Let The Countdown Begin

The countdown of what? You'll soon see my fellow writers, authors and bloggers. When someone says you can't do something, I want you to use that to motivate you. Don't get upset about it or even worry about it. Just you show and prove. Sometimes silence is your best weapon. Be humble as good things … Continue reading Let The Countdown Begin

Are You Ready For Neffie?

The day has finally come where readers can pre-order their own copy of The Chronicles of Neffie. As more and more outlets accept my first novel series for distribution, I will continue to post them here. The Chronicles of Neffie has received two top reviews thus far from Midwest Book Review and Readers' Favorite. Let's … Continue reading Are You Ready For Neffie?

For the Year 2018 

2017 is almost over. 2018 will be here in just a few hours. With each new coming year comes new goals. One of the goals I've set for the year 2018 is to become a best-selling author. Last year, I accomplished three of my writer goals and the only one I have left is to … Continue reading For the Year 2018 

The Best Question Ever! 

Good Morning! Happy Friday y'all! I hope you plan on doing some amazing things today. Inspire and be inspired! You get what you give!  This writer woke up to one of the best questions ever and I could not wait to answer it. I was asked, "What do you hope to accomplish with your first … Continue reading The Best Question Ever! 

A Partial Victory 

Good Evening! Thursday is almost here. Guess what day is after Thursday? You got it,  Friday or as I and many others like to call it, Friyay! I come to you tonight to post what I like to call a "partial victory." For those of you who are new to my blog, I've been pushing … Continue reading A Partial Victory 

Sure, Why Not

Good Evening! Hello! How are you doing? I hope that everyone is doing quite well. We are getting close to Friday so that should make you smile. Are you ready for another one of this writer’s off the wall posts? Of course you are! 1,2,3….Let’s go! I was asked recently to do a blog post … Continue reading Sure, Why Not

Appreciate the Little Things

You know? It's the little things that often count the most. It's the little things that often has the most impact. It's the little things that often brings us so much joy. Yet many of us don't seem to realize that. Some people think you have to spend a whole lotta money just to be … Continue reading Appreciate the Little Things