The Dangers of Being Black

We live in a world where so many people are offended by the presence of Black people. If they aren't scoffing the N-word at us, they are threatening us with bodily harm, causing bodily harm, lying on us to the police or worse. The hundreds of videos uploaded daily don't lie. That's why so many … Continue reading The Dangers of Being Black

That Too

I was asked after my PCOS Awareness post if I struggle with weight and heart issues. Yes, I most certainly do. After seeing my doctor three weeks ago, I was urged to lose some weight because I was considered overweight based on my BMI. At 5'4 and 1/2, I weighed 160 lbs at the time. … Continue reading That Too

Save My Money? I Sho’ Do!

I'm a self-proclaimed penny pincher and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I know there are times when I go over board, but I have no shame in my penny pinching game. 💲 When it comes to the things I buy, there are many times where I'll wear something out or prolong it's use until … Continue reading Save My Money? I Sho’ Do!

Sad and Unfortunate

I sometimes find myself shaking my head when I hear about deplorable behaviors from people I've worked with. Things that can cause serious damage to a person's reputation... These types of individuals are always betrayed by their own; the very same people they choose to be "messy" with. They should really be careful who they … Continue reading Sad and Unfortunate

Music To My Ears

I was asked not too long ago, what song comes to mind whenever I'm feeling down or sad? Well, there's one song in particular that pops into my head and it happens to be by Jamaican artist Jimmy Cliff. It's a song that my beloved mother would often sing when things got a little tough. … Continue reading Music To My Ears

How About That

Good morning! Good morning! I received a lot of love in regards to my past post entitled Respect the Bonnet and I wanted to say that it's very much appreciated. I was just simply being me when I made that blog post. Bonnets aka head rags has been a staple in Black homes for years. … Continue reading How About That