Hidden Nursery Rhymes

Good Evening everyone! I typically don't post twice on Sundays, but my previous post, Beauty and Race, triggered a curiosity in some of my non-Black readers. They wanted to know if I would be willing to share any more historical hidden facts regarding race and racism. Seeing how I like to use my blog to … Continue reading Hidden Nursery Rhymes

Beauty and Race

Warning: This post contains strong images and unfiltered truths. For centuries, yes even now, Black physical features have been considered unattractive or "ugly." Broad noses, full lips, round hips and round buttocks were a long standing source of mockery geared towards Black people. If you were to take a look back at Black caricatures, it … Continue reading Beauty and Race

Ladies, We Are Guilty…

Contrary to popular belief, I think that men have the most sweetest and selfless souls. Now I know all men aren't like this, but a lot are. Those that are are truly special. I have a lot of dear male friends and we always have some of the most meaningful conversations. One recently being on … Continue reading Ladies, We Are Guilty…

Lord Have Mercy…

I came across two horrendous child abuse cases that almost ripped my heart apart. In the first case, two she-beasts beat a toddler to death just because she accidentally urinated on herself. In the second case, five trash urchins abused a teen boy so badly that some of his scalp and teeth was missing. Police … Continue reading Lord Have Mercy…

Kim Porter

Kim Porter, mother, model and actress was found dead today due to cardiac arrest. She had been battling pneumonia for the past couple of weeks. Kim was only 47 years old which makes her passing even more tragic and sad. Kim had such a fulfilling life and she was a wonderful mother to all of … Continue reading Kim Porter

Edges Laid

Since my Black Hair Struggles post, some readers were interested in what I used to lay my edges. I don't mind DMs inquiring about hair products I use because it may work for you. Black women, we know we like to have our edges laid don't we? LMBO! By the way, some of my non-Black … Continue reading Edges Laid

Black Hair Struggles

To all my Non-Black subscribers, feel free to skip this post. As a Black woman, I love having natural hair, but there are times where I struggle with it. I struggle because I have different textures of hair scattered all across my head. Since I cut off over half of my hair, the struggle has … Continue reading Black Hair Struggles