The Godfather of Soul

If you are into rhythm & blues, funk and soul music, you already know who The Godfather of Soul is. For those who aren’t a fan of such incredible music, that moniker belongs to the one and only late James Brown.

I decided to blog briefly about him because I was surprised that many people didn’t know that he was of Apache ancestry. James Brown’s Apache ancestry came from his father’s side. When he was alive, James Brown supported and donated money to Native American reservations.

Considering my own family’s background, I didn’t need anyone to tell me that James Brown was of Apache ancestry. It’s hard not to notice that he possessed strong Apache physical features. It’s amazing how we can inherit strong physical features from some of our ancestors.

If you haven’t seen one of James Brown’s documentaries, you should when you get the time. It’s interesting, enlightening, disappointing and even inspiring.

Click here for one of my favorite James Brown songs.

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