Roxie Roker

Roxie Roker was a beautiful Bahamian-American actress who is well known for her role as Helen Willis on The Jeffersons. Before her role catapulted her into the limelight, she was a reporter for a local news station in New York and a children's advocate. Roxie was very proud of her Bahamian roots and whenever she … Continue reading Roxie Roker

Ancestry and Surprising Discoveries

Tracing your roots can be overwhelming and time consuming; especially if you are Black. One service that has been very helpful, especially for Black people, is No offense to MyheritageDNA, but they are no where near as accurate as is far more accurate and detailed than any other DNA testing service (i.e. … Continue reading Ancestry and Surprising Discoveries

Best Friend Tag!

My best friends and I have been doing friendship tags on each other to see how well we really know each other. Not so surprisingly, we actually know each other very well. If you've never done a friendship tag, you should do it. It made our friendship even more closer. Friendship tag questions in 3,2,1... … Continue reading Best Friend Tag!

Never Gave It a Thought

I was reading a post by a fellow blogger who discussed how she's very careful about the things she posts. Why? Because she doesn't want her employer or colleagues to see or read the things she posts. As I was reading her blog post, it hit me that I never gave any thought as to … Continue reading Never Gave It a Thought


Hugs in my personal opinion can offer a measure of healing. They are therapeutic too. How many of us have ever felt down and the minute we got a hug from someone we love, we instantly felt better? I'm sure you yourself can recall several instances. I come from a family where hugs are always … Continue reading H.U.G.S.

Negative Reader Reviews

In the world of writing, you have to have thick skin. Readers can be brutally honest and to me, I would think every writer / author would want it that way. I'm not a sugar coater and I don't want readers of my books to be sugar coaters either. I've seen some writers / authors … Continue reading Negative Reader Reviews

A Picture Worth More Than a Thousand Words

There has been a lot of buzz around a photograph that was shared recently. It is a photograph of a girl whose body language and facial expression has been described as powerful, emotional and even haunting. Evidently, millions of other people never saw this photograph before. Keep reading because I am going to share the … Continue reading A Picture Worth More Than a Thousand Words