For the last two years, I’ve had several members of my family ask me if I would write a story about my Granddaddy. I won’t say which Granddaddy, but I will say that at one point in time, I had seriously considered it. I won’t write a story about him, but I will tell you a little about him.

Those who knew my Granddaddy, (yes, I’ve always called him that) called him ‘Red’ because of his red curly hair. He was tall, slim, had eyes that frequently changed colors and he had the prettiest long, slender hands. Just to give you an idea of how tall he was, Granddaddy stood 6’2, but he was hunched over at that height due to advanced age.

Granddaddy loved to whistle and he had a deep voice. When he would sing, his voice would get deeper. Granddaddy loved sweets, RC coke with peanuts and he loved to dip snuff. As a matter of fact, he kept an empty Maxwell House coffee can next to his recliner whenever he would dip his snuff.

Granddaddy was a wonderful man, but like the rest of us, he had his flaws too.

Granddaddy was a very good looking man and he knew it. Even in his advanced age, Granddaddy could make all kinds of young women blush because he didn’t look his age. He had very unique physical features and he played on that. He might have been hunched over some, but that pretty skin of his barely sagged, he didn’t have many wrinkles in his face and he still towered over women.

Granddaddy was a little vain when it came to people because he himself was very handsome. He spared no words when it came to people who he found to be “ugly”. When Granddaddy would talk about people, he would make you laugh even when you didn’t want to. This man had a way with words and as a child, my sister and I used to rile him up when we wanted a good laugh.

Granddaddy had nicknames for all his grandchildren and to this day, some are still called by those very nicknames. One of my sisters was called ‘squirrel’ because she was always climbing trees, a cousin was called ‘frog’ because she was always hopping around, and another relative was called ‘rabbit’ because she had two large front teeth. As for me, he called me ‘meanie’. If you let my Granddaddy tell it, it’s because I was mean when I was little and I always meant what I said.

Granddaddy was something else and I can tell you for a man that was born in 1919, he has seen a lot and has been through a lot. This past year marked 20 years since he’s been gone and it doesn’t seem like Granddaddy’s been gone that long. If he were still alive, he’d be 100 years old this year.

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