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As a writer and blogger, I think its pretty obvious that I enjoy writing. Reading, however, is one of my favorite pass times. Reading, in my opinion, is good for the mind because it helps to keep the mind fluid and sharp. Reading also adds color and depth to our world while at the same time enriching our lives.

Even though I’m about to start writing my third novel, I’m itching to read another biography. Whose biography am I referring to? Claudette Colvin.

Many credit Rosa Parks for jump starting the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama and in a way, she did. If it wasn’t for Rosa Parks working as a secretary for the NAACP at that time, she probably wouldn’t have received the amount of recognition she did.

We can’t take away the fact that Rosa’s position at the NAACP helped to change the horrible busing conditions for so many Black Americans in the South. With that being said, I think it’s unfair to credit Rosa Parks as the first Black female to do it.

Rosa Parks wasn’t the first Black female in Montgomery, Alabama to refuse to give up her seat to a White passenger. A brave fifteen year old girl by the name of Claudette Colvin was the first to do it.

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