More Questions!

Good Evening wonderful people! I hope to find you doing well on this Wednesday evening. We are getting closer and closer to Friday. Isn't that awesome?! Of course it is! I was tasked a few questions to respond to on my blog from a post I made last year entitled My Biggest Struggle. For those … Continue reading More Questions!

It’s Not Necessary

Hate that is. I look within my own family that is full of and made up of different races and ethnicities. I can't imagine how anyone can hate them based solely on their race. If I dislike you, I dislike you because of your character. Not because of your race. Hate doesn't have a place … Continue reading It’s Not Necessary

The Jokes On You!

This writer loves her family. We can "crack on each other" or "talk smack" about each other without getting bent out of shape over it. We are quick with it and quick witted and I wouldn't want it any other way! Today was my turn to burn and lemme tell you, they was "going in" … Continue reading The Jokes On You!

It Starts With You

A peace of mind is beautiful and priceless. Things that are of no concern to me will not worry me or even consume me. Why? Because I'm in control of my own thoughts and actions. I choose to fill my life and surroundings with good things and good honest hearted people. I enjoy being happy, … Continue reading It Starts With You

Anatole Broyard

Anatole Broyard was a well-respected writer, editor and literary critic who wrote for the New York Times. His written works were highly regarded and sought after during his time, but he had a secret. He was Black. Anatole was born to Louisiana Creole parents who were free people of color. His own parents and two … Continue reading Anatole Broyard

My African Parts

Soooooooo, I have my ancestry results back from MyHeritage and I must say that I am surprised. I am a little leary of my results because MyHeritage stated that my testing took a little longer due to some possible "errors." Nevertheless, I am going to believe my African ancestry estimate for the simple fact that … Continue reading My African Parts