Lucille Clifton

For Black History Month, I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes by the late poet Lucille Clifton. Lucille’s works of poetry were so good that she almost won a Pulitzer Prize twice.

Lucille is known for several of her quotes, but there is one quote of hers that stands out from the rest. This particular quote was born out of her frustration with racism and discrimination. Lucille was born in 1937, so one can easily see how frustrating it must have been to live during that time as a Black person.

When you see this quote of hers, you will instantly have a connection to it. Why? Because millions of people use this very same quote to offer encouragement and advice. What quote am I referring to?

This one:

Do you agree? πŸ‘†πŸΎ I do.

Until next time…

Never Gave It a Thought

I was reading a post by a fellow blogger who discussed how she’s very careful about the things she posts. Why? Because she doesn’t want her employer or colleagues to see or read the things she posts. As I was reading her blog post, it hit me that I never gave any thought as to what my employer would think about my blog and here’s why…

For starters, I never post anything that is inappropriate. Second to that, this is not my only blog. Third, BookingAnita and A.L. Gibson is not my only pen name. And last but not least, what I post outside of business hours is of no concern to them. My blogs are another source of income and adding to that, very few people I work with know I’m a writer. Those that know I write don’t know the extent of me and my writing. They only know of BookingAnita and A.L. Gibson and that’s enough. πŸ€—

It’s OK for your employer and colleagues to know some things about you, but not everything about you. Not even half. I can tell you more about my past and present colleagues than what they can tell you about me. That’s because I share very little and they share too much with too many people. I’ve had some tell me that I’m very secretive and they hardly know anything about me. Good, I have it that way for a reason. 😌

My blog BookingAnita is a space for me to encourage and inspire others while pursuing one of my main passions, writing. I share stories here, music, poetry and I sometimes rant. That’s what made BookingAnita the blog that it currently is and there is nothing inappropriate about that. πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Until next time, be safe everyone!

Losing Someone Changes You

When you lose someone close to you, it changes you in more ways than one. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you haven’t changed a little, the truth is you have. I’ve noticed changes within myself and there are some parts of me that still struggles with the fact that my Dad is no longer here.

Some days I want to be left alone and unbothered. Most days I feel fine. I’ve always been the one people look to for encouragement, advice and comfort, but then there are times when I need it myself. Those closest to me lovingly call me ‘Superwoman’ because I’m very strong physically, mentally and emotionally, but there are some days where I’m not. Yes, there are some days BookingAnita is weak, but you would never know it.

Losing someone you love hurts and it can be a struggle sometimes, but you have to keep on living, thriving and surviving. After all, your dearly departed ones would want you to. I know my Dad would. I would give anything to hug him one more time. Just one more time…

Until next time…


I wanted to shout a BIGWelcome’ to all my new followers and subscribers. Every single one of you are special to me because my blog wouldn’t have grown to what it is if it wasn’t for you. Truth be told, I have way more subscribers than followers. I’ll never share your email because I wouldn’t want that done to me so don’t worry. To have zero followers and subscribers for the longest was disheartening at first for this indie writer, but not any more. It took me two years to get to this point πŸ€—…

My blog is unconventional, inspirational, temperamental, witty and sometimes depressing, but that’s because it’s a representation of me and how I feel at times. Thank you guys for being willing to come along for the ride and for sticking around. I hope that in some small way my blog made you feel like you belonged and not only that, I hope I inspired you along the way. May there be many more posts to come!

Until next time…

A Picture Worth More Than a Thousand Words

There has been a lot of buzz around a photograph that was shared recently. It is a photograph of a girl whose body language and facial expression has been described as powerful, emotional and even haunting. Evidently, millions of other people never saw this photograph before. Keep reading because I am going to share the photograph shortly.

When I first saw this photograph, I saw a young girl who looks angry and frustrated. I also see a girl who is very unhappy; maybe even a little bitter at her lot in life. She was definitely stubborn—that much I can tell. I am sure that if she could have changed her current situation, she would have…

Believe it or not, a lot of people were “shocked” to see such a young “slave” pose in such a defiant manner. A stark contrast from the photographs most are used to seeing. As a Black person, this photograph did not shock me because I know there were millions of other “slaves” just like her. A whip did not scare them nor did the threat of death. Many would rather die than to be a “slave” which is why so many welcomed death with such ease.

What are your thoughts in regards to this photograph? πŸ§ πŸ’­

Until next time…

Know the Difference

Know the difference between a friend and an associate. There’s a BIG difference between the two. If you’re wise enough to spot the difference, you’ll save yourself from any anguish in the long run. I know and work / worked with people who’ve been slandered by the very same people they call their “friends”. I’m sure you’ve seen it too….πŸ‘€πŸ€―

When they’re with each other, they’re skinning and grinning in each other’s faces. Once they’re away from each other, they’re talking bad about each other to other people. Would I ever tell them? No. I’m not friends with either of them so it’s not for me to tell. Besides, it’s not my business. I will say this: Everyone you meet or work with ain’t your friend. 😌

I’ve learned over the years that if you watch a person close enough 🧐, they’ll show you who they really are. If you’ve been burned by people you considered your friends, those weren’t your friends in the first place. They were an associate who fooled you into thinking they were your friend. Be careful who you call your friend. πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Until next time…