Frank Embree

I decided to blog about Frank Embree for my first Black History Month post for the year 2019. The story of Frank Embree is gut-wrenching, but it is a story that must be told.

Warning ⚠: This post contains graphic details and images that some may find disturbing. Viewer and reader discretion is strongly advised.

Frank Embree was a 19 year old Black teen who was falsely accused of raping a 14 year old White girl in Fayette, Missouri in 1899. On his way to Mexico, Frank was captured by a White racist mob (numbered over a thousand) and stripped naked. They thought by stripping him naked, the humiliation would make Frank confess, but it didn’t.

Because Frank refused many times to admit to this false crime, he was whipped severely with a bull whip. The crowd had hoped that the whipping would make him confess, but it didn’t. Witnesses recounted that as the whip tore into his flesh, Frank never winced or cried once after receiving 103 lashes. This made the White racist mob even more angry. A few times he fell due to exhaustion, but Frank still did not confess.

After receiving almost 50 more lashes, Frank couldn’t take it any more and finally confessed to a crime he didn’t commit. Knowing that his death was imminent, Frank asked not to be burned alive. He also asked that the dime in his pocket be given to his father and his revolver to his mother.

As Frank was led to an oak tree, he was allowed to pray before he was hanged. His lifeless, bloody and badly whipped body hung for hours before he was eventually cut down. His father never received the dime in his pocket nor did his mother receive his revolver.

The newspapers would go on to lie about Frank’s age, his character, the account of the events that unfolded and often misspelled his name in an effort to make the actions of that White racist mob justified.

Imagine, for a moment, being whipped and eventually lynched for a crime you didn’t commit. Can you even begin to envision all the emotions and dreadful thoughts that ran through Frank’s mind and body during this ordeal? Yet, millions of Black people, mainly Black men, suffered the same cruel and unjust fate for many years.

Let me be clear on one thing: The stories I have shared and will continue to share isn’t just Black History, it is HISTORY. Period!

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12 thoughts on “Frank Embree”

  1. These events happened hundreds of times throughout history. You can talk about what white people did to black people until you are red in the face. But white people do not care. This is why I don’t understand why black people try to explain shit to white people. Just go upside their head when they disrespect you. I’m 40 and I’ve been doing this for years and I’m still breathing. I think they really know who to mess with and who to not mess with in these times.

    You have to beg the question is to why black people to this day let white people do whatever they want to them. At some point you got to get that fear out your system, because if you are marked to die there is nothing you can do. You could at least take a few with you though.

    I’ve sad many times that any injustice to my family or myself regarding anybody, especially white people. I’m taking revenge. It’s not up for discussion. Their family is in danger.

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    1. I’m going to say this happened millions of times not hundreds of times because that number would be too low. I talk about it to let other people know, including Black people the sad history we have dealing with violence, hate and racism. You’d be surprised how many Black people have never heard of Frank Embree until I told them about him.

      I can understand your anger and frustration because it is truly hard being Black in this world.

      All the best and thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. This is such a sad incident in history and the sad thing is this is not an isolated situation! The fact that this happened in America and it’s NOT taught is criminal! My children will do a report on this incident as part of their homeschooling.

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    1. Yes, it’s truly a heartbreaking story. A story many Americans have never even heard of and I find that to be quite sad. Please continue to share. More people need to know about this harrowing story.


  3. I always saw this picture and wondered what was the story behind it. This was extremely sad, but his strength touched my soul. His demeanor in the first photo shows nothing but defiance. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. It’s a very heartbreaking photo, but yes, it shows his strength, resilience and even defiance. Something many African Americans who lost their lives due to racism also possessed. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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