There is a horrible trend called sockpuppeting going on amongst some published and self-published authors. Sockpuppeting, for those of you who may not know, is when someone posts positive reviews about their own works, businesses or products under a pseudonym (or false name) while posting negative reviews about others in an effort to make themselves look good or standout. How sad…

Don’t get me wrong, I want tons of positive reviews like any other author, but not at the expense of embarrassing myself by posting “great” reviews about my own work under false names / identities. Nah, I’m not about to do that and I’m definitely not going to bash another author’s work to make myself look good. That’s just lame and pathetic.

If I have to wait for honest reviews I’ll wait. They’ll come in their own due time. When you do things the right way, good things will eventually come. When you try to be sneaky or underhanded to get a quick result, that’s when you open yourself to a whole host of other problems. Not only that, everything you are standing on is essentially based on a foundation of lies and nobody wants to deal with a liar.

Until next time…write that story of yours.

Writing Is…

Writing is one of my favorite pass times. It truly is. I have a creative mind and a creative personality and writing is just one of the ways I like to express it. I do not like to hold back my creativity. I just let it happen. When I do, it becomes something amazing. That to me in itself is something special and quite beautiful…

Until next time…

Book Contest!

Good Evening Readers, Bibliophiles and Book Reviewers! I sincerely hope that you had a fantastic weekend. As promised, I am going to give five people a chance to win a signed copy of my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie. It will be publicized next month in Midwest Book Review’s February publication (among a few other honorable mentions that are in the works) and I wanted to share some of my excitement by giving away five free copies!

How to Enter:

Send me an email at with Neffie as the subject and tell me what you like the most about historical fiction novels. Seeing how The Chronicles of Neffie is a historical fiction novel based on my Great, Great Grandmother’s life as a slave, this first novel series is not for the thinned-skinned or faint of heart. Please only email me if you are able to handle a story about slavery, are serious about reading this novel and you are willing post your honest review.

I will accept entries up until Thursday at 8pm CST. I will email the winners Saturday morning and will ship out their signed copies on Monday. Alright, let’s do this!

All the best to everyone!

A.L. Gibson

What Is Your (Writing) Truth? 

Do you play it safe when it comes to your writing or are you not afraid to step outside of the box? Writing to me is not always about “appeasing” other people when it comes to the stories I write. Yes, I want to entertain you, but not at the expense of falsifying truths. If you have a heart-stopping story to tell, I say tell it! Your story could inspire so many people.

My writing is centered around the African and Native American experience because that is a part of me. You know enough to already know the tragic, unfortunate circumstances and history of African and Native Americans. Why on earth would I try to sugar coat that? Millions of people from various different backgrounds are intrigued by our struggles, our strong will to overcome and rise above racism. And we cannot forget how our culture and music has a huge influence.

My writing truths involves writing from the heart and the experiences of my people. If that bothers you, well I cannot help you because I will never stop sugar coating our truths. When people ask me,  how are you so strong? I tell them it’s because of my faith, my family and my people who came before me. 

Did you guess it? 

Some of ya’ll didn’t want to be wrong about yesterday’s riddle, huh? I had one brave soul to attempt it and she got TWO of the three states right! As a recap, the riddle was:

There are three states here in the United States that has either a color in them or the word color. What are they? 

The answers are:


Montana and…

Vermont. I’ll admit, this one was a little hard to guess because even I didn’t guess it. Vermont translated in French means…Green Mountain.

See, you learned sumthin!

One of the BEST Riddles Ever! 

How’s it going everyone? I hope that things are going well for you on your end. I met a gentleman today who had one of the best riddles ever! I love riddles and so anything that makes me think gets me going. With that being said, let’s see if you can guess this riddle. If you know the answers, post it in the comment box below. I will post the answers tomorrow.

There are three states here in the United States that has either a color in them or the word color. Hmm? Think hard now… 

Here’s a bonus one: What’s the one thing we can all hold, but can never touch?

A conversationHa! Check back tomorrow for the answers to today’s blog post. Just a little humor for you tonight. Until next time… 

Pearl Cleage 

Pearl Cleage is an African American writer and author whose work has been widely recognized in the world of fiction and non-fiction. She is well-known for her novel What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day and her play Blues for an Alabama Sky. I’m actually looking forward to reading that novel and I hope to see the play one day.

Pearl Cleage’s written works are usually focused on sexism, racism and issues such as domestic violence and rape in the Black community. Adding to that, her written pieces have won numerous awards. What struck me the most about Pearl Cleage was her family’s struggle with racial identity outside of the African American community.

Pearl is very protective of her family’s origins and has stated that those outside of the African American community often accused her and her family of trying to pass for Black. She tells of experiences where her own mother, Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers were often hounded by White men and the Ku Klux Klan because they assumed they were White. When her father was a child, he too was mistaken for being White.

Pearl herself even down to this day has to remind or correct other people who mistake her and her family for being White. Hearing her experiences reminded me of some of the same experiences my maternal Grandfather and his family went through. Just like my Grandfather and his siblings, Pearl set out to marry the darkest, most intelligent person she could find and from that union, she has one daughter who she named Deignan Njeri.

Pearl Cleage states that explaining her race and identity has been one of the foremost frustrating things in her life. I sincerely hope that she will be remembered for her writing and literary pieces instead of what she looks like.

Until next time…