Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson, an ex-cop from Syracuse, received a slap on his wrist for raping Maleatra Montanez in her own home. She had called the police to report her daughter missing, but instead of helping her, Chester rapes her.

By his and her own admission, he told this anxious mother who was desperately looking for her child that “her lips look like it could really hold a p*nis and that she had a nice butt.” How disgusting, hurtful and disrespectful!

Black cops who committed the same disgusting crime against White women got sentenced to harsh time, but Chester only got three years probation.

What saddens me about this swept underneath the rug case is this: When a Black woman is raped by a White man, she is not seen as credible or believable.

A part of me can’t help but to think about the (once) long standing law that a Black woman couldn’t be raped by a White man because she wasn’t considered to be “human.”

I can tell you personally that you do have some White cops and government officials who sexually harass Black women. They have the confidence to do so because of two things: One, their badge or title and Two, the undeniable fact that most people will not believe that a White man of their position harassed or raped a Black woman. Lord have mercy.

Chester Thompson is a despicable vile rapist who should’ve received more than probation for what he did to Maleatra Montanez. Rapists, regardless of their race, belong in jail. Period.

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