Writing Styles and Goals

Every writer has their own style of writing. Some prefer to hand write their rough drafts, others prefer to type it. As for me, I like to do a little of both. For the most part, I type my rough drafts, but if a good scene or chapter idea hits me, I’ll pull out my ole faithful notebook and jot it down.

My writing must be done with a retractable Sharpie fine tip marker aka “pen.” I won’t write with nothing else. 🖋️

With every book I intend to write, I’m going to set goals for myself. I feel that it’s important for me to challenge myself so that I don’t get too comfortable with my own writing. There is always room for improvement which is why I’m big on book reviews. Book reviews are a big help to this indie writer.

With my second novel series, I’m aiming to reach an even broader audience and I want each series to do better than the last one. I’m aiming to stun even more readers and I plan on doing that when I begin writing January 2019.

If you are a writer, what is your writing style and what are your current or upcoming writing goals?

Until next time…

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