Just Do It

Pursue your passion that is. Whatever it is that you are working towards or longing for, I sincerely hope that you achieve it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bettering yourself now is it? Of course not. Who wouldn't? Today while I was on break at work, I received some wonderful news. It took everything … Continue reading Just Do It

Build It

Your platform that is. One of the hardest things for an independent writer to do is to build a good reader base. In a nutshell, it takes hard work, perseverance, determination and patience. I'll be the first to admit that it can be overwhelming at times, but don't be so quick to get discouraged. I … Continue reading Build It

Jada & Maya: An Inspirational Special Needs Story

Good Evening! I hope that each of you is doing well. You know I like to blog about inspirational stories and I have another one for you today. It's about two beautiful fraternal twin girls named Jada and Maya. Keep reading because I have an adorable 2 minute clip of them to show you. Jada … Continue reading Jada & Maya: An Inspirational Special Needs Story

If Only

June is just around the corner and as I begin to prepare for my appearance in a well-respected literary magazine, I can't help but to wish my father was still here to see it. My mother is sooooooo proud and I have no doubt my father would be too. To see their youngest daughter appear … Continue reading If Only

These Words

Good Evening everyone! I hope that each of you is doing well!! One of the things I enjoy doing is reading inspiring and uplifting quotes; especially quotes that are filled with rays of beauty. It lifts your spirit does it not? Most are short and sweet, yet those brief words carry so much of weight. … Continue reading These Words

Anticipation and Preparation

Greetings and Hellooooooo to you all! I hope that you have been doing well. To my fellow writers, how's that book coming along? To my fellow poets, how's that book of poetry coming along? I hope that it's going well for you. As I anticipate the coming of June, I'm preparing like never before. I'm … Continue reading Anticipation and Preparation