Just Disgusting

I had a dear in-law of mine ask me if I would blog about an unpleasant experience she had to unfortunately deal with. Not only that, she asked if I would share my own personal experiences. For her, I most certainly will. Let me warn you, this is going to be a long blog post.

One of my dearest in-laws who is White was called a coal burner. Why? Because she is married to one of my cousins who is Black. How disgusting! It upsetted her so bad that she broke down in tears. That really made me angry. From what she and my other White in-laws have explained to me, if you’re an attractive White woman who dates or is married to a Black man, you are called this derogatory term by racist / prejudiced White men. SMH…

You see, the White women my cousins are married to are attractive slim blondes and brunettes; I’m led to believe that this upsets racist / prejudiced individuals with low self-esteem. This notion of mine was backed up by my White in-laws. Now that’s some foul and disgusting behavior.

I personally have received “looks” of disapproval because the White men who ask me out are tall, well-built and well-off. The “dolled up” Anita pales in comparison to the Anita most people see during the day. I remember overhearing one woman say I was asked out only because my weave made me look “mixed” SMH. Did you know it’s unreal for a Black woman to have hair all down her back that’s hers? (Insert Sarcasm) Don’t get me started on the expensive gifts I’ve received and still receive. It’s enough to send racist / prejudiced inviduals into a full blown anger induced conniption fit! How sad…

Why make hurtful comments towards an individual because they chose to fall in love with a person based on their character and not their color? Also, one cannot assume that because an individual chooses to date or marry someone of the opposite race that they don’t care for or have never dated within their own race. Love doesn’t have a color and if more people spreaded love instead of hate, the world would be a much better place.

Until next time…

Neffie’s Grip

Getting a well-respected Book Blogger to review your book can be a tedious process. Why? Because they are bombarded with book review requests daily. Some Book Bloggers get review requests from both published and self-published authors which is why many are understandably super busy.

If you happen to get just one well-respected Book Blogger to agree to review your book, you’ve made some good headway in getting more readers introduced to both you as an author and your book(s). I received an email back from one of them yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I saw the following message yesterday morning:

You have no idea how that email made me feel. Neffie is a representation of all the strong women who came before me and I wanted to tell her story. To see readers become enamored with her is a very rewarding feeling. And yes, I will be sharing my interview and guest post when the time comes.

Neffie, you sure know how to hold onto a reader and just think, this is only the first novel series. As The Chronicles of Neffie ebook continues to remain in several top 100 categories on Amazon, my heart continues to overflow with joy. Saturday she was at #2 again in one category in ebooks and last night she was at #5. The ebook sales have been great!

When it comes to Neffie, you can’t help but to love her and maybe even hate her a little, yet her strength, honesty and courage is something to admire. I was asked if I would have an artistic portrait made of her since a lot of readers want to know what she may have looked like. Who knows? I just might. I just might…

Until next time…

If Only

June is just around the corner and as I begin to prepare for my appearance in a well-respected literary magazine, I can’t help but to wish my father was still here to see it. My mother is sooooooo proud and I have no doubt my father would be too. To see their youngest daughter appear in a well-respected literary magazine is something they couldn’t have imagined. Neither could I to be quite honest.

Am I bit nervous? Yes, but I’m more excited than anything else. If you were to have asked me 10 years ago could I see myself in a well-respected literary magazine, I would’ve quickly said NO. You see how life works? People can change and so can their circumstances. If only my father was still here to see it. That’s okay, I know I’ll be able to tell him one day ❤️.

Until next time, I’m wishing you all the best and much success! P.S. Don’t forget to smile!!

MyHeritage DNA Results Video

A few days ago, I got an email stating my ancestry results were ready. It took a little longer due to some errors per MyHeritage. That is NOT something you want to tell a person like me because now I’m questioning some of my results. It’s a good thing I bought this test on sale during Black Friday or else I would’ve been upset.

One of the things I was hoping to have was a large percentage of African ancestry. That was my sole reason for doing an ancestry test. According to MyHeritage, I have a beautiful mixture of African ancestry as you will see in the video which made me very happy. I found it odd that MyHeritage didn’t pick up my Native American ancestry, but when I uploaded my raw DNA data to two other reputable sites for comparison, they did. Hmmmm???

I have a small amount of European ancestry, but to my surprise I have a good bit of Middle Eastern ancestry. As a matter of fact, the other tests showed that I have much more Middle Eastern ancestry than Native American ancestry! Now that was a shock because no one in my family knew anything about having Middle Eastern ancestors.

So, are you ready to see what MyHeritage estimated my African ancestry to be? Turn your sound on and click here. I’ll be blogging about this again in future because now this has opened up some more questions about my ancestry.

Until next time…

And Another One! 

To all my fellow writers, authors, poets and bloggers…please keep writing! Give it your best and do not give up! I am coming to you tonight to let you know that The Chronicles of Neffie has been picked up for two more additional reviews! This comes almost three weeks before it’s release!

My heart is so full right now. Everything I had hoped for this novel is slowly becoming a reality. Stay focused, write your heart out and do not become disheartened when setbacks arise. Remember, it is easy to give up, but real strength comes from hanging in there when people expect for you to quit. 

This Saturday, I will be posting links to where you can preorder your copy and on Sunday, I will give five readers a chance to win a free signed paperback copy of The Chronicles of Neffie. So stay tuned, stay focused and keep writing my fellow writers!

Until next time… 

Pearl Cleage 

Pearl Cleage is an African American writer and author whose work has been widely recognized in the world of fiction and non-fiction. She is well-known for her novel What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day and her play Blues for an Alabama Sky. I’m actually looking forward to reading that novel and I hope to see the play one day.

Pearl Cleage’s written works are usually focused on sexism, racism and issues such as domestic violence and rape in the Black community. Adding to that, her written pieces have won numerous awards. What struck me the most about Pearl Cleage was her family’s struggle with racial identity outside of the African American community.

Pearl is very protective of her family’s origins and has stated that those outside of the African American community often accused her and her family of trying to pass for Black. She tells of experiences where her own mother, Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers were often hounded by White men and the Ku Klux Klan because they assumed they were White. When her father was a child, he too was mistaken for being White.

Pearl herself even down to this day has to remind or correct other people who mistake her and her family for being White. Hearing her experiences reminded me of some of the same experiences my maternal Grandfather and his family went through. Just like my Grandfather and his siblings, Pearl set out to marry the darkest, most intelligent person she could find and from that union, she has one daughter who she named Deignan Njeri.

Pearl Cleage states that explaining her race and identity has been one of the foremost frustrating things in her life. I sincerely hope that she will be remembered for her writing and literary pieces instead of what she looks like.

Until next time…