Claudine is a 1974 African American romance comedy and drama starring Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones. It's a movie about a Black woman who finds love while trying to raise her six kids in Harlem, New York. The cast is dynamic and the acting by Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones is simply spectacular. … Continue reading Claudine

Proud of My Poor Roots

Yes, you read my blog title right. BookingAnita is proud of her poor roots. Not too many people will admit that, but I'm one of the few who will. Before things got better for me and my family, things were really tough and I do mean tough. We had some rough patches for a time, … Continue reading Proud of My Poor Roots

No Excuse! – Words of Wisdom

I came across a disturbing Instagram post where a man literally head stomped a man during a fight. This triggered me because I used to fight in such a disturbing manner. To see it made me even more ashamed of how I fought in the past. Yes, I became ashamed at myself all over again. … Continue reading No Excuse! – Words of Wisdom

Motivational Speaker in the House!

I've been invited to speak at an upcoming conference and I'm super excited. I've never been one to hold back on the things I'm passionate about. It's not possible with me. Especially when speaking out against racism, prejudice and other injustices. Speaking up for those who are afraid to is what I do best. 🙌🏾 … Continue reading Motivational Speaker in the House!

It Will Happen

What am I referring to? That dream of yours. It will come true if you stay positive, focused and see it through. There may be setbacks and disappointments along the way, but that is sometimes part of the process. Never look at such roadblocks as a reason for you to stop or to give up. … Continue reading It Will Happen

Pam Grier

Warning: This is a lengthy post. Pam Grier is an African American actress who is widely known for her Blaxploitation films. Born to parents who were of African American, Hispanic, Chinese and Native American ancestry, Pam had a somewhat stable childhood. At the age of six, she was gang raped by two teenage boys when … Continue reading Pam Grier