Donyale Luna (Updated)

I was reading an article on the late Donyale Luna and because I was taken aback by it, I decided to blog about it.

Donyale Luna, born Peggy Ann Freeman, is largely dubbed as the first Black supermodel. At 6’2, she was beautiful and hard to miss because she always stood out from the crowd.

Peggy, also known as Donyale, seemed to be a troubled woman when it came to her identity. She lied about being Black for years and often lied about having a large amount of Native American and Mexican ancestry. I remember shaking my head as I was reading this article because its quite obvious that she was a Black woman.

When Donyale soon realized that her strong African ancestry couldn’t be denied, she began to make up stories that she had very little African ancestry and was mulatta. How sad that this woman had so much of self-hate that she couldn’t even acknowledge being Black. It makes me wonder if she had some type of mental issue. I can’t help but to feel sorry for her.

There are pictures of Donyale wearing contacts and makeup that was lighter than her skin. She did that in an effort to make herself more appealing or exotic. I hate to say it, but it made her look absolutely ridiculous.

Donyale’s family has said she had issues with her identity and considering the period of time she was born in, I suspect she hated being Black. Her own family has admitted that she desperately sought the approval and acceptance of White people. Maybe she believed if she was mixed or made herself seem to be mixed, she would be accepted by White people. What a sad way to waste a life.

Its unfortunate that Donyale lived her life as a lie all because she wanted to be accepted, loved and respected by White people. If that’s not sad, I don’t know what is. A life wasted.

Until next time…

Group Messages (*_*)

Don’t you hate it when someone sends out a group message, but they don’t have their phone set to where the replies go straight to them? I don’t want my phone going off with 50 or more messages a minute. My phone is pinging and dinging like crazy with messages coming in from people I don’t know. The whole time I’m sitting there like…

I send group messages every single day and the replies only come to me. As a matter of fact, one of the first things I do when I get a new phone is edit the group messaging settings. I would think everyone would want to do that. I guess not. 🤷🏾‍♀️ My family and friends like to “cut up” and nobody else needs to see that but me. 😂😭

Until next time, happy messaging and to all my fellow writers, happy writing! See you back here in two weeks. Be safe everyone. 😃

Who Else Does This?

Growing up in a household surrounded by music is one of my favorite childhood memories. It was nothing for me to wake up and see my Mama jamming and dancing to music. It amazes me how our moves are so similar to the dance moves of our African relatives (i.e. Nigerian) I truly believe that it’s in the blood…

If I wake up to the sound of a good African beat from my alarm clock or radio, it’s nothing for me to get up and dance like the clip I’m about to share with you. My non-Black friends love to see me do it and sometimes they try to do it. 😂

That begs the question: Who else wakes up and dances whenever they hear a good beat? Click here to see if you can relate. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up and danced the same way 😂. By the way, if you aren’t following IamDulo on Instagram, you’re missing out. He’s hilarious!

Until next time…

Sad and Unfortunate

I sometimes find myself shaking my head when I hear about deplorable behaviors from people I’ve worked with. Things that can cause serious damage to a person’s reputation…

These types of individuals are always betrayed by their own; the very same people they choose to be “messy” with. They should really be careful who they share things with. They should really be careful who they lay up with. They should also be careful how they act when they get alcohol in their system. Some people act so reckless and think nobody will ever know about it. How sad and naive. I’ve seen my fair share of people exposed over the years and even now, presently. Can you imagine the sleep they’re probably losing?

Before they know it, their name is being dragged through the mud throughout the workplace by the same people they call their friends / confidants. Terrible, just terrible. If it’s one thing I can say, I’ve never (thus far) had a friend to betray me because I choose my friends wisely.

Your name is the most valuable thing in your possession. The way you act and behave can have a strong bearing on your name. Let there be mostly good things said about you when your name is mentioned.

Until next time…

Why Tagging Is Important

Within the massive world of social media, credit isn’t always given to the original poster when their work is being shared. I’ve seen my fair share of posts over the years that weren’t given credit and it annoyed me. When I contacted the individuals who were all too happy to post my work without tagging me, they quickly took it down. Smart move because I’m one of the last people on earth you want to try that with.

This morning, I woke up to a pleasant surprise where another blog post of mine was shared on a very popular Instagram account. It was a blog post that I penned over a year ago. Lately, a number of my blog posts have been shared on social media and I’m always grateful when I’m tagged. 🤗❤️🙏🏾

Tagging is very important when sharing other people’s work so please give credit where credit is due. Don’t take credit for other people’s work or creativity. It makes you look shady and not only that, it may come back to haunt you. You don’t want someone like me calling you out after I found out you passed off my work as your own. Just saying…

Until next time…

I Choose Not To

To brag that is. I’ve never liked to brag and I don’t want anyone else to brag on me or about me.

If you want to give me a compliment, that is fine because I enjoy complimenting other people. I like to let people know how awesome they really are. I do the same with individuals I may not necessarily care for; there is no shame in giving props where props are due. 🤷🏾‍♀️

At the end of the day, I’m just an independent writer and author making a mark in this world. Bragging is not my style which is why I choose not to do it.

Until next time…stay humble.