I met a few of my friends for dinner at Wintzells to laugh and chit chat a bit. In the midst of our "cutting up", one of my friends decides to order oysters. These weren't just any oysters, but colossal oysters. At least, that's how it looked to me. They were huge! As we were … Continue reading Unable 

No Going Back 

I was recently asked if I've been having doubts about releasing The Chronicles of Neffie to the public. I know this question was asked for two reasons. One, because of the sensitive subject matter of slavery and two, the possible number of readers who may be affected by some of the scenes in The Chronicles … Continue reading No Going Back 

Well! Hmmph! 

So, my friends and kin folk were cracking on me hard about being tight with my money. I admit it, for the most part I am. Always have been for as long as I can remember. For this writer, it's not so much of me being stingy with my money, for me it's all about … Continue reading Well! Hmmph! 

Here’s Neffie! 

Good Evening! Happy Evening to you all on this chilly Sunday in my neck of the woods. As promised, I am posting a blurb from my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie. It seems only right to share some of the excitement with you as I await the rest of my editorial / literary … Continue reading Here’s Neffie! 

Neffie Is Doing It!!! 

Heya! Heya! How is everyone doing today? I hope that everyone is doing well. I am ecstatic this evening because I got back one of the three big pending literary reviews for my first upcoming novel series The Chronicles of Neffie. How well did I do? See for yourself. If you are a writer, you … Continue reading Neffie Is Doing It!!! 

So, What’s Next? 

Good Evening Good People! I hope that you are doing well and that you had a blast this weekend. This weekend has been very busy for me because I have been busy promoting my Facebook page. The love my page has been shown is unreal and I'm so grateful and thankful to everyone who stopped … Continue reading So, What’s Next? 

For The Indies 

Indies have it hard. Seriously we do. At least in the beginning. For the most part, all you really have is yourself and I'm here to tell you that's OK. Getting yourself out there can be a daunting task, but I'm here to tell you it can be done! When I first started my blog … Continue reading For The Indies