Donyale Luna (Updated)

I was reading an article on the late Donyale Luna and because I was taken aback by it, I decided to blog about it. Donyale Luna, born Peggy Ann Freeman, is largely dubbed as the first Black supermodel. At 6'2, she was beautiful and hard to miss because she always stood out from the crowd. … Continue reading Donyale Luna (Updated)

Books And a Bit of Research

As I'm preparing to write my next novel, I decided to do some research on a few more of my relatives. I never have to look far for inspiration or storylines because my relatives, my ancestors had very interesting lives. When I put in my book descriptions, inspired by true life events, I mean just … Continue reading Books And a Bit of Research

Shelving It For Now

I love it when readers, bloggers and authors suggest good books to read. Its absolutely wonderful because you get introduced to books that you probably would have never read if the book hadn't of been suggested to you. I had a book that a reader thought I'd be interested in and it's a book by … Continue reading Shelving It For Now

Bastard Out of Carolina

Bastard Out of Carolina is one of the most disturbing and depressing movies I've ever seen. I've seen four other movies that were three times more heartbreaking than Bastard Out of Carolina so that says a lot. Bastard Out of Carolina is based on the award-winning novel by Dorothy Allison. It tells the harrowing true … Continue reading Bastard Out of Carolina

Worth the Read

As a writer and blogger, I think its pretty obvious that I enjoy writing. Reading, however, is one of my favorite pass times. Reading, in my opinion, is good for the mind because it helps to keep the mind fluid and sharp. Reading also adds color and depth to our world while at the same … Continue reading Worth the Read

Buying Fake Reviews? Don’t Do It.

As a person and as a rule, I try to always be honest. That includes being honest on my blogs and social media accounts too. I don't like lying because I hate being lied to. Adding to that, I don't like lying to other people. When I see authors being exposed for buying deceitful book … Continue reading Buying Fake Reviews? Don’t Do It.