Underneath the Pecan Tree

Have you ever had the pleasure of sitting underneath a pecan tree? Let me tell you, if you have not, you are really missing out. Relaxing underneath a pecan tree is one of the sweetest pleasures in life that you can enjoy for free. It is a warm and solace place found deep within the country where one can escape from the pressures of life, even if it is only for a brief moment. Underneath the Pecan Tree is a warm and inviting short story that I am currently working on and I am excited to share this bit of good news with you. It is a story full of laughter, quaint sayings and a play on words that will have a reader smiling from ear to ear. From the first page right down to the last page, Underneath the Pecan Tree will have you running for cover to search for your own pecan tree where you can simply relax and just be free.

Pecan Tree

Author Inspiration: Ralph Ellison

Every writer has a favorite author that he or she admires. Their amazing stories envelopes them, inspires them and touches them in a way that it motivates them to also create literary works that are just as powerful. One of my favorite authors happens to be the late Ralph Ellison. His literary works were not just powerful, they were (and still are) significant! Ralph Ellison was a man that was not afraid to speak his mind and he proved that time and time again in his writing. Ralph Ellison, like myself, was a fearless writer who was not afraid to ruffle a few feathers when it came to his published works. He was not afraid to write about sensitive subject matter such as racism and prejudice and he was not afraid to cause a little controversy while doing it. Ralph Ellison in my opinion was unique in many ways as an author, but he was one in a million when it came to his writing style and his method of delivery. If you have never heard of Ralph Ellison or read any of his books, check out his first novel The Invisible Man and you will see why he holds a firm place as one of the world’s greatest authors.


Questions from Readers

One of the best parts about being a writer is communicating with readers. Without readers, what would be the point of writing? I love getting emails from curious readers because that to me makes writing worthwhile! I am always looking for opportunities to communicate with readers because I want them to get to know me as both a writer and as a person. I am an open and free spirit and I have absolutely nothing to hide. Ask me for an answer and that you shall receive. Since I unfortunately do not have the time to answer every question in this post, let’s take five! I promise as time goes along I will get around to answering all questions so please be patient. With that being said, let’s do this!


1) Where were you born and raised? I was born in Charleston, South Carolina and I was raised in various parts of Florida before settling here in the state of Alabama.
2) Why did you decide to become a writer? For a couple of reasons. One, I love to tell stories. Two, writing helps to relieve my active imagination. Three, I love how I can become anything I want to be with a few strokes of a pen or a few pecks on the computer. Four, writing allows me to escape my hectic world and be in my own little fictional world where everything is sweet and peachy.
3) What is the most important thing to you as a writer? Being able to write stories that readers will not only enjoy reading, but also be able to relate to.
4) What is your biggest fear? Failing. Not just with writing, but in everything that I set my mind and heart out to do. For me, failure is not an option. I am too stubborn to give up.
5) Do you have any regrets as a writer? Yes, I wish I had of started much sooner.

Until next time, stay reading and for you writers out there keep writing!

~A.L. Gibson

Write Down To The End

You might be looking at the title of my blog post and wondering what in the world is A.L. talking about? Hold on for just a second and I’ll tell you. You see, I got bit by the writing bug last year and now all I can ever think about is writing. Since I published my debut novel Poka City Blues in March of this year and my short story Spurned December 7th, my mind is constantly fixated on writing my next big (or little) story. I am beginning to feel like I just can’t help it. If I don’t sit down and write or type something, my mind literally feels like it is going to explode. Characters, scenes and themes are always running through my mind and all I want to do is sit down and write them all down, but there is not enough time in the day for me to do so. Round and round the stories in my head go and where they’ll end up, even I don’t know. I can imagine that some will end up on my jump drive as a work in progress whereas the others will unfortunately end up in the little black trash bin I have sitting beside my desk. Either way it goes, I plan on writing until I am unable to write anymore so I guess it is very safe to say that I am going to write and I do mean W.R.I.T.E. down to the very end.


Let’s Connect!

As a writer and author, I feel that it is very important for me to establish a good relationship with as many readers as possible. Why? Simply put, most readers want to know the person behind the written story and not just the characters in the book itself. It is quite natural (in my opinion) to want to know the face behind a published story and their reasons for writing it. Now I will be the first to admit that I want readers to be totally engrossed in my storytelling, but at the same time I want them to also get to know me as a person. I personally love hearing from readers because it makes my enthusiasm for writing even more rewarding. Yes, I enjoy inflicting joy, pain, love and laughter on readers, but what I enjoy even more is being able to openly communicate with readers from all walks of life. Anytime I hear from a reader, it makes my pursuit of writing worth my while.


I invite readers to reach out to me via Twitter, Facebook , Pinterest or Instagram because I sincerely want to hear from you. Feel free to also follow my blog. I am the most active on Twitter so feel free to follow me or tweet me at anytime. With that being said, it is my goal to become more active on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram as I am on Twitter. I look forward to connecting with as many readers as I possibly can and I wish each and everyone all the best!

Happy Reading!

~A.L. Gibson

Spurned: A Short Story Debuts December 7th

In less than 24 hours Spurned, an emotional story about bullying, peer pressure and low self-esteem will be available to readers on Kindle and Nook. As I anticipate its release, I can’t help but to wonder how other people would feel about this gut-wrenching story. Would they be able to relate? And most importantly, would they feel motivated and inspired to not only speak out against bullying but to also help put a stop to bullying? Bullying is not just physical taunts; it can be emotional and mental as well. As an adult that was once bullied as a child, I can tell you that this story is very personal to me because I know firsthand how the effects of bullying can affect a person. It can impinge on one’s self-esteem, their sense of worth and unfortunately, as in some cases, it can damage a person so much so that it can lead to suicide. If you or someone you know has ever been bullied, I invite you to read and share this story with others. I want people to know that you can overcome bullying if you maintain an indomitable spirit and a heart of steel and gold. It is my hope that Spurned will ignite waves of inspiration and a sea of hope.

Available December 7th!

Confessions From A Starving Writer

It has been a while since my last blog post, but let me say this, it was not on purpose. I know that I don’t post on a daily basis, but the fact is, I work full-time and on some days overtime (hammercy)! Not as a writer (although that is my H.O.P.E. one day) but as a healthcare professional.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job because I enjoy helping people, but I have to be honest and say that writing gives my world a whole new meaning. Every since I published my debut novel Poka City Blues, all I can think about is writing my next story. Believe it or not, I have quite a few of them running around in this ole noggin’ of mine, my biggest issue however is finding the time to put them all down on paper. I’m currently finishing up a short story that I have been working on and I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on it. I’m so close to being done that I can not only see it, but I can also taste it!


One thing I have learned through my journey of writing is not to rush or overdo things. Let’s face it, sometimes we can’t do everything that we want to do at the time (or times) that we want to do it, and that my friend is okay. I used to beat myself up about it, but now I don’t. If I get to it, then I’ll get to it, if I don’t then I don’t. There is a saying that “good things come to those that wait” and in my particular case, that is true. My stories are much richer when I take my time and allow my stories to come to me, rather than me forcing them to come.  My Mama used to say that rushing is for fools–Now I have been called quite a few things, but a fool was never one of them. We as writers have our hands full when it comes to penning intriguing stories. There is the brainstorming and let us not forget –> the editing, but what is the point of writing if you aren’t have fun doing it?