I'm telling you, I have the most hilarious family and friends. They showed me a video which I will share tonight that had me in tears! Once you click the link and watch it, you'll see why. Don't be alarmed by the picture below. It's not what it may seem.  Go ahead and click here. Prepare … Continue reading LMBOOOOOOO 

Susan Still 

Susan Still is a human rights activist who became well known for escaping her abusive marriage. Some of you may remember her interview and story on 20/20. If you recall, her story sent waves of anger because her husband video taped her abuse. She was forced to stand there and take his verbal and physical … Continue reading Susan Still 

Pearl Cleage 

Pearl Cleage is an African American writer and author whose work has been widely recognized in the world of fiction and non-fiction. She is well-known for her novel What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day and her play Blues for an Alabama Sky. I'm actually looking forward to reading that novel and I hope … Continue reading Pearl Cleage 

Conversations of Race in the Workplace 

This morning I had a conversation with a colleague at work regarding my ancestry test I submitted. He's White and as you know, I'm Black and of Native American descent. I have no issue talking about race because I have friends from various racial backgrounds and we talk about race quite often. That's the beauty … Continue reading Conversations of Race in the Workplace 

A Look Back 

With 2018 just around the corner, I decided to take a moment to look back over this past year. There have been some good times and there have been some bad times, but I am still here! A year ago, I had no one following or subscribed to any of my social media outlets. It … Continue reading A Look Back 

Monday Morning Positivity 

Whatever it is that you are doing or pursuing, give it your best. When the bad comes, don't buckle or give in. Look for ways to overcome it or get around it. Obstacles are there to see if we have what it takes to overcome them and we do. That strength lies deep within you. … Continue reading Monday Morning Positivity