What a Character!

Many of you (who already read The Chronicles of Neffie) have expressed an extreme dislike for one particular character. This character (second to Sanderson) has triggered many readers. Who am I referring to? None other than Miss Reisa.

Tonight, I have narrowed down the top eight comments from readers who had no problems expressing how they felt about Miss Reisa.😂 I got a kick out of these! This author loves it so keep them coming!

1. “Ugh! I really hate this woman! She makes me sick to my stomach!”

2. “I wanna whoop her tail so bad!”

3. “Ohhh, that’s one low down DIRTY *expletive*!”

4. “OMG! I never met a woman so evil and cruel!”

5. “Can somebody please hurry up and get rid of her?!”

6. “Why is this woman still walking around breathing air?”

7. “Miss Reisa stressed me out so bad. She was tearing up my nerves!”

8. “Give me just two minutes with her! Two minutes please!”

Oh man, I have some of the best readers! Can’t you tell? If it’s one thing this author would like to say before ending this blog post, it’s this: Please also leave a review. As much as I enjoy hearing from you and adore your direct messages, it helps me as an author when you also leave a review. The more reviews the better. Thank YOU so much in advance. It means a lot! 🤗

So, have you downloaded / purchased your copy of The Chronicles of Neffie? If not, what are YOU waiting for? 🤷🏾‍♀️🤔

Until next time…

These Words

Good Evening everyone! I hope that each of you is doing well!!

One of the things I enjoy doing is reading inspiring and uplifting quotes; especially quotes that are filled with rays of beauty. It lifts your spirit does it not? Most are short and sweet, yet those brief words carry so much of weight. I found a few that I would like to share with you tonight from the late Sri Chinmoy. He was a writer and an avid runner, but he had a way with words.

Hopefully these will bring a smile to your face and maybe even encourage you in some way.

My personal favorite:

Until next time friends…

The Mother Load

Hey! Hey! Hey! Whatchu doin’? I hope that things are going well on your end. I am feeling pretty awesome at the moment because I have only 10% of my book left to be edited and formatted!!! Oh yeah! 💪 Thank goodness! I am waiting for my book cover to be finished so I can share it with you. I refuse to share the title until the book cover is finalized because I want this cover to not only attract readers, but also speak to readers. I will go ahead and say this, it will be revealed next week. I just received word. Ahhhh Shucky Ducky now! Get ready and stay tuned.

On to another subject now because I am combining two posts into one, I was asked about my biggest natural hair struggle. For this woman, my hair’s thickness and growth is my biggest struggle. That is why I mainly keep it twisted up and under wraps. I hate fooling with it! KMSL! 😂 One, it takes forever to wash and detangle and two, it is heavy. Ever heard of the term “heavy hair?” It is real and it exists. Whenever I try to take a picture of my hair, it is hard for me to capture all my hair in a pic. As my Mom always say, “Nita’s hair grows like it’s on steroids.” That right there is the truth! For this writer and blogger, having long thick hair is both a blessing and a curse. The biggest thing on me is my hair. 

Until next time. See you next week for the revealing of my book title and cover. I’m sooooo excited. 

James Marion Sims

James Marion Sims is credited as the “father of gynecology.” He developed a number of techniques that helped advance the field of gynecology and wellness in women. He’s praised for a lot of things in the field of medicine, but there’s a dark cloud that lingers over his accomplishments. Why? Continue reading and I’ll tell you below.

James Marion Sims used enslaved Black women to experiment his techniques on. He performed drastic surgeries and other medical procedures on these enslaved Black women without the use of some form of anesthesia or pain medicine. Why did he do this? Because he believed that Black women didn’t experience pain. Not only that, he believed that Black women didn’t have any feelings at all. Lord have mercy…

Nevermind the cries of these enslaved Black women during his surgeries, nevermind the countless number of infections they inherited from his procedures. Not only that, many were also left maimed and severely deformed. Can you guess how many of these enslaved Black women died as he made his advancements in the field of gynecology? Let me just say this, its A LOT!

Now I’ll acknowledge that he did help to advance the field of gynecology, but I won’t turn a blind eye on how he went about doing it. To those who love to refer to him as the “father of gynecology”, don’t forget the thousands of enslaved Black women who had to pay a terrible price for him to be dubbed that.

Until next time…


Yeah, I thought I’d throw a new word at you tonight. Go on, admit you looked it up. Ha! No shame remember, no shame on my blog whatsoever. Moving along….

I’m very grateful for the recent attention my lil ole blog has been getting lately. Not only that, my assertive writing style has found a nice welcoming crowd. You see, I’m not a sugar coater, never have been. I guess you can say I don’t have it in me. My approach to writing is the same way, it’s forward and very direct.

With this next story I’m writing, I’m going to throw some serious plots at you, things you would never see coming. My characters are no joke and they have an incredible story to tell. These are actual events that took place within my own family. I’ll go ahead and tell you now to thicken up that skin of yours because my second novel is not for the faint of heart. I’ve had readers tell me my first novel had them in all sorts of emotions. Take those emotions you felt and multiply it times two!

I’ve learned from the mistakes I made with my first novel, so my approach and offering of my second upcoming novel is going to be much different. I probably won’t seek out a literary agent with my second novel because I was told my first novel was too bold to market. I refused to “water it down.” This one pales in comparison so I know I’ll definitely hear the same sentiments echoed again LOL. Ahhh, but that’s okay. I’m alright with that. Eventually you’ll see why.

I’ll leave you with this, if you are pursuing your dream or passion, go about it the right way. Don’t compromise, don’t sell yourself short and don’t hurt people or sabotage people just to get what you want. Be patient, be grateful and be humble throughout the whole process because once you have received your reward, you’ll be much more appreciative of it.

Write on you writer warrior! Until next time…see you in about another week! Keep writing!