Who Else Does This?

Growing up in a household surrounded by music is one of my favorite childhood memories. It was nothing for me to wake up and see my Mama jamming and dancing to music. It amazes me how our moves are so similar to the dance moves of our African relatives (i.e. Nigerian) I truly believe that … Continue reading Who Else Does This?

Sad and Unfortunate

I sometimes find myself shaking my head when I hear about deplorable behaviors from people I've worked with. Things that can cause serious damage to a person's reputation... These types of individuals are always betrayed by their own; the very same people they choose to be "messy" with. They should really be careful who they … Continue reading Sad and Unfortunate

Why Tagging Is Important

Within the massive world of social media, credit isn't always given to the original poster when their work is being shared. I've seen my fair share of posts over the years that weren't given credit and it annoyed me. When I contacted the individuals who were all too happy to post my work without tagging … Continue reading Why Tagging Is Important

I Choose Not To

To brag that is. I've never liked to brag and I don't want anyone else to brag on me or about me. If you want to give me a compliment, that is fine because I enjoy complimenting other people. I like to let people know how awesome they really are. I do the same with … Continue reading I Choose Not To

What’s Wrong With (Some) Black People

Warning: This is going to be a lengthy blog post. You have been warned. As a Black woman, it irks me to no end when I see or hear some Black people call each other N*gga. Some foolishly think it's okay because some Black actors and rappers made it seem "cool" to use such a … Continue reading What’s Wrong With (Some) Black People

Disgusting and Disturbing

Warning: This lenghty post contains strong opinions and views regarding the rampant racism, prejudice and attacks on innocent Black men, Black women and Black children. If you are easily offended or can't handle the truth, stop reading now. If you aren't a racist or prejudiced individual, then my post shouldn't bother you. This post is … Continue reading Disgusting and Disturbing