Buying Fake Reviews? Don’t Do It.

As a person and as a rule, I try to always be honest. That includes being honest on my blogs and social media accounts too. I don’t like lying because I hate being lied to. Adding to that, I don’t like lying to other people.

When I see authors being exposed for buying deceitful book reviews, I get annoyed. More and more published and self-published authors are being “called out” and I find that to be sad, desperate and alarming. Especially when they know better.

When I was a new indie author, I used the service Fiverr because I thought it was a good idea. Let me tell you, it wasn’t. Fiverr is littered with users who will post a glowing five star review of your book. The cost? $5.00. Some will tell you they’ll read your book, but they don’t. Others will bodly advertise that they’ll leave a glowing review if you provide them a few details about your book. That right there is what stopped me years ago. When you know better, you do better.

I’ve seen well known authors and self-published authors being called out on Goodreads for paying “readers” to leave tons of four and five star reviews. How sad because most people can tell a legitimate review from a bogus one.

I understand that both published and self-published authors want a lot of good reviews, but you want to obtain those reviews the right way. How many times have I asked readers to leave reviews on my books rather than DM’ing me their thoughts? Several. Why? Because I understand the importance book reviews.

As bad as I want loads and loads of reviews (good or bad) left on my books, I can’t force a reader to leave a review. I also can’t see myself paying for hundreds of dishonest reviews either. Ten, five, even one dishonest review is one too many.

If you’ve thought about buying reviews, please don’t do it. Your reputation is at stake. When you do things the right way, you feel much better about your work and accomplishments. Lying is never good because lies do have a way of catching up with you.

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