cancer. Nancy will always be remembered as the beautiful graceful woman with a captivating voice and a smile to match. Nancy always carried herself with grace throughout her years and you know what? She aged with grace too.

Until next time, click here to hear my favorite song by Nancy Wilson.


Warning: This post contains strong opinions and views regarding the killing of unarmed Black men by some White cops. I know all White cops aren’t bad, but this post is geared towards those that are. Stop reading now if you can’t handle the truth. You have been warned.

They say history likes to repeat itself and for Black people, that has definitely been the case. Take for instance the killing of unarmed or innocent Black men by White cops. Back then, not too long ago, it was nothing for a racist or prejudiced White cop to frame and or murder innocent Black people, especially Black men. If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, there have been a number of cops, White and a few Hispanic, who are being sentenced to prison for framing Black men.

Some of these Black men spent decades in jail for crimes they didn’t commit, but that meant nothing to these filthy cops. They freely admitted that framing Black people is easy because society easily sees Black people as criminals and a threat. By their own admission, they used that to frame and in some cases, kill innocent or unarmed Black men.

Most cops will take almost every measure not to shoot, kill or harm a White male mass shooter who just murdered several people. When it comes to a Black male who they “suspect” has a gun or even a gun on him, they will immediately shoot to kill or harm the Black male. Anyone with some sense who isn’t in denial or mentally deluded can see exactly where I’m coming from.

Again, so when it comes to a White mass shooter who just murdered several people, cops aren’t quick to kill him, but if it’s a “threatening” Black male with a possible gun or gun, taking steps to avoid shooting him or killing him is completely out of the question. Whew, the police brutality of hypocrisy! Now that’s some mess right there.

There has been a number of cops exposed and more are continuing to be exposed for shooting unarmed Black men. How did some of these disgusting rogue cops get away with it? They lied and said these Black men brandished a gun or had a gun which proved to be false after a lengthy investigation. And people wonder why so many Black people don’t trust all cops. Cops and their history with Black people hasn’t been the best so that should be a given.

If you aren’t Black, you can’t relate because you don’t know what it’s like to have to deal with daily racism, prejudice, discrimination and for most Black men, harassment by some racist or prejudiced cops. In the words of many good hearted non-Black people, it takes an incredible amount of strength, courage and endurance to be Black and that’s a fact. The overwhelming majority of White people wouldn’t last a day being Black and many have freely admitted that because they know it’s the truth.

Black people aren’t hard because we want to be, it’s because we have to be. With that being said, I stand by this post 110%.

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Sandra Parks

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you already know the unfortunate tragedy attached to Sandra Parks name. Sandra Parks, for those of you who may not know, was a beautiful 13 year old girl from Milwaukee who was shot and killed this week by two reckless abominable men. This child had everything to live for, but their reckless and despicable actions took whatever chance she had in life away from her.

Sandra Parks (ironically) wrote a winning essay two years ago about the gun violence in her area and how it was affecting the youth. Did you catch that? This smart and intelligent little girl wrote a winning essay about gun violence only to lose her life by gun violence. Sandra loved to read and write and was probably on her way to becoming a great writer. Now, we will never know…

I’m so glad the two sorry excuses for men were caught, although it won’t bring Sandra back. If it wasn’t for their careless actions, Sandra wouldn’t be laying up in the morgue right now. Look at these foolish looking scoundrels. They should be ashamed of themselves!

To read more on this tragic story, click here.

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Jemel Roberson

If you have been paying attention to the news, you know very well who Jemel Roberson was. I say was because he is now deceased. What caused his untimely death? Four shots from a trigger happy police officer. A police officer who was informed by several of the patrons that Jemel was the security guard. The very same security guard who subdued a gunman who came in aiming to take many lives that evening. Unfortunately for Jemel, he lost his life while saving the lives of others.

Jemel, like some of the other INNOCENT Black men, has become another statistic of deadly police brutality. Jemel Roberson, a Black man, was shot four times while pinning down a gunman who came in that evening aiming to take many lives. Yes, Jemel was shot four times after several of the patrons informed the White police officer that Jemel was the security guard.

That’s becoming a theme lately. Shoot or kill the Black man first, then ask questions later. Spare the life of the White gunman who just killed several people, but if you have to shoot the White gunman, don’t shoot to kill. When you report the crime to the media, tell them the Black man was a thug or life long criminal. The White gunman who just murdered several people? Oh, he suffered from depression, has a mental illness or struggled with PTSD. Are you following me?

Jemel shouldn’t be laying up in the morgue right now. He should be at home with his 9 month old son and family. Jemel, at the age of 26, was trying to provide for his family by working as a security guard and staying out of trouble. Now he’s dead because of a trigger happy police officer who saw him as a “threat.” Jemel had just saved numerous lives. How on earth could he be seen as a “threat?” Jemel the Hero is dead because of racial profiling and that is beyond tragic.

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Don’t Be Like This…

Don’t be racist, prejudiced or discriminate against someone who is of another race or nationality. We don’t deserve such ill-treatment and hate. We have feelings and rights too. As a person of color, I’m more in tune with racism, prejudice and discrimination because I live it and deal with it every single day. If you are not a person of color, you CAN’T relate, but you CAN empathize…

Just take a look at the news. There is so much of hate towards people of color and those of a different nationality. Racists and prejudiced people have such a long history of violence and it’s still prevalent today. They like to use violence and intimidation, yet people of color, especially Black people, are often seen as violent or threatening. It’s quite ironic considering how history has shown that we’ve been the biggest victims of racism, hate and violence. And you know what? We still are.

It’s amazing how racist and prejudiced people try to justify hating someone based solely on their race, ethnic background or nationality. It makes no sense whatsoever which is why I believe all prejudiced and racist people are dumb and delusional. You can’t convince me otherwise.

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Despicable Beings

Do you remember the viral GoFundMe story where a homeless veteran gave a woman his last $20 because she ran out of gas? Do you also remember how they raised over $400,000 for him, but he never received a dime? Take a good look at this despicable and fraudulent couple / bandits…

How can you create a GoFundMe fundraiser for a homeless man who helped you in a time of need, but then refuse to give the money to him? Say what you want, but Katie McClure and Mark D’Amico are despicable, lowlife theives who saw all that money and refused to give it to him; money that wasn’t theirs to keep or spend! How can you live high off of someone else’s money?

I’m so glad a judge ruled this week that they have to give what’s left of the money to him. Not only that, his lawyer is going to go through any means necessary to get the full amount back. I bet they are nervous now. Repulsive and gutter garbage behavior was displayed by this couple on a large scale. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. You can read more about this story on The Washington Post.

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